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N1CL Stipulated Gross Revenues(SGR), what & how?

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PostPost subject: N1CL Stipulated Gross Revenues(SGR), what & how?
Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:43 am

Lastest 2-14-18 1-28-18 first posted, 2-06-16 edit, 2-11-18 edit,

Stipulated Gross Revenues(SGR) are what is left from Total Revenues from all sources after these three categories are deducted from Total Revenues:

1. 10% for overhead comes off the top of total revenues from all sources and is used for all
operational expenses like admin services, hardware, backups, IT services, rent; etc.

2. Monetary Transaction costs and all taxes.

3. "Competitions & Games" made possible by the Q&A Dialogues pay 95% out by rule to participants. The remaining 5% of revenues is the cost to the List of running these "Competitions & Games".

The remaining revenues are Stipulated Gross Revenues(SGR),

Stipulated Gross Revenues are allocated this way:

1. 5% for the first earmark, N1CL WOUs. They are promissory notes used to raise the monies
needed to grow the List. They are a reflection that in our hearts we are an honorable people.

2. 50% SGR to 'First hits' on N1CL News Reports to pay Reporters for our news reports.

All reporters must agree to accept Challenges in order to report. (Put in user agreements)

The Reporter must pay 1/25th of his 50% of SGR first hit revenues for any edits, corrections, changes, and verifications the Reporter chooses to accept. Limit accepted is twenty-five. Six each for each side of a challenge.

1/25th each is an incentive for false assertions of error and verifications. Therefore the reporter and/or a challenger makes there own decisions on who gets paid with some constraints.

e.g. Answering a question that results in accepting the answer by the Questioner is not a challenge. For example, Do you mean this? Answer checking Last Response box, "Yes." = Dialogue is over; OR answer is "No, I meant this." and the Questioner says, "Thank you." = Dialogue is over and no pay.

At the end of 30 days the Report is locked to any more edits etc. Any future changes to the report must be done via a challenge.

a)All edits, corrections, verifications etc, accepted are paid 1/25th of the 50% First Hit SGRs the report earns. In a Challenge either side can only accept six edits, corrections, verifications etc. 25% plus must be kept back for the Game if needed.

b) Refusal to accept can lead to a new challenge, BUT often the refuser can say already answered, not relevant, etc.

c) When a disagreement on an assertion of error or a refusal to accept a verification is NOT Resolved then either party may challenge and a new Challenge Report is begun in which both share the 50% first hit SGR for a report equally and either can accept edits, any factual questions, etc as outlined above.

d) When a Reporter uses their Last Response to a Challenger, to say this is a Frivolous Challenge, then the
Challenge goes to a vote by registered N1CL members made in the Game which is decided this way.

e)Any registered N1CK user can pay $1.00 or more to have one anonymous vote on the outcome, 50% plus one wins. The pot will be shared in this fashion. However the pot consists of half the first hit revenue of the challenge Plus all the $1.00 units bought. So how many $1.00 units you buy determines your percentage of the total pool. For example, $10,000 $1.00 were bought and you bought $100.00 then you win 1% of the total pool which includes the one half of first hit revenue.

f) Should the Reporter win the vote, he keeps his half of the whole First Hit pool, the other half goes to the game.

g) A second Frivolous Challenge or Verification by anyone and they will be barred for two years. The third and you will be barred for life. Though shalt bear false witness.

h) When both parties Agree to Disagree without an agreement on What they are Disagreeing about, then this unresolved disagreement goes to the game. (Rules later).

3. 20% of SGR is dedicated to developing the c(light speed) velocity/vector meter required
to create FTL communication and space travel. With FTL our odds of prevention go up a lot.
We are going to use a N!CL dedicated sub group for this purpose. I will not charge any royalties until July 17, 2024, nor prevent any members of this subgroup from developing patents resting on the c velocity/vector meter as long as they agree to the same terms for royalties on patents developed by other members of this group. (When any members of this sub-group do start charging royalties after July 16, 2024, whoever is highest sets my rate.)

4. 10% for N1CL software development.

5. 5% To legal expenses to protect free speech, whistle blowers, and for default fund.

6. 4-5% for sales and override expenses.

7. Profits invested or distributed at 'managers' discretion.

8. 1% to manager for swearing to maintain, protect, and grow the List and maintain its earmarks in perpetuity.
Manager must designate the next two managers(i.e. they must add one and may change the other upon becoming manager).

All suggestions for improvements will be gratefully considered.

How does N!CL allocate SGR percentages?

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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