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This copy is last day of pre-beta. I will be pruning Front Page and eliminating 90% of what is below

The No 1st Cost List is where all can meet at the same time to identify our scientific, political, and business disagreements.
It starts with a list of people who have agreed to answer Questions and Challenges from anyone.

Try and disprove this prediction.

I, Dan Alter, am a scientist. I have overwhelming "objective" proof that UNLESS we act to Prevent it, Earth dies on July 16, 2024. In over 2.2 million hits since April 27, 2005 there has not been one anonymous comment, nor a question about this verifiable prediction from a stranger. The prediction is not based upon ancient prophetic dreams or Mayan calenders, but a hard theory where every causal link is verified by our own scientific reports.

Why then no questions or challenges since the life of everyone who reads these words is at stake. The short answer is denial, especially by our leaders, and denial is the worst form of lying.

We live on a dishonest planet right now where no one will admit they are wrong in public, you just call the other person names.

Integrity means admitting when you are wrong. Our Three Monkey Society(3MS) leaders and many of you, won't admit you are wrong about anything, and that is going to kill us all.

The No 1st Cost List was invented to fix our Public Lying to each other, do real "objective" science", and by doing these, it makes it possible to easily Publicly verify this warning so we can Prevent this ELE. What, why, and how are explained below.

Why do we need a No 1st Cost List? To create the truest "objective" picture of how our universe works from where we sit.

An "objective" fact takes at least two of us to create. It is an explicit or implied agreement that we see the same object or measurements, e.g. these words you are reading are on the N1CL website.

The truth keeps us alive, unchallenged lies, mistaken assertions, etc. kill. Honesty is an absolute prerequisite for doing science, running a government or business. Being honest means you not only must be self-critical, but admit to others criticisms and admit when your wrong. In short, show integrity.

The No 1st Cost List is how scientists, businesses, and public servants can prove your public honesty by answering Public Challenges and Questions from anyone.

The No 1st Cost List is the central Public meeting place that creates the means for We, the People, to hold accountable the individuals who run our governments, especially our elected representatives, public servants, police, big businesses, and scientists.

Among many other uses, the N1CL makes possible a new kind of political party called "The Hat" political party. Everyone I have shown how The Hat works loves the idea, so if you are an Honest citizen you will love it, our 3MS elites will not. It ensures our leaders work for us, not we for them.

How does the N1CL work? It is where any of us can answer questions, challenges, or disagreements from anyone about what they say on there own Public N1CL forum.

It is the only way anyone, especially people in government, or any other kind of organization or business, and most especially scientists, can show their public words are meant to be honest and true. After all, everyone makes mistakes or is unclear, those with integrity admit when they are wrong.

For example: I, Dan Alter, as a scientist and this public information exchange's owner, agree to answer questions from anyone about what is written on this Front Page of the N1CL, my N1CL forum, and any Q&A dialogues I am part of.

Not admitting when your facts are wrong is endemic both privately and especially publicly, which can only mean that many of us and almost all our leaders do not seek the truth about who and what we are. Without one place on the internet where we can meet to answer Public Challenges, we can not deal with the real dangers our world faces.

Why is public honesty so crucial now? The Earth faces a Preventable With Public Cooperation extinction level event(ELE) on July 16, 2024. The scientific evidence for this warning is overwhelming and must be tested in public now so we have enough time left to prevent it.

Since publicly proving the reality of this oncoming ELE necessarily overthrows our present "establishment" scientific and political paradigms, it has been ignored by our leaders and the rest of you for over twenty years.

Understanding how our leaders ignore challenges is crucial to our survival. By deed, our government leaders, 'establishment' scientists, and corporate leaders, almost to a "person" will not admit they are wrong about anything. They show their lack of integrity by never answering complaints and challenges to anything they say or do. How our government leaders treat whistle blowers shows this behavior best. First they ignore, then when pushed they call you names, then those whistle blowers who persist are fired, prosecuted, imprisoned, or killed. Our planet is going to die unless we quickly stop this corrupt sociopathic behavior by our leaders.

How do we stop this destructive public behavior? Use a No 1st Cost List, where anyone like myself who makes extraordinary scientific claims, or sells goods and services, or makes political proposals, agrees to answer public questions and challenges from anyone by using a Question and Answer Procedure that treats everyone the same.

You only agree to answer for what you publish on your own N1CL forum, not elsewhere; thus separating your public N1CL statements from your outside statements. Anyone can publish, anyone can question.

Big benefits: First, We, the people now can control and govern the people who run our governments by requiring them to answer to all in public.
Second, we get honest science.
Third, we get honest businesses.

Finally, and most important with the N1CL, anyone including our sworn leaders, can show their personal integrity by using the List to answer challenges face to face, person to person, fair and square in front of the tribe as I show I am willing to do right now. Once a few agree to do this, then the rest of our scientists, political leaders, and businesses will follow so they can prove their public integrity.

How to help prevent the July 16, 2024 Sun explosion.

Any of you can help prove or disprove this ELE prediction by "questioning Dan Alter about" the published objective confirmations for his theoretical prediction that the Suns of living planets explode unless prevented.

What could possibly cause that? Short answer. We are real spirits that create and move our life forms around. We spirits existence is confirmed by objective published reports. My theory premises that these real spirits are based upon a Moebius strip geometry, and that the spirits of all living planets including Earth must create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter when they cause their life forms to move. These spirits are called souls by the religious. Our bill has come due.

Why did we invent the N1CL? In order to create public "objective" science. A scientists job is to make perfect "objective" predictions about how our universe works. You don't start with perfect, you start with all the mistaken ones, so admitting when you are "wrong" is essential for the advancement of science and maximizing the General Welfare = keeping Earth in existence.

An "objective" fact takes at least two of us to create. It is an explicit or implied agreement that we see the same object or measurements, e.g. these words you are reading are on the N1CL website.

Scientists try to create an "objective" picture of how our universe works that we all can potentially see for ourselves. That means real scientists admit ASAP when their "objective" predictions are wrong, no data fudging, not a jot, not a tittle.

None of you want to talk about this prediction in public or in private for that matter, but none of you ever forget. People I have told 15-20 years ago will say, "about that sun thing, is it still on?", "Yes, only more confirmed.". That's because every causal link in the theory predicting this ELE is confirmed by published scientific reports. So grow up, stop acting like scared children, and try to prove me wrong.

This last possible date was arrived at by eliminating one by one the earlier possible dates that the data allowed. We are out of data discrepancies. I always assumed the earliest possible date for obvious reasons. That should reassure you that I could be wrong. That would be nice, but unlikely. Dan Alter.

We are almost done with a site upgrade and fixing a Q&A bug. Thanks for the extra time without any questions or comments. Real "your own sun exploding" predictions seem to be everyone's least favorite public topic. You all seem to blank out the PREVENT part of the prediction. I'm not going to quit, since my loved ones lives are at stake fellow citizens, and so are yours.

I has taken six months to step back and review how I got here.
The problem is not our Anti-Matter conservation debt, it is to figure out how to politically obtain public agreement to do What Must Be Done to prevent Earth's vaporization. A short answer is to persist until I say it better, but there is more than my poor explanations going on.

Creating political cooperation means I must answer "Why not a single question or anonymous comment from a stranger to date? Two million hits and counting. Your many, many individual 'choices not to respond' raises questions: "Who and what are we?"; "What kind of a people, what kind of a civilization could ignore my assertion made to many many many thousands in person and in public that this "Sun explosion" can be prevented?

A short answer is, 'Fear' coupled with ignorance. But greater than these two is everyone's public refusal to talk about my theory that we are objectively real spirits that cause this debt coupled with the fact that we live on after our bodies die.

This refusal is especially interesting for those of you who are religious since you claim you have a spirit or soul that does live on. Here you have proof and you don't want to look??? Does not looking at this evidence make you "not want to be self-aware or cowards?". I think both and that means we have a lot of growing up to do fast', so wake up or we all die.

What Is The No 1st Cost List's Most Important Function?

Testing Public Warnings about dangers to all with Questions From Anyone.

Our first warning is about a preventable Extinction Level Event(ELE). It will occur on July 16, 2024, unless we stop it.

ELE theoretically predicted by Dan Alter in February 1991, conclusive confirmation Feb 10, 1992, deduced prevention possible Feb 14, 1992. Warning ever since.

On July 10, 2012 I finally figured out the only remaining possible date the data allows. Twelve more years than I had last predicted. What a nice wrong prediction. Now we have time to to talk about our "problem" in public using the No 1st Cost List, and I have time to step back, review what got us here, and decide what to do next.

Below the "Latest changes to site:" is the story of why it is July 16,2024 and not July 16, 2012 that Earth's conservation debt made of Anti-Matter arrives. You don't really think moving your life form(body) around without any observable cause was free did you?

8-7-2012 In order to prevent this event we will need to develop Faster Than Light space travel. Using FTL requires us to see, measure, and use the base causal link that theory uses to predict these planetary conservation deaths called Long Term Gamma Blasters(put in url to Sonoma site). Second; FTL ensures we can disconnect from our conservation debt. It is well within our technological capabilities. I will be discussing generally how and why later in this forum About E-Ts, Going FTL, etc.. Those who wish to invest in FTL technology can register and contact me via the N1CL private message system. Only the serious need apply, a very large initial deposit will be required. After vetting, your deposit will either be converted to an investment or returned. Those with relevant data, technical expertise, and theoretical input will be welcomed and receive a share of the profits.

N1CL upgrade notice. We will be updating our forum over the next few months. This version will remain operational for registration and comments. Questions are on hold for now until we fix a bug and do some upgrading. I will reply to helpful comments at my discretion until Q&A procedures are repaired.

Latest changes to N1CL site.
List of changes made to improve N1CL public internet interface, do science, and Stop Sun Exploding July 16, 2024. The latest change on 3-05-13 has been added to the bottom of this list.

The list of changes below example how I try to improve the N1CL.

1-28-13 Added, "Two tests confirm we live in a Moebius geometry universe."
Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:30 pm

1-13-13 Added to Message Tree, "Corruption is just the direct result of a society whose morality has been removed." From the The Immorality Crisis not lack of Transparency caused the Financial Collapse By LUIS MIRANDA | THE REAL AGENDA | DECEMBER 5, 2012.
1-27-12 Changed topic: "Special shotguns are how to protect schools from killers." to "Non Lethal, Rapid Fire, Killer Knock Down Gun For Teachers"
12-11-12 Message Tree(MT) entry by Dan on "Writing a review on how we got here.".
11-29-12 Message Tree(MT) on Edge Width of Moebius = phi = .618.
11-26-12: Added The Hockey Stick vs Ice Core Data .
to "8-07-11 How To use "Global Climate Measurements" to see causes of Climate Change".

The rest of the story starts below and describes how and why I figured out the date. The dates and order of entries are out of order so as to show the mental steps I took. I will change this Front Page(FP) as necessary as I get feedback via comment or questions.

July 16, 2024 is the last possible date allowed by the data. I had predicted it would happen on July 16, 2012, but resolving two "minor" discrepancies in the relevant date data exposed my "certain to make" human error. I had assumed the clock started ticking when the first piece of the warning hit the ground on July 17, 1991 at 1:35 UTC. Wonderful mistake, we have twelve more years. Now we do have the time for prevention.

The story of "Why this Date" starts with a very public, very precise, very graphic warning by E-Ts showing that my theoretical prediction of how life bearing planets die was true and exactly when it would happen to Earth. The trouble is that while I knew they were showing us an exact when, I did not understand their geometric language well enough to eliminate the incorrect possibilities.

Until I deciphered the E-T warning, we had to assume the earliest possible date the data allowed. We were always rushed. Now by learning from my mistakes, I can prove the E-T's are showing us it will occur on July 16, 2024. Remember preventable when we work together.

Deciphering the E-T "When Stop Sun From Exploding" warning.

The final step in deciphering their message began like this.

7-11-12. There is a possible further out date on July 16, 2024. I finally explained two unnecessary dates in the Missing Earth crop circle(ME),
1. When it was placed down on June 26th, 1995, "Why that date?"
2. the July 17, 2003 date shown by the positions of the remaining three planets in the ME, again "Why that date?". These two unexplained dates have always bothered me.

Logically the two dates would not exist unless the Missing Earth was modifying the thesis statement shown in the Barbury Castle crop circle, "Earth is vaporized in seven units of time, leaving only an Afterglow.". As you will learn below, that unit was three years.

If we are still here on July 17th, then the asteroid conjunction shown in the Missing Earth will occur on July 16, 2024.

July 17, 2012 We are still here.

It has never been a question of whether or not our Anti-Matter Conservation debt will strike the Sun, vaporizing Earth, just a question of when. As you will learn below, every single base causal link in the theory predicting these events has been confirmed by published reports from our own astronomers and astrophysicists.

Until the astronomers and astrophysicists at Harvard and Penn State confirm the precise date/time shown by the ME conjunction, I will work on other predictions this GUT theory makes possible.

Among them, How to include 'anyone's time inputs producing total Goods & Services Exchanged' into Walras Law, the logical framework of neoclassical economics. The geometric framework of our universe, which by inspection shows where all the Ant-Matter is and the dark matter and energy. Since at the last second our A-M debt moves faster than light, this theory directly implies how to go FTL, patentable of course.

So far despite three for now requests to every professor in both departments to "check out" the ME conjunction, no response from any of them. How incurious of them. They must think they know exactly how our universe works at a basic level, even though they can not explain where over 95% of the matter and energy in our universe is that gravity says must exist. Fascinating.

Twelve more years, my wife and I are taking time off from this. Life is good.

The 7-3-12 section just below is now closed to all changes.

After 7-3-12 I gave up for a bit. Thank God I finally let go and decided after a week to figure out the two date discrepancies in the ME I had ignored before.

7-3-12 Now we have run out of time to act. Since I can't possibly have all the facts bearing on our situation, I very much want to be mistaken. Right now that seems unlikely. I am taking a break to be with my family until after July 16th.

Since this is a 'normal' ELE, I suggest you get right with your God, Gods, or inner soul. A good idea at any time.

I do give thanks for the discoveries granted to me. My only regret is that I did not understand and explain it better sooner, but I was always operating at my level of incompetence.

Seek the truth always, Love your neighbor as yourself, Peace be with you,

Dan Alter,
husband, father, grandfather, citizen of Earth, scientist.

The warning below is now closed to further changes.

A STOP Doomsday Prediction

In February 1991 theory predicted and now the evidence explained below absolutely confirms that Mankind now faces a common to all deadline, a date certain Extinction Level Event. The good news is that we can know for sure it is possible to prevent.

6-18-2012 Good news on how long to confirm the conjunction shown in the 'Missing Earth" crop circle: Prof. David Aguilar, Harvard Univ. Astronomy Dept. Minor Planet Center said that, 'given known asteroids we can confirm their locations within two days.' Ergo, we can confirm the asteroid conjunction shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle in time. How to determine which asteroids are shown in the Missing Earth crop circle. The method used to show which asteroids are in the circle is gorgeously elegant.
Second piece of good news Why do Anti-Matter particles in cosmic rays mean easy disconnection?

As we all know, unless you can see how and why your life is on the line, we don't take action in time. Now July 16th is weeks away and yours, mine, our children's lives are all on the line. Look at the evidence, wake up, then act to make our leaders take action, or we all die.

7-03-12 Predictions:
1. We are out of time to take effective action because our astronomers have so far refused to confirm the conjunction in the Missing Earth circle. Not one has got back to me despite repeated attempts to well over 100 of them, and even if we get the Summation warning circle, seven days is too short a time to organize 7.3 billion people to lie down at the same time together.

2. The time indicated by the "two large asteroid conjunction" shown in the Missing Earth crop circle(Longwood-Warren) will be July 16, 2012 at 10:21 AM UTC, 26 minutes before 10:47:35 UTC July 16, 2012. Since this conjunction is almost certainly unnatural, thus someones that obviously could not be us caused it. An unnatural conjunction is conclusive confirmation we are being warned by E-Ts.

3. A third crop circle could be placed down on the AM of this July 9th. It will summarize the E-Ts public warning that Unless We Prevent It, the Sun will explode at 10:39 AM UTC on July 16, 2012, vaporizing Earth eight minutes and forty seconds later at 10:47:35 AM UTC.

This third crop circle will be huge, combining the E-Ts first two warning crop circles, the Barbury Castle and "Missing Earth", so as to show us exactly when and where our Anti-Matter(A-M) conservation debt will appear on Earth's orbit.

This warning summary crop circle is logically required to explicitly give us a minimum three part warning. So far, the E-Ts have only used two crop circles along with showing what their largest time unit is, three years. The E-Ts time unit was denoted by when the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet struck Jupiter on July 16, 1994, exactly three sidereal years after the Barbury Castle circle hit the ground on July 17, 1991.

A fact: The number of crop circles this year has fallen off a lot down to 6 possibly 7. Since the year 2000 we have averaged about 12 a year through June 11th. High of 20, and 4 in 2006, with three 9 years and one 8. They pick up a lot after the middle of the month. Most this year are badly made man made hoaxes. Source crop circle connector archives.

We caused the debt and we can stop this explosion by quick public action by knowing when our conservation debt arrives on Earth's orbit. How do we prevent our Sun from exploding?

Our astronomers can quickly verify this non-natural conjunction. How to find the 2 conjunction asteroids shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle.

Should this conjunction occur at 26 minutes before 10:47 UTC July 16, 2012, (now July 16, 2024) then we will know exactly when our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter appears on Earth's orbit on the other side of the Sun, and prevention is possible.

Again, under either circumstance, our astronomers must verify the conjunction shown in the Missing Earth circle. Here is How to find the 2 conjunction asteroids shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle.

The N1CL was co-invented by, and this N1CL warning was written by Acting Captain spaceship Earth, Dan Alter n1cl-1. Someone has to do the job, no one else was doing it or gave any hint they knew it must be done for Earth to long survive.

What Must Be Done

By June 30th I must be made actual Captain before the United Nations. Then we must lay down our arms and consciously work to save all of us. We must do this in public, we do not have time for secrecy. Our leaders must release all information about E-Ts they now keep hidden from us, a tiny fact could make all the difference.

A captains first job is to explain the dangers we face and then get your political cooperation in anticipating them, so we can avoid or prevent them. To do this a Captain must keep the peace and see to it sworn leaders are prosecuted for committing felonies while in office after we first do a general amnesty. We don't have time to settle old scores. To do this disconnection, we must start with a clean slate. July 16th is coming on fast. Wake up and smell the roses. I am not sending this warning out again.

The second part of this show and tell, the whats, whys, and hows begins just below.

The N1CL is based on this agreement: A list of people and organizations who have agreed to answer questions from anyone about what they put on their own N1CL Public Forum. Their open to all comments on another member's public forum entries are not subject to question.

Why? So you, your government, your business, or any other group can show by deed you seek the "objective" truth for all.
"objective facts" = It takes at least two of us to create one. We agree we see the same facts and measurements. They are eye witnessed. Without publicly tested "objective" facts there can not be real science, good peaceful governments, or verified honest businesses.

How? Full members have agreed to Tell The Truth, Answer Questions From Anyone, and Use a Question & Answer Procedure that treat both sides fair & square. Non member Questioners only have to respond in the Q&A Dialogues they start; and they can open topics, make replies, and make anonymous/non anonymous comments in our community forums as they choose.

The invention of the N1CL is the good news, since it is absolutely required for us and any Captain to ask for the real-time "objective information" needed to keep a spaceship as large as Earth safe.

The Warnings

It started with a theoretical prediction I made in February 1991. Then no evidence, now every causal link is confirmed by our scientific reports.

Our preventable July 16, 2012 A-M debt Sun explosion put on the N1CL public record April 27, 2005,
A Macondo re-leak threat made on on 12-07-11,

both need public verification.

E-Ts have very publicly warned us that our Sun will explode, making the Earth go missing completely on July 16, 2012, unless we act.

The theory that predicts our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter says It Can Be Prevented.

Every major causal link in this theory has been verified in scientific reports by our astronomers and solar physicists including those reports that prove prevention has been done before. Theory and evidence.

Over 500 ex government, military, and intelligence community witnesses are testifying that our governments are concealing information and captured E-T technology necessary to prevent this explosion.

This means our political leaders Publicly MUST declassify all the secret information and technology they hold about E-Ts.

A concluding third crop circle E-T warning would sum up their warning by Telling Us What They Said in the first two parts of the warning, thus the "summary" must combine the first warning crop circle, the Barbury Castle into the second warning circle that shows the "result of the Sun explosion and when" more precisely. This would be an enormous Missing Earth circle with at least the very elegant 'you just been vaporized symbol' from the Barbury Castle circle. In addition it must show us exactly when/where the wormhole opens on the other side of the sun right down to a microsecond, i.e. a small circle proportionate to wormhole size on Earth's orbit on other side of Sun coupled with same size circle at where Earth will be when wormhole opens. Thus 'vaporized symbol will be 26 minutes before the three sidereal anniversary dates of Earth being struck by the ray from the Sun already shown by the Barbury Castle, Showmaker-Levy 9, and the positions of the planets in the "Missing Earth". I expect the two conjunction asteroids and positions of the 63 other asteroids to confirm this time of A-M debt appearance. (Put picture of what I expect here.)

Why did I recognize the E-T warning? In February 1991 I made a theoretical prediction that life forms must create a conservation debt made of A-M because we move our bodies anti-entropically. I saw the first part of the E-T warning in February 1992 on the cover of Science News. No free lunch forever, the bill has come due.

I started the warnings after I saw absolute eye witness confirmation in the February 1, 1992 Science News that my theoretical prediction positing life must create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M). I was ecstatic for about 30 seconds, then I remembered I was standing on the planet to be vaporized. It took me three days to figure out the theory predicting A-M conservation debts directly implied they could be "disconnected".

After 20 years of warnings, this will be the last time I send this warning out. I certainly would not mind being wrong, or maybe some unknown group of E-Ts will save us should we fail to act. However, I know God helps those who help themselves. Read, think, act; everyone's life depends upon us acting now.

There are three ways of preventing our A-M debt from striking the Sun this July 16th. The first and 100% reliable way is that over 50% of the multi-cellular biomass on Earth die within the last year, preferably in the last six months. Our chance for the BP well called Macondo's re-leak to succeed in killing off most of us in time has passed. Now a massive re-leak firestorm before July 16th would be most inconvenient.

The second way is an implication of the first. When over 50% of the large life forms on Earth lie down and stop moving just before the event, then that stops A-M particles from going to conservation debt, simulating the 50% die off method. I doubt we can get a high enough percentage, BUT we will need to do this in all circumstances to save millions of live, and it is easy to do.

Now our only sure chance for us to do a disconnection is using the "drop a ship down a wormhole" method on July 16, 2012 at literally the last second. That way requires our political leaders to release the E-T ships, propulsion systems, and technology the over 500 Disclosure Project witnesses say say the USA is keeping secret from us before July.

We need these ships to do a disconnection since I HAVE DISCOVERED WHAT NAVIGATION COORDINATE SYSTEM THE E-Ts MUST USE TO GUIDE THEIR BLINK-SHIPS AT FASTER THAN LIGHT. Yes FTL is possible and it does not violate the speed of light, there is away around that limit when you know where to look geometrically.

Last, we apparently need the third part of the E-T warning. Just confirming the "Missing Earth" conjunction should be enough, but that requires some astronomers to do that before July 1st. Whether either event or both occurs would be enough to make us act is up to each of you who read this. I have warned, you must pressure our leaders.

How did I deduce theoretically why we life forms must create a conservation debt made of A-M?

Best too start at the beginning. In 1985 I discovered what the personal "Objective Measure of Value" is that all spirits(yes we can "objectively" prove we are) must use to keep their life forms alive. I deduced that in a conserved universe when we spirits make our bodies move then we will necessarily create a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter. A conserved universe meant we must eventually repay the debt.

By February 1991 I had worked out a theoretical model of how this conservation debt worked. I assumed we had put the A-M debt as far as possible away from us, so it arrives at the last possible second from the other side of the Sun. This meant the Sun was between Earth and it, thus it must hit the Sun on the way back to Earth, making it explode vaporizing Earth. I had no evidence of any kind, then on February 10, 1992 in the February 1, 1992 Science News I saw absolute proof of my prediction as applied to Earth with a date included.

It took me three days to deduce that in theory we could stop it. I have been trying to warn you ever since. Over the subsequent years I have found overwhelming published objective evidence for every single causal step in this theoretical model. Now, by necessity, this is my last warning.

Posted by Dan Sunday, October 11, 2009 (11:54:04).

For your information, as of June 5, 2012 it has been over seven years that this warning has been published on the N1CL and sent out, but I have not had a single N1CL question or anonymous comment from a stranger about this matter, and certainly none from anyone in a position of leadership.
We live in denial of this fact. "God created us in Its own image." Ergo we are co-creators by geometric inspection. We don't want to be personally responsible for creating the future, so we assume "God" would never kill us all without warning. Don't worry all life forms don't live on Earth, there are many many other living planets. Once all life bearing planets reach a certain age, then only those planets who show they are consciously responsible by deed = perform a disconnection, remain alive.

Yours and our leaders denial is caused by unconscious "own cost minimization" = "not thinking" from fear of the unknown. The result is rampant willful ignorance especially scientific ignorance, as many cling to dead dogmas from the past. Since thinking is the hardest work we do, mix these reasons with short sighted Three Monkey Society(3MS) government leaders and you define an unconscious "pre-civilization" that is scheduled for death unless we make our political leaders act.

Our biggest problem is our elected leaders. Ignoring the Macondo re-leak and the threat of our A-M debt are just two of a myriad examples of our leaders ignoring real dangers to all, and above all, ignoring and covering up major crimes done by themselves and there wealthy supporters.
Together they act as an unconscious Three Monkey Society(3MS). To remain publicly unconscious is certain death for all. We can only survive by using the only possible real public place, the N1CL to hold our leaders and ourselves accountable when we deliberately or by inadvertence threaten the survival of life on Earth. We must not let our leaders continue to ignore this certain danger to all, or you are betting the E-Ts are lying about when. Big bet.

We still have time to prevent our conservation debt from striking our Sun, given these five things:

1. Disclosure Project witnesses claims that the USA government has captured E-T blinkships = capable of Faster Than Light travel,
2. I have figured out the basic Faster Than Light coordinate system for our universe which gives us FTL navigation,
3. and we have a good idea when and where our conservation debt will appear.
4. A No 1st Cost List, getting all necessary information out, pooled in one place where everyone can add, check, verify, and coordinate what needs to be done absolutely requires a real working Public Place.
5. A Captain to run the show. My prediction, my warning, my method of disconnection, time is short, I run the show.

Should all five of these things be true then we still have a chance, a slim one, to prevent our Sun from exploding. We need everyone's public help to prevent this danger to all. Maybe when enough of you rub our leaders nose in this warning, it will cause our political leaders to act fast in public.

Register to Question, Challenge, Disagree, Comment, and Help!

Summary of why we need a N1CL to "create" verified "objective" public facts so we can do real time public science and "create" honest accountable democratic self-government = prevent Earth from being vaporized this July 16th.

For a scientist, a requirement to be a Captain, anyone must be able to "blow the whistle" on inaccurate public reports ASAP. We, by definition seek the truth.

However our leaders certainly don't, nor seemingly do the rest of you. Apparently standing up to mano a mano public criticism is too tough for you. Ignorance of our universe's geometry and where we are located within it explain your fear, but that does not justify not seeking the "objective" truth, cowardice and greed do.

Scientific and Political Showing and Telling must be done in public.

Create = "bring into existence".

Objective = Two or more us agree we see or saw the same fact, measurement, or made the same observations.

Once any planet develops an internet there is only one way, one place to "create" verified "objective" News and information we all can rely upon at the same time: The process starts with a list of people and organizations who have agreed to answer questions from anyone about what they put on this List's Public Record.

Logically the only common action anyone can take towards any information they receive from anyone else is to disagree with the information; therefore identifying and then resolving disagreements with any information reported to all requires a central place for us to meet to disagree. The N1CL is this focal point.

Once invented, the No 1st Cost List creates many benefits for us. It becomes Earth's central Public meeting place for creating "Objective" News, discussing public matters, resolving most Public Questions and disagreements, to arrange public/private endeavors, and above all, bring our political leaders to heel.

N1CL's biggest personal benefit, you can prove you stand behind what you say to all in Public because you have agreed to answer questions from anyone.

Businesses, especially large ones, will find that proving they are honest to be a necessity.

Its biggest political benefit, we can use it to bring our 'sworn oath' political, business, and religious leaders who break any of our felony Laws to swift and certain Justice.

Swift & Certain Justice for our Three Monkey Society Leaders is the absolute precondition for us to create a true civilization that 'makes real' Liberty and Justice for All.

Sworn politicians, elected and appointed, will also find that proving they are not above the Law is a necessity to hold office.

A truly open to all 24/7 central public record of the information reported to the rest of us by those who have agreed to answer "questions from anyone" about their words is required to create tested accurate NEWS, do real "objective" science, and justly govern a spaceship like Earth.

Crucial STOP Sun Explosion ToDos

2-03-12 We now have the minimal chance that God always gives you to take action. I figured out the base "objective 'this must equal that' identity" that defines the OBJECTIVE measurements we must use to see a Moebius geometry multi-verse from the base origin of its only possible objective coordinate system, where we sit right now. Remember "objective" means you can easily see(prove) how this measurement works for yourself.

For now see the latest Message Tree entries. I will add and expand to equation topics as I deduce more of its characteristics.

This means we can do Faster Than Light navigation. i.e. We can do a disconnection this coming July 16, if the Disclosure Project's 400 plus ex military and high level government witnesses are correct in saying the US govt has captured E-T ships and we can make them work, and we can induce our leaders to pull their heads out of the self-serving, cover their behinds, dreamworld they live in.

Stopping this conservation debt from hitting our Sun requires us to go Faster Than Light(FTL) which requires FTL navigation.

'Einsteins Missed Implication' TEST Shows Relativity's Base Reference Frame

How to go FTL shown by where light from your destination is.

Why we are objectively real spirits that create life forms

Some context you will not like explained below.

There Are Two Ways To Prevent This Sun Explosion, but now only the "drop a ship down the wormhole at the last second" is possible.

Theory behind mechanics for stopping Sun explosion.

The First and certain to succeed method requires that over 50% of the multi-cellular biomass on Earth die between July 16, 2011 and July 16, 2012, the latter half of the year the better. As of March 30, 2012 this is no longer a real possibility even though the re-leak of the BP well Macondo may still happen, just too late to work.

For the "drop the ships" down the wormhole method to work will require conscious PUBLIC political cooperation and self sacrifice by the majority of us. We must all agree to lie down, meditate, not move starting at least 40 minutes before the event. In theory, when enough of Earth's larger life forms did this, it would be sufficient to disconnect. In practice, a disconnection will probably knock us off our feet. Be bad to be driving or flying. An implication of the 50% plus die off method.

This second method requires "Our Astronomers To Make A Crucial Measurement" and for our "Politicians To Release The E-T ships They Have Captured" for it to work.

Prediction I think the conjunction will occur 26 minutes before 10:47:35 UTC July 16, 2012.
1. Astronomers To Do Look at the 200 largest asteroid orbits to see which two asteroids are out of their normal orbits.

How to verify or disprove the two conjunction asteroids shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle. ASAP.

This conjunction will show precisely when our Anti-Matter conservation debt arrives on Earth's orbit. We must know exactly when it arrives to prevent the explosion.
Why Earth Has A Conservation Debt, Theory And Evidence.

These orbital measurements give us a way to determine precisely when our A-M debt will arrive. There is a very narrow disconnection window that opens on July 16, 2012.

By knowing exactly when, we can prevent our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M) from striking our Sun vaporizing Earth by dropping one or more of the hopefully captured E-T blinkships down the "wormhole" that will appear on Earth's orbit on July 16, 2012. This wormhole will be open for about 1/2500th of a second before our A-M debt can use it. It is a one or done shot for us.

10-1-11 Why does Earth need a Captain? Earth faces certain death for all next July 16, 2012 unless something is done to prevent our Sun from exploding. This Front Page of the N1CL has developed in this form because none of you like to talk about Earth being vaporized. Absolutely no questions from a 'stranger', only practice ones from family and friends since April 2005 when this warning was first posted. My theoretical prediction was confirmed on February 10, 1992. By February 14, 1992 I deduced that the theory that made this prediction also directly implied we could prevent our Sun explosion, I have been warning us ever since. Now it looks like our disconnection is out of our hands, we can only try and save as many as we can. That requires willing political cooperation shown by the UN confirming me as Captain because I have a good idea of what we face. We need Full N1CL Members to get this done. Who wants to help?

On CL methodology. Any single Captain's Log(CL) entry is made over time until short to long term conclusions on " Any given Situation" are reached as relevant reports come in. One can be done in a day, another months. That implies more than one can be going on concurrently. Once done, I cut/n/paste them to the Captain's Log forum.

Latest Entry Captain's Log

Here is the heart of the List, the Q&A procedures.

They are how we question and answer one another on the record. These procedures are not for cowards. Below them are the two boxes that explain how anyone can become a member or post without cost with a message to all. Read and think.

Question & Answer(Q&A) Dialogue Procedures

Anyone can Become a Member!

Anyone can "Recommend/Not-Recommend, Warn, or Dispute Public Facts". The N1CL calls doing this a "Yes/No"!

Anyone can Question a Member's or Yes/No person's postings on their Public forum!

How Do Entries to N1CL Public Record Work:
You have 10 minutes after submission to edit, change, or delete your entry on your N1CL Public Forum or Q&A; then the entry is locked. You can always add more replies to your topic, or an answer in a Q&A dialogue to clarify until the other party answers. Also you can use open to all comment forums first to improve entry without answering questions on your comments.

To Ask a Question:
the Questioner and 'the Member or "Yes/No" person'
agree to respond in turn,
until the Questioner accepts the answer, or they agree to Disagree giving reason(s); using the 'Last Response' mechanism described below.

To Forward The Q&A Dialogue; either can check the "I beg to differ with you with reason(s)" box.

There are Four Ways to End a Q&A Dialogue:

1) The Questioner can check "I accept." and say something;

2) the Questioner can Accept by Default by not replying within 36 hour;

3) EITHER on their turn, can check 'this is my last response'; to which the OTHER can Accept by checking "I accept"; Or by Not Replying within 36 hours;

4. After stating reason(s) checks "I Disagree with the Last Response".

Changing an 'acceptance by not replying in time' to an 'I disagree' must be done during next logon.

Non-Members can not be questioned on the N1CL record about their Q&A dialogues with a Member or Yes/No person; but anyone can question their "Yes/No's".

The N1CL Interface's Best Feature

The Automatic Consequence giving users the Public workload each can handle: Unless your Dialogues are current; the N1CL Interface automatically blocks you from asking or being asked a new question.

Except for 'not replying' to a 'this is my last response'; Staying Current is a reply within 36 hours after your notice e-mail is sent. The block is automatically removed when you become current. Except for larger organizations, you can block new questions at any time by stating a reason; e.g. vacation, sick.

Show Your Honesty To All By Becoming A Member

Question a Member-'No/Yes' person |
Apply for Betamembership

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