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01-17-09 to 10-09-2009 & 7-8-10 to 10-13-10 Latest Change(s) to Beta site.

We will do two months at a time. Previous changes article ended on 1-16-2009.

07.08-10 Topic reply on Poker Story.
MT on eq.
MT Barbara Sher quote, Doing is a quantum leap from imagining. Barbara Sher

07-11-10 email to Joe Bageant.
Edit FP.

07-16-10 MT on BP well out of casing.

07-17-10 Topic reply on E/Phi article.
MT on market.
Topic reply on Most heinous crime topic.

07-18-10 Post new topic, "Why pressure in BP well is growing at 2 PSI per hour?".
Post to Godlike Productions above link.
Post to Democratic Underground.

07-19-10 Post to zero hedge.
Post to deepwaterhorizonresponse.com.

07-24-19 Post reply to "Why pressure in BP well is growing at 2 PSI per hour?".

07-24-10 MT quote "He who is taught to live upon little owes more to his father's wisdom than he who has a great deal left him does to his father's care."
William Penn

07-25-10 MT on BP well grind up.

07-27-10 Topic on BP grind-up and how stop.
reply to "Why pressure in BP well is growing at 2 PSI per hour?". about leak.

07-28-10 Post in Political, "I hear more and more people speak against the Republicans."
Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2010 1:27 pm

07-28-10 Eq. log note.
Reply to BP 2psi topic.
Edit "Implications of BP well intake pressure being over 85k psi.".

07-29-10 email to "If God Is Pro-War – He Lied"
by Paul Green in Lew Rockwell.

07-30-10 Topic reply to, "Re: E-Ts don't know why disconnection is in their self-interest."

07-31-10 Topic relies to BP both topics.

08-01-10 Posted "First duty of any honest citizen, the press, and scientists" in my forum.

08-02-10 MT entry "Equation premise: Transaction Costs are........".

08-03-10 Eq. log entry, Transaction Cost premise....

08-04-10 MT on BP well plug attempt.

08-06-10 MT on BP cementing well at top.
4 MTs quotes by
Abraham Joshua Heschel

08-09-10 MT on BP well.

08-12-10 MT on Obama(Gibbs) criticism. of professional leftists.

08-13-10 MT on three topics todo.
Changed "How We Life Forms Measure Personal Value and Thus the General Welfare" to " How We Measure The General Welfare With We Life Forms Common Measure of Personal Value."

08-14-10 MT on "Why BP well leaks."

08-17-10 MT on Obama temporizing on Mosque and religious freedom.
Edit forum title to "Find climate change causes & how anything else affects Earth.".
MT on BP well problem reported today on Drudge.

08-18-10 New topic i my forum, put on top FP, "Why BP well still has growing leak.".

08-19-10 Edit above topic.
MT on why mother earth is using us to kill us.

08-20-10 MT ? about mother earth.

08-26-10 Put url on top FP, 'Einsteins Missed Implication' TEST Shows Relativity's Base Reference Frame
MT about my working through the question, "Do we Earthlings deserve to live, deserve to be helped by the E-Ts and thus me?" The answer is of course, a resounding yes. I, you, the E-Ts are duty bound as self life lovers; since we live by XC. I, We just have to ask them to help the right way. So what is the way???? Use the List, that has to be key. Ask, "Will you help us verify that Earth faces a mortal danger?".
MT containing above description.

08-27-10 Eg. MT.

08-30-10 Changed title from, "Why BP well still has a growing leak." to "Can BP 1st Relief Well Measure Magnetic Signal From Macando?".

08-31-10 MT quote, "Any man who wants to be president is either an egomaniac or crazy." Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Edit top FP. mostly deletions.

9-1-10 Edit top FP.

9-3-10 Post "No EM signal to Deepwater Horizon site.
Post Macondo warning to Congress.org.
topic on why BP

9-4-10 Topic on implications of Gaia hypohtesis to
"on becoming a self-aware scientist.

9-5-10 Admin blocks removed 'top FP w Q&A from most blocks.

9-6-10 Edit "Why BP well still has a growing leak!".
Fixed contact form. Fixed Sue logon.

9-8-10 Edit "Why BP well still has a growing leak!".

9-9-10 Edit "HowTo find the 2 conjunction asteroids shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle".
MT cite BP well article title.

9-10-10 Added to top FP: "[size=18]Question and Challenge any N1CL Member's News Report, Scientific Assertion, or Business/Government/Organization Statement On The No 1st Cost List Public Record.".

9-13-10 Eq log entry on where origin of M lies.

Edit top FP.

9-14-10 Added Scientists Find Thick Layer Of Oil On Seafloor
by Richard Harris NPR to Why BP well still has a leak! and in comment.

9-15-10 MT on thick layer on Gulf floor.

9-16-10 MT: "Sent email to Stephanie Joye, Univ of Georgia requesting info on new oil sediment layer on Gulf floor."

Posted topic above email in reply to "Why... leak" topic.

Changed title "How We measure The General Welfare With We Life Forms Common M" to "9-16-10 How To Objectively Measure the General Welfare".

Posted BP reply to my submission to them about "Why BP well has leak" in topic reply.

9-17-10 Worked on fixing Q&A.

Eq. log entry.

MT on equation.

9-18-10 Edit FP.

9-19-10 MT on BP well, 1 more pressure test and done. We are so screwed.

Edit top FP changed urls to relate bp well to A-M debt an going FTL.

9-20-10 MT on Macondo being plugged.

Topic reply to " Do most people seek the truth and speak honestly?" in comm. forums.

MT on capitalism donna says: September 19, 2010 at 12:46 am

Changed title Why Coase's Theorum is wrong, politics & scientific publication" to "Why we must enforce Strict Liability NOW upon Corporations.".

9-21-10 MT on filibuster.

Post to Peanut Gallery: "Filibuster is destroying our democracy. We must eliminate it".

9-22-10 Edit "Why we must enforce Strict Liability NOW upon Corporations."

9-23-10 Mt on doing a blog about what I was trying to do with list.

MT w "False words are not only evil in themselves, but they infect the soul with evil." Socrates

9-24-10 Created blogspot account w first post.http://no1stcost.blogspot.com/

9-25-10 MT on market and fed.

9-26-10 Reply to "Re: Is USA socialism for the rich and hell for rest of us.". in comm forums.

Reply in climate change forum by me. "No comment of "Measuring Global Climate Disruption" art."

Reply by me in "How create "Hold Leaders Accountable" political party?".

MT on coor system M and what it says about us. Not flattering.

MT on quitting.

MT on the nature of humankind's ignorance.

9-27-10 MT on raids on anti-war activists???

9-29-10 Eq. log entry or origin of m.

9-30-10 MT Todo: "Why we are objectively real spirits that create life forms".

Edit topic "Why & How to go FTL to the stars shown by where light is.".

MT Madison quote.

10-2-10 Added topic my forum, "Why we are objectively real spirits that create life forms".

Added above topic to top FP.

10-3-10 MTs Two comments on article suggesting 3rd party.

10-4-10 Edit "Why we are objectively real spirits that create life forms".

Edit "Needed A-M debt Disconnection Tools, Measurements & Must Do's".

New topic in politics forum, "On rule of law by by James K. Galbraith to Congress".

10-7-10 MT on HR 3808

Topic in politics comm forums, "False characterization of HR3808 Notarization bill.".

Added reply to above topic.

10-8-10 Changed above topic title to, "Not false....."

Replied to Alex in "How Bush/Cheney Caused Killing of Captured US Soldiers".

MTs Four quotes by Louis K Brandeis.

10-9-10 Replied to topic "What is scientific discovery needed to create a GUT" with "How Time Relates To Discovery required to create a GUT"

Edit top FP.

Edit notarization topic.

10-10-10 MT on election.

10-11-10 Edit comm forum block.

Edit diff bet forum block.

Edit "instructions' block.

Edit 3MS topic.

10-12-10 Edit Q&A instructions.

Edit "difference" block.

10-13-10 Change title "How to Objectively Measure the general welfare" to "How To Measure The General Welfare".

Post on A-M debt to Earthchanges group on Yahoo.


10-09-09 Edit FP

10-08-09 Edit FP

10-06-09 Edit 'The Missing Earth calculator.... topic.

10-05-09 Added, 'Why are two conjunctions necessary to show
us when.".
Edit FP.

10-04-09 Put url to new topic, "The Missing Earth asteroid
diameter and orbital radius calculator" on FP.

10-03-09 2 MT
Edit FP, put in prosecute George Bush condition.

09-27-09 Top FP done, now to make it the Front Page with
enter button on bottom and headline as URL to Home
operations where Warning starts under Q&A.

09-26-09 MT
Edit FP. Getting leaner. more to go.
Fix font size in "09-26-09 What is required to
stop our Sun from exploding?".

09-23-09 edit FP.

09-21-09 edit FP. Start new version.

09-18-09 Edit FP, making clear Conj. only occur on axis
vector, not also on ecliptic. A 3-D C would be
impossible for even the E-Ts or extraordinarily
Eq. art. entry.

09-17-09 2 MT, figured out coor system M.

09-13-09 MT, I know aiming point now precisely when and

09-11-09 Edit Front Page.

09-10-09 MT
Edit FP to reflect necessity of unnatural

09-09-09 Edit everything and deleted non-essentials.
from 9-1-09 Mt on 9-09

08-29-09 Edit "The Story".

08-28-09 Edit top Q&A,
MT 2nd conjunction is back.

08-27-09 Edit top Q&A,
2 MT

08-26-09 Edit top Q&A, remove 2nd conj. replace with Left
Horizontal Axis.

08-25-09 MT don't need 2nd conjunction.

08-24-09 Test Q&A w. M.
Move top FP to content article.

08-22-09 2 MT & edit FP
Start test Q&A.

08-20-09 Edit FP.

08-19-09 MT

08-18-09 Edit very top Front Page.
MT SL time error.

08-17-09 Edit very top Front Page. It is tightening up.
Edit "What is required to stop our Sun from
Edit "What do we Need?, How can you help"

08-16-09 Edit top Front Page.

08-15-09 Edit top Front Page.

08-14-09 Edit top Front Page.
Delete 90% home operations all redundant.

08-11-09 2 MT
Edit and shorten top Front Page.

08-10-09 MT on list for public challenges.
Edit top Q&A in light of Challenges.

08-08-09 Edit top Q&A in light of headline.
MT on good headlines.

08-07-09 Change headline to: "Why & How E-Ts Are Giving
Earth A PUBLIC Warning".
Changed Missing Earth block from scroll to fixed.

08-06-09 Edit top Front Page, rearrange, sent verify
conjunction e-mails.

08-05-09 Edit top Front Page, Conj email

08-04-09 Edit top Front Page

08-03-09 Fiddled w. Front Page last two days.
MT summarizing why Warning is in PUBLIC.

07-30-09 Edit Q&A, make prediction and choices crystal

07-28-09 Edit Q&A on Ultimatum.
MT on implications of conjunction differences.

07-27-09 3 MT
Edit Front Page under Q&A.
Edit top Q&A to reflect new prediction.

07-25-09 Edit "How to measure common good...".
Edit top Q&A to refine conjunction prediction.
MT on changes to prediction.

07-24-09 Added Link about nano-thermite found in WTC dust
to How We See ourselves block.

07-22-09 Sharpened top Q&A regarding 2nd conjunction

07-20-09 2 MT.

07-18-09 5 more MT.
MT 2012 conjunction should be same vector from Sun
as 2009.
Edit top Q&A.

07-17-09 MT Found a 2012 conjunction.

07-16-09 2 MT

07-15-09 2 MT "Who could expose our leaderships as totally
corrupt and be instantly accepted? Only the E-Ts.

07-13-09 2 MT on 'What happens after July 16th, comparing
either outcome.

07-12-09 2 MT

07-11-09 MT

07-10-09 Added Latest mean Global Temp...URL to 2-D Climate
Measure article.
Changed "Thinking about how to see ourselves.." to
"Think about how..."
MT on "What comes after disconnection?".
New topic, "E-Ts don't know why disconnection is
in their self-interest." top Q&A.

07-09-09 Did last Congress.org after final edit of Top Q&A.

07-08-09 Edit " Why we can stop Sun from exploding July 16,
2009: Theory & Evidence".
Edit top Q&A.
2 MT

07-07-09 Added topic, "Why Dan Alter Will Be a Good Captain
For Our Disconnection".
Put URL "Why Dan Alter..." in Q&A.
Edit Q&A.
Eq. MT entry.
Eq. log entry.

07-05-09 MT
Edit Q&A moved 1st Question up and rewrote. Changed
to latest question.
Pruned Q&A, changed confirming to wrong prediction.

07-05-09 MT on method used to dock a Frigate first crack.

07-04-09 MT almost miraculous opportunity.

07-03-09 MT.

07-01-09 Edit top Q&A.
ToDo MT, move 1st ? above Q&A.

06-27-09 3 MT

06-26-09 MT

06-25-09 MT

06-24-09 Third warning on congress.org.
MT on what "picture" looks like.

06-22-09 Second warning on congress.org.

06-19-09 Edit Q&A

06-17-09 Edit Q&A
Add Thanks topic url.
Submit to Congress.org

06-16-09 Edit Q&A

06-15-09 Add 2 topics.
Edit Q&A

06-14-09 Edit Q&A
Add topic to community forums, "Why seized $134
billion US bearer bonds mean Sovereign crime"

06-13-09 Edit Q&A

06-12-09 2 MT
Put in prediction & ultimatum in Q&A.

06-09-09 MT

06-08-09 3 MT
Q&A changed ending of 1st para to "Our story
begins with an ultimatum."

06-07-09 MT
Eq. Article entry.

06-06-09 MT

06-04-09 MT

06-01-09 MT
New topic, "Why Science Must Work Like Poker".

05-31-09 MT
Edit top Q&A.

05-30-09 Added "Will we be awakened by the final prediction
about E-Ts warning coming true on June 26th? To be
continued below." top Q&A.
2 MT

05-29-09 MT

05-28-09 Edited the "Greatest SciFi....." headline.
Added plot elements.

05-27-09 MT
Edit Top Story headline top Q&A.
Delete art, Why leaders ignore...
Rearrange article order.

05-25-09 MT
Edit top of Q&A.
Edit "The Story".

05-22-09 Propeller submission.
Added 3MS link above torture link top Q&A.
4 MT
Changed "Why" to 'How" our leaders get away with
crimes" link top of Q&A.
Edit Coase article.
Added Summary link to top Q&A.

05-21-09 MT on Topic top Q&A
Put Bush/Cheny topic latest topic headline.

05-20-09 Edit "What is the Scientific Discovery required to
create a GUT?"

05-19-09 Edit Q&A.

05-18-09 2 MT
Add to Summary theory & evidence topic.

05-17-09 2 MT

05-16-09 1 MT
Edit torture topic.
Edit Science wrong topic.

05-15-09 Torture topic in community forums.
2 MT entry.

05-14-09 MT entry.

05-13-09 MT entry.
Create Public Questions to "xxxx". article.
Added first public question.

05-12-09 MT entry.

05-10-09 MT entry.
Finish FP.

05-09-09 2 MT entry.
Edit theory and evidence topic.
Edit e\phi article and topic.

05-08-09 3 MT entry.

05-07-09 3 MT entry.

05-06-09 MT entry.
Edit FP.
New topic, "Summary of Theory For & Evidence
Confirming Our A-M Debt."
Edit e\phi article

05-05-09 MT entry.
Edit top FP.

05-04-09 3 MT entry.
Edit Front page. Above Q&A is close to done.

05-02-09 MT entry.
Headline on Front page.

05-01-09 MT entry.

04-28-09 MT entry on swine flu.

04-26-09 MT entry on a todo.

04-24-09 3 MT entry
Edit Q&A procedures block.

04-23-09 2 MT entry

04-21-09 MT entry
Front Page edit.

04-19-09 MT entry
added MT to MT page.

04-17-09 MT entry
Front Page edit.

04-16-09 MT entry

04-14-09 MT entry

04-12-09 MT entry
Edit Front Page.

04-10-09 MT entry

04-09-09 MT entry

04-07-09 MT entry

04-05-09 6 MT entry.
Added 'sea ice extent link to global Climate
Disruption article.

04-04-09 MT entry

04-03-09 Added Canadian ice cover link to Measure Climate
change article.
2 MT entry.

04-02-09 MT entry.
Put MT on front Page.

04-01-09 MT entry.

03-31-09 MT entry.

03-30-09 MT entry.

03-29-09 2 MT entry.

03-28-09 2 MT entry.

03-26-09 Start next version Front Page.

03-25-09 2 MT entry.

03-24-09 Front Page edit, added SPIRIT.
MT entry.

03-23-09 MT entry.

03-22-09 MT entry.

03-21-09 Front page edit = NEGATIVE FEEDBACK HEADLINE.
MT entry.

03-19-09 Front page edit.

03-18-09 MT entry on death song.

03-17-09 MT entry on market.

03-15-09 MT entry on market.

03-14-09 MT entry on market
Personal comment

03-12-09 MT entry

03-11-09 MT entry.
Front page entry.

03-10-09 Front page edit.
MT entry.

03-08-09 Moved Front Page to Front Page content article.
Edit next ersion Front page.
Mtree entry.
Edit Static page = sun prediction page.

03-07-09 Front Page edit.

03-06-09 Front Page edit.
Message tree entry on unemployment report.
Added n1cl-1 topic, "Planck's constant relationship
to circle geometry universe"

03-03-09 Left h-bar relationship to circles radius message.

02-28-09 Did 9-11 topic.
Added Prove to "Are you as..." Front Page.
Add topic to Political Economy "Why total loans by
banks are contracting so fast?"

02-27-09 Added "Are You As Good As Your Word??" to FrontPage.

02-21-09 Edit Front Page.

02-16-09 New topic, "Why must we raise taxes to escape
Message Tree entries about constraints on

02-14-09 Edit Front Page.

02-11-09 Edit Front Page.

02-09-09 Edit Front Page.
Edit 'How to measure common good' article.

02-08-09 Edit Front Page.
Entry Equation log.

02-07-09 Carl fixed my error on Front Page.

02-06-09 Start latest version Front Page, old version moved.

02-04-09 Changed "Scientist Says" to "Scientist Complains"
on Front Page.
Add entry to "The Story..." article.

02-03-09 Edit Front Page

02-02-09 Add topic, Why Must Lenders(banks) Swallow Bad Debts?

01-31-09 Edit Front page. Getting tighter.
Edit Coase article.

01-30-09 Added 'recommend' to front page.
Add Question.
Add link to Common Good article.
Edit Common good article.
Change Coase article title to, "Why Coase's Theorem
is Wrong, Politics, and Scientific Publication"

01-28-09 Edit inside News Page. Added what I will do next
five months.

01-26-09 Transfer 1st copy of 1-22-09 on Front Page.

01-22-09 Changed "Questions From Anyone" to "Complaints From
Anyone", Edit Front Page also.

01-17-09 Edit e|phi topic fix mistake.

Posted by Dan 2009-01-17 23:51:32
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This climate url shows why much of our scientific establishment is corrupt.

Why rising CO2 levels Can NOT cause global warming.

Cimate Fraud Whistleblower Rewards Program

These links deal directly with How to Prevent our Sun from exploding.

How do we prevent our Sun from exploding July 16, 2024

How to find the two conjunction asteroids shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle.

This math is required.
How to use a circle to relate 'e' to Phi.

Confirming objective reports.
National UFO Reporting Center

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20-Sep-2020 05:18:43
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