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#1: ToDos for WOUs Author: DanLocation: USA PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:25 am
10-04-17Put at top FP: Edited Full Member agreement by showing hoe we can create a: "Also, as you will see at the bottom of our Full Member agreements, how N1CL, LLC WOUs create non debasable people controlled money that our criminal governments can not abuse.".

I knew the WOUs could be used as a cash money, the question was how, As you can see, this is how: "When you are the registered owner of a WOU, you can assign your 5% SGR to anyone less transaction costs. For example, to the bearer as long as 'you the registered owner say so", and designate for how long including "in perpetuity", this means no take back. Which means the last bearer can take over ownership upon presentment of legal proof of ownership = a legal receipt and receive any accumulated 5% SGR these WOUs have earned. Should they register with the N1CL as the new owner then they are, or they can pass it on as a bearer

An observation on what a real money does, (This use of WOUs as a money creates a non debasable money by our governments and so called central banks. By subdividing the initial issuance of WOUs and using them as "bearer bonds = as warehouse certificates with actual gold in the warehouse = i.e. real income = 5% SGR we create a people created money backed by real production."

1. Need unique encrypt-able number for each WOU.

2. When used as bearer then the bearer to get accumulated 5% SGR must register on N1CL to receive.

3. Owner pays taxes.

4. N1CL will legally resist any double jurisdiction taxation.

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I Agree

-> To Dos suggested for N1CL

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