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Affecting Earth How & Why We Can Stop Anti-Matter(A-M) Debt From Exploding Sun

How & Why We Can Stop Anti-Matter(A-M) Debt From Exploding Sun

We are still in beta, our Q&A module is a bug fix away from being loaded, but fire away, the present forums will work for questions. by Dan Alter n1cl-1 12-1-2008

How is simple. Eye witnesses report that the USA government has tested one or more captured E-T "blink ships". (They disappear and instantly reappear less than a mile away.) I have witnessed this behavior myself on a ABC news video taken over France at 25,000 feet in 1975. Many repeated 'blink jumps' over 3-4 minutes. Amazing video.) An effect my base theory says must occur when any object drops to zero with respect to c on the surface of our Moebius geometry universe. The actual 'automatic' distance traveled can be predicted once you deduce our universes diameter. All we have to do is drop one of these "blink ships" down to zero c on the point on Earth's surface as it passes through the 'wormhole opening' between 150' to 180' inside Earth's exact center line orbit on this coming January 15th. With a specific measurement we could deduce how much wider the opening is.

Thus when a ship or any other object goes zero c in a 'wormhole mouth' connected to an A-M conservation debt; then it is taken very quickly to the A-M debt. When plus and minus matter strike one another, they instantly explode converting all their mass into energy. Since this ship is made of 'plus matter', when it strikes our A-M debt it explodes with massive force, accelerating our A-M debt which prevents it from dropping to 'zero c' over the other mouth of the wormhole on July 16, 2009. Now it can not come through to strike our Sun. Lets hope theory and practice coincide.

Exactly where on Earth's orbit is the 'wormhole opening'? It always stays in a fixed location on Earth's orbit. The Earth orbits over it once a year. We can deduce its exact location from the date/time of Gamma Ray beam impact shown by the conjunction of two asteroids in the Missing Earth crop circle and then answering this question: "Where is the point on Earth's orbit that gives the Minimal Time for a ball of frozen A-M Hydrogen moving at .5 c from Earth's orbit, striking Sun, sending out a laser of Gamma Rays that decelerates A-M ball to zero velocity at center of the Sun, while the Ray reaches out to strike Earth at the time shown by the asteroid conjunction?". The Mass of A-M Ball = the Q of frozen A-M hydrogen explosively combined with an equal amount of Plus matter needed to accelerate our by Sun .3 kms. The Ray stays fixed on the Earth as the A-M Ball's impact face always rotates to constantly face Earth.

With a navigable zero c ship, we may be able to do this after this January 15, 2009 for up to three months as we could jump to the 'fixed position' of the wormhole opening and drop it down the hole. (5-23-2009) Now we have to wait until last possible second. We get a last chance. In fact, upon reflection, it may have always been our only real chance because at the last possible second, there are no curves in the 'wormhole'. The best part about the 'last second' is that everything gets real simple and clear cut.

Simple, cheap, and easy. It will work or it won't; but it is a lot better than the certain fate the E-Ts predict with their Missing Earth crop circle.

Our leaders certainly know of this prediction. Why they keep secret captured and crash recovered E-T technology and the reverse engineered technology they have developed to themselves is an interesting question. One hopes they are not thinking of leaving us in the lurch. That might not be a good idea for them. I suspect they do not know some of the necessary constraints on FTL interstellar travel. Among them, a limit on how far our life forms can be from their home suns before their spirits detach from their bodies without an artificial A-M debt. I suspect around Jupiter's orbit, but we can confirm that with tests. Hmm, did the E-Ts that some of the 400 plus Disclosure Project sworn govt eye witnesses say that our military has been seen talking to, not tell us of that constraint?

Biggest Roadblocks To A Prevention Try.

Our Establishment Leaders. They think their first job is to ignore any information that would threaten their position at the top of our societies Pecking Order, i.e. the Big Ignore. My scientific discoveries and the N1CL Q&A Procedures blow up the present scientific and political establishments justifications for their present blind self-serving "keep us in power at any costs" behavior.

Since our A-M conservation debt is "technically" simple to stop, all we have to do is make our leaders and most of you accept, or at least admit the possibility of a scientific discovery that overturns our present scientific and political paradigms. Perhaps facing a real possibility of their death can change our leaders minds.

Our establishment scientists will have to publicly admit the probability that we are objectively real SPIRITS before I die or they will fry. Given past scientific history regarding giving recognition for new discoveries, I think they probably prefer death.

Spirits have been rumored to exist before. They do. All major religions postulate that all life forms have a soul = spirit that animates them = moves our bodies and lives on after death in some form. Thus, the religious among you should like my discovery. However, it seems that no one really likes the idea, not one question from a stranger so far, as this prediction has been on the N1CL front page for over three years and over 300,000 hits, plus I have personally told many thousands more about this scientific prediction.

I do know that end of the world predictions are a dime a dozen, so you and our leaders ignore them. Mine is different. It is based upon a real theory, confirmed by real scientifically published observations, and above all, we may be able to prevent it easily and simply with the E-T technology the USA govt keeps secret from us. The Disclosure Project has over 400 sworn govt witnesses who have sworn, and will swear again to Congress that our government has had interactions with E-Ts and possesses some of their technology. As you can see by the countdown clock below, we have very little time left to act. It is cheap insurance for we citizens to force our leaders to disclose what they know FAST. A Poker Story: When To Take Insurance.

How I discovered that we have a conservation debt began with a mistaken answer to a question of Liability raised by Ronald Coase(Nobel in Economics 1991) in "The Problem of Social Cost" Journal of Law & Economics, October 1960. What he received the Nobel for. In 1984 I demonstrated why he made an obvious analytical error and reached the wrong conclusion in Coase's Theorem, Politics, and Scientific Publication. His answer was very controversial because it implied we could relax Liability for causing a cost to others and not decrease the Q of G&S XCed.

11-28-2008 In 1984, as a result of refuting Coase's Theorem, I discovered what Rule of Liability a society that uses "money to buy Goods & Services(G&S) from each other"(that's us folks) must enforce to maximize the Quantity(Q) of G&S Exchanged(XCed) = real wealth = more time alive. The law is Strict Liability. That means we hold each party to an XC Liable for the Time their part in an exchange costs others. Simple, you are responsible for the costs of producing your half of an XC, I pay for the costs my side causes. We are free to engage in Paid XC. In conclusion, it is necessary for us to consciously enforce this Law to remain alive on a spaceship = Earth; because Striking First in an XC based society always reduces the Quantity(Q) of G&S Exchanged(XCed) = less of us alive.

Proving why relaxing Liability always decreased the Q of G&S XCed led me inexorably to a theoretical prediction in 1991; that we life forms could not exist in a conserved universe, unless we created a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M). There is only one geometry that permits the creation of our A-M debt = a Moebius Strip geometry universe. With this geometry, we 'spirits' can put our A-M debt right on the other side of our Moebius universe's surface, which is as far in the future as possible. However, it does not stay there, as a conserved A-M debt meant that it eventually must come home to roost. The Sun is on its path back and Boom, Earth is vaporized and WE all fry. Initially it was a "thought experiment" in February 1991, a theoretical conclusion with no evidence of any kind. A year later that changed.

On February 10, 1992, from a completely unexpected source, a picture on the cover of the February 1, 1991 Science News and its related article "Geometric Harvest". Together, they were conclusive confirmation that my theoretical 'thought experiment' was true, and about to happen to us in six units of time. Within three days I deduced that in theory, at least, it is possible, even easy to stop, once you understand how it works. So in 1992 we started trying to warn the rest of you.

This conclusive evidence was a warning from our E-T visitors. After the Barbary Castle crop circle showed the Earth being vaporized, just shy of four years later on June 25, 1995 the E-Ts put down a crop circle showing us the results of the A-M debt caused Sun explosion. It was the Missing Earth crop circle. It speaks for itself and it tells us exactly when by using the conjunction of two of the 65 asteroids shown in it. The date is July 16, 2009, exactly eighteen sidereal Earth years after the Barbary Castle was placed down.

Since the evidence for E-Ts visiting us is overwhelming, and even more overwhelming is the evidence that the US government is trying to cover-up the fact we are being visited; please, please take this warning seriously. If my disconnection method is correct, then disconnecting from our A-M debt is trivially simple. All we need is a piece of technology that the US government has captured from the E-Ts, i.e. one of more of their ships that witnesses from the Disclosure Project and elsewhere say our govt has. In short, lets pray they have a captured E-T ship just like in the movie Independence Day.

Our leaders know we are being visited by E-Ts as they have ordered them to be shot down. Despite our hostile actions towards them; the E-Ts have not shot back at us, they just go away fast. Instead very nicely, they have tangibly and very publicly confirmed we have a conservation debt and when it will strike with the Missing Earth crop circle. So what are our leaders and many of you afraid of? The fact that E-Ts are visiting us means we are not alone in the universe. Since they act peacefully, that sounds like good news to me. A nice side benefit of saving Earth, we get star travel. I explain how FTL travel is possible elsewhere on this site.

My explanation for your fears is that our leaders work at making you fearful, probably because they are fearful; but some leaders want you to be, above all, an unconscious member of a Three Monkey Society. Wake up my fellow citizens, the chances of me being wrong about this are very low. Every single theoretical causal link has been confirmed by reports in our scientific literature. So read, question, and then act by contacting your Congress person. Use the directions given by the Disclosure Project on contacting your elected representatives; or you can start by sending this URL to your Congress person and anyone else you know and say "Make Bush administration Release E-T secrets NOW!". Here is a list of congresspeople. Contact Congress. Be quick, time is running out.

We initially invented the No 1st Cost List to find out who can be trusted to tell the truth in Public. I know that the vast majority of us want to be honest. How is simple; join with us and Register as Full Members by Agreeing to the public agreements in the box just below. Then we can begin to create the greatest civic gift of all, trustworthy public information. By doing so, you also create for yourself your most valuable public asset, a good public reputation. In addition, together we can save our planet from being vaporized.

How we prevent this Sun explosion is explained in the article reached by clicking on the Great News headline, or the article starts a little below. Our accelerating financial collapse and our almost due conservation debt made of Anti-matter(A-M), are the logical result of not acknowledging that life, like unpaid debts, have necessary costs that are always paid by someone in the end. Please join us in helping to spread this warning, and in making our leaders take the very simple preventative action in time. Ask your questions inside.

My exposition is not perfect, but with questions I will adjust.
Just below is the 'Front Page' from a few months ago. I think it is pretty clear; but no questions; so my wife said I was being to blunt, and we needed to separate 'Home Operations" from the 'News". I still like it a lot.

Time Remaining To Do Simple Prevention !!!!

Scientist WARNS: Unless Prevented on January 15, 2009; Sun to EXPLODE on July 16, 2009 after being Struck by Our Conservation Debt made of Anti-Matter.

Prevention is simple.

Fundamental theory confirms the very explicit, exact time warnings by the E-Ts, that Our Sun Will Explode ON July 16, 2009. The USA govt has captured the FTL(Faster Than Light) E-T ship(s) required to stop this. I have made the basic math discoveries needed to navigate these ships at FTL to blow up our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M).

Our leaders have ignored this public warning to prevent our sun from exploding for over two years. Unless we force them to carry out their sworn duty to enforce our laws, our political leaders will not release the E-T technology they are keeping secret. Therefore we as a people must band together to demand this:

We demand that Obama, McCain, Pelosi and Reid see to it that Congress holds IMMEDIATE hearings to force the Bush Administration to release the E-T ships and knowledge the USA govt is keeping secret.

Another huge benefit: No democracy nor any people who claim to be civilized can long survive; unless we citizens have a central place to report about and question our elected representatives when they do NOT ruthlessly enforce our laws upon themselves. It is called the No 1st Cost List.

Fundamental Scientific News Einstein wrongly concluded There is no fundamental frame of reference common to all observers. This "Test" shows why and how we can use 'c', the speed of light, as a base frame of reference to describe our location and speed in the universe. This means we can drop to zero speed with respect to 'c', which drops us between the two sides of our Moebius universe's surface. This ability combined with knowing how to navagate in a Moebius Universe will enable us to use the E-T ships our government has to stop the Sun from exploding.

See Einstein Article Inside.
Dan Alter n1cl-1

How do we stop Sun Explosion?

What are our alternatives?

Inaction is the only loser.

Why we will need another life bearing planet to colonize soon.
Make the USA government release the E-T ships and knowledge it now keeps secret so we can drop one or more ships moving at zero "c", down a "wormhole", as the Earth crosses over it next January 15th. USA does have these ships. Disclosure Project
Where explains how and why we can travel FTL

There are four possibilities:
1. I am right about A-M conservation debt: Do nothing and all fry next July 15th, for sure.
2. I am wrong about Sun explosion, but we do NOT make the USA govt release the E-T technology they are keeping secret. Result: Same corrupt secret government, NO FTL star travel, NO insurance colony around another sun, NO access to the almost limitless energy and mineral resources in space.
3. I am wrong, but we force US government to release their E-T ships and knowledge. We get Faster Than Light star travel and its benefits.
4. I am right: We force our governments to release E-T ships before January 15, 2009 and we save Earth and enjoy FTL star travel; or we can at least, all die trying. No fate but what we make.

Can anybody give me a rational reason why we would not take this simple precaution? Doing nothing is the only alternative we lose on for sure. Dan Alter n1cl-1

What is required to stop our Sun from exploding?
Why We Need & Where another life bearing planet may be.

Posted by Dan 2009-05-26 23:09:29
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