Three Tests that Prove Date & Theory 5-15-17
-> Stopping Our Anti-Matter conservation debt from striking the Sun July 16, 2024

#1: Three Tests that Prove Date & Theory 5-15-17 Author: DanLocation: USA PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2017 9:05 pm
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Who wants to be paid to do these tests that confirm when Earth is vaporized Unless Prevented?

Plus these tests show that we live in a Moebius Geometry universe which requires that a small percentage of Gravity moves instantly at all distances. i.e. like quantum entanglement.

1. Use the 1750 world wide tidal buoys to show that Gravity from the Sun arrives about five seconds faster than light would arrive. A programming problem.

Use the instant that each buoy reaches its highest point at right angle to the solar tide . We have the data set records going back many years.

2. Verify the must be caused conjunction in the Missing Earth(ME) crop circle, down on June 26, 1995. which shows exactly when the Earth is first struck by the ray from the Sun using the using the The 65 ME Asteroids orbital radius and diameter calculator.
The conjunction shows the instant the ray from the Sun strikes Earth, then the following vaporization sequence is shown in the Barbary Castle(BC), the first large complex circle place down at 1:35 AM GMT on July 17, 1991.

3. A cannonball fired parallel to Earth's exact center will show that a part of Gravity from the cannonball will go instantly towards Earth's center, while the other directions will show a delayed signal = a blip blip signal. Wrap the sensors around mouth of the muzzle. Abrams tank will do.

1-15-18 Payments for confirmation.
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You will receive:

$2000 for first confirmation using the tidal buoy data set and 200 WOUs, then $1000 for second verification plus 100 WOUs for replicating the first verification.

In addition, each will receive one years Full Membership and an invitation to participate in the private forum devoted to fast development of instant entangled communication anywhere in universe and Faster Than Light(FTL) space travel.

Members of that group keep any patent rights they develop as long as they abide by this private groups conditions on patent use. In short, very lucrative.

Payment for verification of conjunction shown in Missing Earth crop circle. Same terms.

As to the tank gun. There must be a retired Abrams around somewhere, or maybe a government could provide such a tank or cannon.

$2000 plus parts costs to anyone who wants to build the detectors plus 200 WOUs, Must provide detailed plans. Same payment terms as first two tests.

Almost every guy I know wants to be there for this test. Fire round over shallow body of water with a detector in round. Recover and reuse.

-> Stopping Our Anti-Matter conservation debt from striking the Sun July 16, 2024

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