How Full Member-Yes/No Forums Work 01-18-10
Wednesday, August 26, 2009 (05:00:16)

Posted by Dan

Every Full member is assigned a Full Member forum. In it any full member, including businesses and other organizations, can post anything they like; as long as they understand that they have agreed to answer questions from anyone about what they say or post in their forum, or in any Q&A they participate in.

Yes/No persons do not have to be Members, but they must agree to answer questions from anyone ONLY about their Yes/No. If they are not Members, they can not be questioned about anything else they post in community forums or any Dialogue they initiate with a Member.

Thus, anyone's posts, comments, and replies in the general public forums are NOT subject to Question.

Nor are any non-Member's part in a Q&A Dialogue subject to question.

In summary, a Full Member has to answer questions ONLY about what he posts in his forum or what they say in any Q&A; and non-Members are not subject to question! Questions are only for the brave.

The Q&A Dialogue Procedures govern how Q&As work. They are designed to treat both sides of a Dialogue impartially by software design.

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