What creates a Theory of Everything for Human Beings?
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7-4-17 What creates a Theory of Everything(ToE) for Human Beings?

The difference between a Grand Unification Theory(GUT) used to
link Gravity to Electra-Magnetism and the Strong and Weak nuclear forces and a ToE is that a GUT has no shared common point of observation.

For a scientist this "shared common point of observation" must be something we can use to measure all possible objective measurements.
Once we know what that "common point" is, we have the necessary universal observation point to explain how our Natural Laws operate.

In the case of human beings, that common to all "measure from point" would be our life forms. We observe from and use our life forms to measure everything, directly or indirectly.

What follows is the sequence I went through to make this discovery and explain out how it works.

Expanded 10-23-16,

11-15-16 = an invention,

12-25-16 Changed GUT to ToE,

7-4-17 A Theory of Everything for human beings must use Gravity to link the other three basic forces:
electra-magnetism, and the strong, and weak nuclear forces;
because the common observation point we spirits all share is our life forms, which are all consistently affected by Gravity.

Thus we can infer how the above base physical forces affect keeping our bodies alive. In short, we can write a ToE.

PREMISE: Our universe maximizes the quantity of space with respect to an initial base unit of matter/energy. 6-15-17 i,e, The universe maximizes the amount of space to particle volume/surface area.

Ergo, this is a MAXIMIZATION LOGIC = ECONOMIC = Exchange. It must use exchanges between matter and energy to accomplish the maximization. So given the 'what we are maximizing' with respect to the surface area of matter/energy; then this puts a severe constraint on the form the Natural Laws must take for this maximization to occur.

A Theory of Everything must unify all possible observations from the point of view of a common to all things observer: Ourselves = time alive in a life form.

Discovering how to measure time is the first requirement for creating a GUT. This means we need to invent a device to measure how fast we are moving with with respect to c, the speed of light.

(11-15-16, done with off the shelf technology. So simple, fundamental, and novel. You must go through this measuring tool to go FTL.) I plan on showing everyone how to do it, once I establish inventors rights, which will allow me to set some conditions on the use of the tool.

Among them, we will need as many independent actors as possible working on it as long as they agree to share what they have learned with everyone else. The first ships are for helping do the disconnection from our A-M debt, the rest can be used to go where you please off planet.

An observers Time is measured by c in relativity, a non explicit assumption of Einstein. Once we understand how we use c to orientate ourselves and keep track of where we are at in our universe personally, then becoming conscious of how we count time will make it easier for us to minimize the time spent on obtaining what keeps us alive.

Space is defined as the points on a Moebius' surface that are opposite one another and void of matter/energy for longer than h-bar. A Moebius is a single surface with two sides as any observer can see, as a side is with respect to an observer.

This is denoted by 0/0; thus all the forces of the universe act to expand space which is exactly what we see. While at the same time, the initial unit of matter is divided to infinity which a Moebius geometry allows.

So the question is: How and why does the above constraint act to unify and explain how the four basic forces, the strong, the weak atomic forces, electromagnetism, and Gravity interact so we can use them to keep Earth and ourselves alive?

The answer starts with explaining how Gravity works and which means we have to know how to measure time.

Clock speed at zero/c measures base GUT equation identity.

The first benefit of doing FTL for us Earthlings is once we deduce where our conservation debt is exactly at, we can whack it and thus prevent it from hitting our Sun.

This is enough for now.

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