Trumps nomination is the death of our Three Monkey Society.
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#1: Trumps nomination is the death of our Three Monkey Society. Author: DanLocation: USA PostPosted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 7:35 pm
It was a comment by a young black reporter on CNN. To paraphrase: "Trump can't win because he painted such a dark view of society.". Wow, listing the actual problems we face is dark. Got news for you news person. The news is about negatives, the good news takes care of itself.

You are a perfect example of a member of our Three Monkey Society(3MS). You and your overpaid get alongers to go alongers infest the media and especially our scientific establishments.

Since when does a Phd mean you never have to admit you are wrong again.

Since when does being a news person mean you don't ask, "Why does your proposal cost five times this proven alternative and take ten times longer to complete?" e.g. Seattle light rail project compared to the Seattle monorail that was voted in seven times????

400 plus million a mile vs 90 million a mile. Two years to complete 19 miles vs 25 years to complete only God knows.

The examples abound for showing how our news persons don't do news, but they sure can Not report real costs to society. Apparently the Cat must have got ahold of their tongues.

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