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Affecting Earth 1-15-16 How do we prevent our Sun from exploding?

There are three ways to prevent our Anti-Matter conservation debt from striking the Sun. All depend upon full public cooperation from our scientific and political leaders.

The first step is for our astronomers to confirm the "must be caused" asteroid conjunction shown in the "Missing Earth"(Longwood-Warren) crop circle using the original working paper from seventeen years ago. I predict it will show 26 minutes before 16:32 UTC July 16, 2024. That will confirm when we must act together to prevent this event.

Next, once the Gravity experiments described on the Front Page of the N1CL are done, and they confirm that the gravitational force moves instantaneously far away and at c, the speed of light nearby, then we can develop the technology needed to see our Planetary Spirit Line and its annual changes which will confirm exactly when our conservation debt will arrive, presumably the date shown by the conjunction in the Missing Earth circle.

This technology will give us Faster Than Light quickly, especially after our governments release the E-T technology they control. This is verified by the 500 plus ex high government civil service and military people who have so sworn under oath. See Disclosure Project.

Added 1-15-16: A good news/bad news. The problem with the first method proposed below is that the oceans contain by far the largest percentage of sexually reproducing biomass on Earth. I could not figure out how we could possibly kill off or get over half to stop moving in concert with we humans in the last year. Killing off over 90% of sea life worldwide would do before 2024.

It looks like that problem may be solved by our own unconscious actions. Sea Snot, a leading indicator. None of our Three Monkey Society leaders want to talk about the long term effects of Fukushima. The effects don't care. I will outline why and how the radiation will kill the other oceans besides the Pacific over the next six years. The good news, the First Method now is possible; the bad news I haven't got the stomach yet to predict how many of us will die.

First Method, the 100% reliable way, all multi-cellular life on Earth dies first. That would seem to throw the baby out with the bathwater. However the longer a life bearing planet lives, then less than 100% of the multi-cellular will do. In the last year it falls to just over 50% must die, or 90% plus of us can simulate death for an hour by not moving, sleeping, and meditating which unfortunately does not include other large life forms. With the technology above, we can see whether or not 90% of us is enough. That will require public cooperation. Give up an hour of your time to save everyone on Earth including you. Big sacrifice, isn't it?

This occurs because our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M) "senses us" by the rate of A-M particles reaching it; thus cut that rate by over 50% at the last hour and we disconnect. In theory, even before the last hour. We must try twice, because practice makes perfect. Coordinating 7.3 billion people lying down to sleep or meditate at the same time requires practice.

A big benefit, mankind has finally agreed to work together, even if only for a few hours, for the common good.

This "die off method" is confirmed by the observation that the longer - bigger these Long Term Gamma Blasters last, the more you see. Ergo, there had to be a local conservation violation for us to see this discrepancy, as in nature the bigger things are the fewer you see.

Second method With the FTL technology made possible by the successful Gravity experiments combined with the Disclosure Project's 500 plus sworn government eye witnesses who say we have captured E-T technology, then we can blow up our A-M debt at last second by understanding the theory upon which there operation is based.

Third Method, even better, given speedy successful Gravity Tests confirmations of how G propagates, we should have time to "hit out A-M debt well before it arrives at its drop through point in interstellar space. Since the '50% plus multi-cellular life forms die off' method is "easy in theory", and using "captured E-T ships wormhole method" are simple; plus with ten years time we can develop our own FTL ships to hit our A-M debt well before its arrival date, we must plan for all three ways.

There is no reason to panic, no one going anywhere unless you know some E-Ts who are willing to give you a ride off this rock. I don't. We either all survive by cooperating or we all die together.

So lets get on with getting our astronomers to confirm the conjunction shown in the "Missing Earth". Time waits for no man nor planet, we are only going to get one crack at a disconnection.

How organize in time? Saving everyone depends on using the N1CL and a Captain to organize cooperation.

My job as Captain of the No 1st Cost List is to get all of you to do these three disconnection methods.

(9-12-12) Now we have enough time to use the 'wormhole' method. The technical problems can be overcome with almost 12 years to go. Now we have enough time to make our leaders release the captured E-T technology they are hiding from us.

We could ask our leaders to ask the E-Ts they are in contact with to do this for us. Unlikely I predict, since this appears to be a "Show you have grown up, or die" ritual warning by the E-Ts. Doing a disconnection without E-T help requires the captured interplanetary Faster Than Light E-T ships that some sworn witnesses say we have, (two would be nice). Now after confirming how G propagates, we surely have the time, technology, and science needed to build our own.

What Must Be Done

Above all, we must stop being a Three Monkey Society(3MS). 3MS's are run of, by, and only for the people in power. We have no time left for their childish power games.

This can only be accomplished by four actions:

1. Our highest political leaders must acknowledge my warning in public.

2.Our astronomers must publicly verify or disprove the conjunction on the No 1st Cost List public record and on all other public venues asap.

3. Our leaders must divulge everything they and their governments know about the E-Ts and their technology, especially any person to person communications and contacts. Absolutely everything.

4. Our leaders through the UN must make me Captain of our spaceship Earth with authority over every aspect of this disconnection.

Why make me disconnection captain? I predicted the danger theoretically, recognized the confirming evidence, did nineteen years of warnings, figured out exactly what must be done, and so will know what to do fast when actual circumstances change, as they always do.

Under all confirmed conjunction scenarios. we are using the first piece of Shoemaker-Levy 9 striking Jupiter on July 16, 1994 at 20:13 UTC, as our base point, so plus or minus a few seconds should cover all possibilities.

How do our Leaders cooperate in public? That's easy, they can join the No 1st Cost List and make me disconnection Captain. We must know they are telling us the truth.

These links will summarize and show the facts of our situation.

Stop Sun Explosion Warning

"Missing Earth" crop circle?

Summary of why we have a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M); which implies: Why we can stop Sun from exploding July 16, 2024: Theory & Evidence

As a Full Member of the No 1st Cost List, I am sworn "to speak honestly and seek the truth" on the N1CL public record. As a scientist, seeking the truth about how our universe works is my job. The evidence for my theoretical prediction that "we spirits must create an A-M debt to keep our Life Forms alive" is now overwhelming. Think carefully and quickly; then act for the good of all. Which of you are not afraid to answer Questions & Complaints from anyone?

Please carefully read the 'agreements and base constraints' explaining how the N1CL works on the Front Page. Reread the Q&A procedures; then use the >>ENTER<< links to find out more, ask questions, make comments, and become a member.

Dan Alter n1cl-1

Posted by Dan 2009-10-17 10:20:08
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