Proofs that E-Ts warned us of a PREVENTABLE Sun explosion on July 16,2024
Sunday, October 11, 2009 (23:54:00)

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Scientific Proof Why E-Ts Have Publicly Warned Earth That Our Sun Will Explode July 16, 2024

Reported by Dan Alter, n1cl-1.

E-T Warning Confirms Theoretical Prediction

I am a scientist. I have sworn to tell the truth on this public record. I have a fearful prediction for the rest of you to confirm. At first, it was just a theoretical prediction, now it can be confirmed.

Summary: Why We Have A Conservation Debt, Theory & Evidence which includes how I discovered the E-T Warning.

The religious and others who claim you have 'souls/spirits' should find this good news; however most present scientists deny that our life forms are driven by objectively real spirits, and they also believe that Einstein's Relativity Theory shows there is no base "frame of reference" that can tie all other personal "reference frames" together. As we will see, both denials can be proven wrong.

Concerning spirits, they are the name of the cause that makes our bodies move without any visible outside cause. As a scientist, when you see an effect, ergo a cause must exist. Just because you can't at present explain what causes the effect does not get us out of explaining the effects we see. In a conserved universe(so far so good) ALL EFFECTS HAVE AN ENERGY COST ATTACHED.

So the first objective proof we are spirits is the demonstration that, in order to move our life forms, we spirits must create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter that must eventually come home to roost, striking our Sun, and vaporizing Earth. Since a "Missing Earth" can be prevented, I am going to show you with conclusive published scientific evidence that this event is what the E-Ts are contacting us about.

It is a chilling four or five part message that includes two famous crop circles, the first was the "Barbury Castle" on July 17, 1991 that shows us how we are vaporized. It was followed exactly three years later by the Shoemaker-Levy comet that struck Jupiter on July 16, 1994(leap year). The remaining part of the E-T's warning is the "Missing Earth" crop circle which shows one, not natural, "must be caused" asteroid conjunction. The message possibly implies a second conjunction. In checking for the first we will find a second if it exists as there will be four, not just two large asteroids out of position.

The conjunction shown in the 'Missing Earth" should occur on July 16, 2024. It should show us arrival time of A-M debt about 26 minutes before sidereal anniversary of first piece of Shoemaker-Levy 9 striking Jupiter. Knowing precisely when is essential for prevention to occur.

Confirming the one conjunction shown in the Missing Earth circle confirms the message and that it must be from E-Ts, since we can not move asteroids into conjunction.

Deducing we had a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter started in February 1991 with a thought experiment that I used to outline the hard edges of my theoretical prediction that for life forms to exist, objectively, scientifically measurable spirits must create them. This can only mean that all life bearing planets must create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M). Like all debts, it must be repaid.

The experiment showed that our A-M debt must eventually hit our Sun, like every other life bearing planet that lives long enough. This massive sun explosion vaporizes the living planet in an absolutely unique manner. At the time, there was no reported objective scientific evidence for these unique sun explosions. Now there is, they are called Long Term Gamma Blasters. January 17, 1993 New York Times, science section. After I talked with the five astro-physicists mentioned in the article, I never saw the term mentioned in public again.

On February 10, 1992 while talking with Gerard Hawkins about his article "Geometric Harvest" in the February 1, 1992 Science News, I was shocked to realize that the SN cover picture almost exactly described my thought experiment. It was a picture of the first large complex circle, the Barbury Castle crop circle placed down on July 17, 1991 about 1:45 AM UT. Since it showed details of this explosion that could only be seen close up from space, i.e. not by us; then the picture had to be made by star traveling E-Ts.

The Barbary Castle was their first large complex circle. It not only showed us how, but also when our A-M debt would vaporize Earth. It clearly showed that the, "Earth is going to be vaporized in six or seven units of time". As I later learned, it was the first piece of the E-T's warning message, their thesis statement.

The later three or possibly four pieces of the E-T's warning message would show us the mass and forces involved, concluding with one or possibly two not natural, but must be caused asteroid conjunctions that show us exactly when we can prevent our extinction on July 16, 2012 at 10:57 UTC.

The E-T message contains a second crop circle, the "Missing Earth" crop circle which shows exactly where the first conjunction is on either July 16, 2024.

The three outer solar system actions started with the Shoemaker-Levy comet which showed us the E-Ts unit of time, and then finished with this "must be caused", or otherwise "could not occur" asteroid conjunction.

All our astronomers need to do to publicly prove this scientific assertion is wrong is show that the few possible candidate asteroids are in their normal orbital positions. e.g. A brute force method is to verify that the 100 largest asteroids are all in their normal orbital positions. With modern telescopes and computers, this could probably be done very quickly.

Which three ASTRONOMERS will verify or disprove that is a impossible unless CAUSED Asteroid Conjunctions?

Once proven to exist then these two conjunctions will show us exactly WHEN to PREVENT our Sun from exploding. Only one means we will have to use another method to verify exactly when.

ASAP please and on the N1CL public record so we can verify their methods. Public warnings require Public verifications.

Use the Q&A procedures below the prediction to clear up any questions any of you may have. Dan Alter n1cl-1.

Which Asteroids?
Which two asteroids in the "Missing Earth" crop circle are shown in conjunction?

The conjunction exactly overlays one of the quarter axes vectors of our astronomical North Heliocentric calender/time coordinate system, i.e. our solar systems clock face. At your 9 and 6 o'clock vectors running out from the Sun at center. Our astronomers use a Heliocentric Sun view to track anything that orbits our Sun.[/b]

Sidereal = the exact time it takes for any orbiting body like Earth to complete one orbit. For example, when you jump in "one Earth sidereal year units" using a planetarium program picture of the solar system including the 100 largest asteroids, Earth and the Sun will stay on the same point in your planetarium picture while everything else moves around.

The conjunction was caused. By perturbing these normal asteroid orbits, the E-Ts prevent anyone from claiming the conjunctions were coincidences, while conclusively demonstrating they are trying to contact us.

It was made from a pair of asteroids picked from among the 65 shown in the Missing Earth crop circle. The E-Ts would pick from among the few asteroid pairs that required the least amount of force to put them into conjunction. Before perturbation, the normal orbital positions of each asteroid pair would be 'close' = probably within a +/- a few million kilometers of the vertical plane that intersects each of the 9 and 12 o'clock ecliptic vectors at 90 degrees. With the technology to apply force needed, it is almost trivially simple to cause these conjunctions somewhere on these vertical planes.

The conjunction uses two of 65 asteroids that rank inclusively in size from the largest, Euphrosyne at 255.9 km, down to (don't know smallest name yet). Our astronomers can determine using "The Missing Earth asteroid diameter and orbital radius calculator"" shown in the Missing Earth circle.). URL to explanation.

Why use our left & top horizontal axes of our astronomical time coordinate system to show us when?

So the E-Ts can show us "objectively" the exact time our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M) will appear on Earth's orbit. We need the exact time to the micro-second. "Objectively" means we have to agree that the E-Ts publicly showed us where and when the conjunction asteroids are located with our clock, not theirs.

Our astronomical time co-ordinate system uses an arbitrary fixed point on Earth's orbit to measure time from. This zero point, the "start counting time from here" point, is required to measure the time, motion, and positions of orbiting bodies with respect to each other from where we sit. In our case, the Greenwich meridian.

How to see that the 2009 conjunction overlaps our North Heliocentric 9 o'clock axis?

The conjunction on July 16, 2024 is shown in the The "Missing Earth" crop circle. It shows the solar system out to a group 65 asteroids in perfect proportion. The positions of the remaining three planets in the Missing Earth" are July 17, 2003, exactly 12 sidereal years after the Barbury Castle hit the ground. I used RedShift5, a standard planetarium program's North heliocentric point of view, where the planets and asteroids are orbiting counter clockwise.

When you lay a picture of the Missing Earth over the planetarium program screen picture for July 17, 2003 and match up positions of the remaining three planets between the two pictures, then the first conjunction on July 16, 2009 shown in the Missing Earth lines up right over the 'left horizontal axis' of my Redshift5 planetarium program. That surprised me too.

The Missing Earth crop circle has two sidereal anniversary July 16/17 dates in it, July 17, 2003 as shown by the positions of the remaining three planets; and July 16, 2024 as shown by the positions of the 65 asteroids.

The 21 year difference in dates is used to show us the force of the explosion upon the Sun, which is pushed about 40 million miles towards Mercury's orbit.

Leap years explain the date discrepancy between the July 16 & 17th dates.

Why Are The E-Ts PUBLICLY Warning Us with Public pictographs and Public outer solar system actions Without Going Through Our Leaders?

Public = So all of us can potentially see the evidence.

This is clearly a danger to all, yet the E-Ts have not told our leaders. This is a very old, polished from many repetitions warning ritual. They know "pre-civilized" planet's leaders can not be trusted to warn their citizens. Our leaders have not disappointed them. The E-Ts know our leaders can not be trusted to warn us publicly in time, because they have been doing business with them privately for a long time.

The Disclosure Project has sworn ex-government witnesses who say the USA government has had secret contacts with E-Ts going back many years.

Why are the E-Ts giving Earth and us this public opportunity by Showing Us WHEN We Can PREVENT Our Sun From Exploding On July 16, 2024, but NOT helping us directly?

They love life as do we; but from what I am sure is bitter experience, they know that letting a people that has not agreed to practice No First Cost towards one another, i.e. not strike another planet first, loose upon the stars with FTL travel and H-bombs is a recipe for having their home planets devastated. Look at the USA right now. We certainly like to tell other people what to do at the point of a gun.

So they set up an IQ test, has someone(s) on the planet figured out that we must have a conservation debt and why? Next can he(they) cause the rest of the planet's people to take the warning seriously, so we can co-operate in public to do What Must Be Done, including figuring out how to go FTL at least within our solar system(the method is patentable).

In short, they insist we grow up and actually become civilized, or die.

SUMMARY OF WHY WE HAVE A CONSERVATION DEBT MADE OF ANTI-MATTER(A-M) Why we can stop Sun from exploding July 16, 2024: Theory & Evidence

Why are two conjunctions necessary to show us when?

[size=16]A comforting observation. The fact our universe has grown to be this large proves that many someones like myself have caused these 'disconnections' before. Two twist Moebius Strips when cut down the middle, double in size, cut again they split in two while staying linked through each other. This can be done to infinity.

Two Conditions

Some of our political leaders and scientists will want to contact me in private initially. That is normal and necessary where we are agreeing on how to proceed in a public matter using the N1CL, but the upshot of these discussions will be to meet these two conditions:

1. Material Questions from our political leaders about A-M debt and what must be done to stop 'it' will be made through the N1CL Q&A procedures. So will any agreements with me. This is a Public matter. Too many lives are at stake. Everyone dies should we not succeed, and 100's of millions unnecessarily when the disconnection is not done properly.

Ergo, directing and organizing our disconnection will be done in public, so everyone can consciously and freely co-operate in what must be done.

2. Our leaders must meet the requirements described in the box below Q&A procedures for our disconnection to succeed. In a tight spot there can be only one captain, that is self-evident.

I repeat, making public all that our governments know is crucial. This disconnection procedure is very persnickity and the final details depend upon answers to technical questions only the E-Ts, our governments, and our scientists can provide.


1. Do the E-Ts want to help us? The short answer is yes, they have well warned us, and a real warning is a friendly action. Plus I have concluded this is not just a warning ritual by them, but an E-T ritual designed to wake us up, so we can smell the ethical roses.

2. Ergo, we do not know how to "objectively" measure right and wrong behavior in a society based upon exchange(XC); thus we and our leaders are behaving unethically out of ignorance.

3. Discovery leads to self-awareness leads to teaching wise actions. Awaken them.

4. The Objective Measure Of The General Welfare is "How much time and money you save(make) other people, those equals you XC with.". Deliberately profiting by costing another is theft. We all only have one unit of time alive per unit time as measured by c, the speed of light.In a conserved universe. Unless we 'Spirits' consciously use our Life Forms to save each other time, life becomes impossible on a planet.

5. Thus, "No 1st Cost" must be the premise by which honest life loving spirits treat other life forms.

The N1CL Question Answer Procedures are designed to treat all of us as equals. You have nothing to be afraid of. Questions Please.


Honest Businesses and People Are Not Afraid
To Answer Public Questions From Anyone,
Especially About Their Public Warnings.

FIRST WARNING & COMPLAINT stays Until Public Response On N1CL Public Record by USA President.

Scientist COMPLAINS Our Political Leaders & Scientists are IGNORING WARNING of Preventable Sun EXPLOSION on JULY 16, 2024

SECOND QUESTION "Why won't any of our elected leaders ask about a scientifically verifiable warning about a certain cataclysmic danger to all?".

Why is simple. They are all charter members of our Three Monkey Society(3MS) Leadership. They never ask, "How do my actions or inactions cost others(you)?.

I can scientifically prove why NOT enforcing our laws on leaders; always massively reduces our wealth and collective time alive. Our leaders will kill us all unless we make them act.

How we can measure a 3MS effects on the common good.

Go here to find out What Must Be Done

Dan Alter n1cl-1

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