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Affecting Earth 11-22-13 Why Sun explodes July 16, 2024, unless Prevented

PREFACE 11-22-13

Conserving and maintaining a conserved common NOW surface for our universe logically requires almost instantaneous balancing of plus/minus pairs = entanglement, no matter how far apart the pairs are from each other. Plus a 'repulsive force' to prevent them from being opposite one another across the two sides of our Moebius universe's surface. No such conservation balancing; then the NOW that we life forms presently see and share could not exist.
Premise: For life to be created and maintained in a conserved universe, by inspection, requires action from outside the body = objectively real Spirits that can manipulate matter into lifeforms. They have been rumored to exist before.
OBJECTIVE = Each of us can potentially verify the evidence with our senses, directly or by implication. You can rap it with your knuckles. The evidence can be seen 'in common'. Above all objective facts are 'agreed upon facts'. That is why scientists above all must be honest reporters of their observations and measurements. Without trust, objective facts can not be agreed upon, and thus can not be created.

(11-22-2013) "Unless Prevented"; our last opportunity to disconnect is July 16, 2024.

Stopping the Sun explosion is simple. There are three possible methods.

1. We can reduce the amount of A-M particles life forms on Earth send through below 50% for an hour or more in the last year, preferably in the last few days. Since we should be able to measure this by 2024, we can do a test run.
Since this includes all higher life forms on Earth, this may not be possible.

2. We can use one or more E-T blinkship(s) the Disclosure Project witnesses say we have down a 'wormhole' that theory says will open exactly on Earth's orbit on the other side of the Sun. We will have about 1/2500th of a second opportunity to hit A-M debt before it goes to zero with respect to c at other end of open wormhole. Some A-M matter will almost certainly come through.

Dropping this ship means reducing its speed to zero with respect to the speed of light. See Einsteins Missed Implication for scientific background.

Plus we need to know theory behind E-T ships operation. While the E-Ts have nicely shown us exactly when with their public warning 'message' and asteroid conjunction, kinda iffy.

A comment about blink=ships. Over 500 ex-military and civil service witnesses swear the USA govt is hiding E-T contacts and these kind of E-T ships from us. Ergo, we citizens must make our government show us the ships in public, in time, or we all die on July 16, 2012 when our A-M conservation debt hits the Sun.

All it takes is two working blink-ships, a "spirit-scope" to see our planetary spirit line, and knowing exactly where and when to drop a ship down the wormhole opening = navigate between the two sides of Moebius surface. One such ship is absolutely required, two are necessary to be certain. No one has to go with them. It will literally take one Planck unit of time = entanglement speed for these 'plus matter' ships to reach our Anti-Matter debt.

Right now we need the E-Ts help to move these 'blink-ships to other side of Sun on July 16th. That will require a Public asking, as it is most unlikely our government controls a ship that can take us to the other side of the Sun. A ray of sunshine, the E-Ts did not go to all this trouble to warn us, unless they wanted us to survive should we decide to become civilized.

3. Now that I can deduce the basic Moebius equation, given Gravity tests confirm my predictions right, then we can send a FTL ship to A-M debt and hit it well before it reaches where wormhole opens. That will take massive public want to and investment to build interstellar FTL ships in time.

Plus with this confirmed theory, we can verify Planetary Spirit Line and its Fixed Ray annual jumps, giving us confirmation of exactly when A-M debt is to arrive.

I like 3. best.

Why do we have a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M)?

First, a premise and then some implications. You are a physical, very real, objectively measurable, probably immortal, spirit. Our existence as spirits is a basic postulate of all religions. Yet strangely enough, despite massive evidence that we are spirits, western scientists poo poo their existence. How very unscientific. Something causes our life forms to move, and it is not photons impinging on your eyeballs, or your internal chemical reactions. Both are examples of circular reasoning = your body causes your body to move.

For we spirits to move our life forms around seemingly invisibly, without any apparent outside inputs, can only mean one thing scientifically: That we spirits must be able to defer the costs of our actions into the future with respect to the present. In a conserved universe, this puts severe constraints upon our universe's possible geometry, so that costs can be deferred while still maintaining conservation. Ergo, that geometry is a Moebius strip.

A spirit based universe must be implacable about maintaining conservation; as conservation, by definition, implies absolute predictability at the base level of our universe. Without this absolute 'conserved' predictability at the basic level of our universe, we spirits could not create, move and maintain our life forms through time; BUT to move anti-entropically = without a visible outside cause, must imply we are accumulating an Anti-Matter(A-M) conservation debt = deferred cost to so move. In short, we are "violating conservation" on a local level to keep bodies alive.

Only a Moebius geometry permits us to 'so defer costs' for awhile as a conserved universe means no free lunch forever. Fortunately, it only takes a few of us to wake up and consciously choose to start talking IN PUBLIC about my assertions and we can save Earth.

Outline of how I deduced we had an A-M debt.

What causes our bodies to move? It started with a thought experiment. Based on my discovery that all life forms try to minimize spending their own time alive to get what we need to stay alive. Something real must account for this anti-entropic behavior. It moves, what causes the movement?

I posited that we had physical spirits that moved our bodies around. They have been rumored to exist before and there is voluminous evidence for there existence. For you religious people who claim we have souls. You do, we all do. Scientific investigation of our 'souls' properties is called for don't you think? I suspect you will be in for some surprises on our souls properties.

What is simplest thing a 'spirit' can do to have dominion over matter?

Answer: Make a hole in matter = split particles into plus and minus pieces. Plus matter moves the body, so that leaves the minus(logically the cost) unaccounted for.

Where is the 'cost' = minus matter? There must be a real physical cost to moving our bodies around. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The minus sub-atomic particles had to be made of Anti-Matter. Since we did not see A-M in the present or past, it must be in the future with respect to ourselves.

This raised the question: What geometry must our universe have to permit us to postpone our 'conservation debt'? Answer; a Moebius strip shaped universe. As far in the future as possible is just on the other side of a Moebius's surface. Since this is a closed circle based geometry, we could not postpone our debt forever. So how must this debt work? It starts with how we work.

Next Discovery: The Measure of Personal Value all Life Forms Use

It started with Coase's Theorem, a great question, a wonderful WRONG answer.

His fundamental scientific question must be answered Correctly to discover what objective premise we must use for a GUT theory. In explaining why Coase was wrong, I had to ask and answer this question; "What objective measure of personal value must all life forms use to stay alive with?". The answer is simple, but not obvious: All life forms are Own-Time Cost Minimizers. It is done like this. Each individual life form has "Their own personal in a life form time alive.", i.e. One unit of Time Alive per unit time, measuring time by c, the speed of light. We try(unconsciously) to predict how long it takes to get what we need to stay alive or want. When we take to long, we Die. hence we are unconscious own time cost minimizers trying to maximize Free Time to do as we please. Unconscious gets us dead.

What Premise Must We Use To Analise How the Universe Works?

Since we must describe how the universe from where we sit at any 'time'; then how we use our 'measure of personal value' must serve as the "objective" premise for a Grand Unification theory(GUT).

Necessarily this led to the deduction that our universe's geometry is Moebius based. This led to deducing the existence of our conservation debt made of A-M. Which is now overwhelmingly confirmed by data, from the radiation signature of the debt hitting a life planets sun = Long-term Gamma Blasters, to how a Moebius geometry explains where the missing 96% plus of matter and A-M is in our universe because this geometry can divide and expand by self-replication.

Later, in trying to figure out how to write the fundamental equation that ties us to our Moebius universe, I backed into how to tie 'pi' to 'e' to 'Phi' with a straight edge. An absolutely necessary mathematical discovery needed to navigate within out Moebius universe. How to use a circle to relate 'e' to Phi on a Moebius.

Why Do We Have A Conservation Debt Made of Anti-Matter & What Is Required To Disconnect It?

The short answer: No free lunches in a conserved universe. The scientific answer: In this conserved universe, we are given a "float" time to settle up on the costs of our anti-entropic behavior(we change direction without any visible cause). The real, how do we continue to stay alive answer: The universe gave us the 'float' so that we can learn that we are absolutely accountable to each other for our continued existence. Many hands make light work. With cooperation using honest exchange, we live on. Without conscious willing accountability to each other, no you, no loved ones, no Earth forevermore.

To my knowledge, every single piece of published data, including scientific reports, pictures and records, and other reports that could bear on this matter support my predictions. These 'reports' range from basic observations by astronomers that confirm the fundamental theory, to pictures of the crop circles and their published field reports. No discrepancies, no contradictions; just a list of evidence that gets longer and longer, more and more detailed; right down to a picture by the Hubble in 1998 showing the vaporized remains of what was once a living planet. Our Gamma Burst astronomers call it the "afterglow'. Long term Gamma Blasters & Gamma Bursters sky map

Definitions and Scientific Methodology

Most people do NOT know what 'objective' means, just like most people who claim to be scientists do NOT use the actual method science's purpose requires. Definitions and methods are crucial for doing science. Science ultimately is all about PUBLIC deeds: Show and Tell. Dan Alter n1cl-1.

OBJECTIVE = Each of us can potentially verify the evidence with our senses, directly or by implication. You can rap it with your knuckles. The evidence can be seen 'in common'. Above all objective facts are 'agreed upon facts'. It takes at least two of us to create one. That is why scientists above all must be honest reporters of their observations and measurements. Without trust, objective facts can not be agreed upon, and thus can not be created. You can always tell a liar when they will not agree they see what you do, while standing there with you looking at the same object.

Scientific Purpose: Make perfect predictions about how the universe works, using objective measures of cause and effect we ALL can verify for ourselves.

Conservation; the Basic Theory Making Premise:, Scientists posit the universe is conserved; i.e. when you get done slicing and dicing, all the pieces must still add up to ONE unit per unit time. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. No free lunch. Nothing is ever lost. So far this basic theoretical premise has never been disproven.

Purpose defines Scientific Method:

1. Start by making predictions(best guesses based upon current observations).
2. Logically order predictions by cause and effect = theory.
3. Test = measure theories predictions.
4. Use 'wrong' predictions to improve theory; i.e. use differences between measurements predicted and actual measurements, to adjust logical structure of theory so as to eliminate discrepancies.
5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 until your theory makes perfect predictions.

Logical and observational discrepancies are what a scientist feeds on.

With experience and practice you start seeing the little out of line details. You bite yourself for missing one. Jiggle things so you can be 'wrong' a lot. Sooner or later a 'causal common denominator' pops out and you have a causal explanation. Trust your hunches. My wife says I say the same thing over and over, but I am changing some detail(s). And then suddenly, you see how it works. Once I reach a 'hunched' conclusion, I have never been wrong. My talent, but practice helps a lot.

Science is done in PUBLIC: Scientific discoveries are for all of us, so anyone must be able to question, challenge, and improve our current PUBLIC picture of 'reality'. Dissent is its lifeblood = No 1st Cost List. We can not continue to let big money and big government control who can dissent by controlling who publishes.

Questions please. Dan alter n1cl-1

Posted by Dan 2009-08-29 18:25:29
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