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Non Lethal, Rapid Fire, Knock Down Killers Gun For Teachers
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PostPost subject: Non Lethal, Rapid Fire, Knock Down Killers Gun For Teachers
Posted: Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:01 am

In any attack inside a school, the teachers are in reality the only ones who can respond quickly enough to save most children's lives.

That means teachers must have an effective means of defending children while eliminating this problem: Guns shooting bullets kill innocent bystanders = children.

Solution: Arm the teachers with a bird shot/rock salt/or similar loaded, 12 gauge, semi automatic, magazine fed, 12 gauge shotgun.

We can design a round for maximum stopping power with minimal penetration. Rapid semi-automatic fire is essential for knocking these killers down and keeping them down.

Why we must? Two facts lead to a conclusion:
1. There are 300 million guns give or take in USA. The second amendment and state laws say we can use guns to defend person and property = guns are not going away.

2. Criminals and deranged people are not going away. With want to they can and do get guns legally or illegally, and a few strike our schools by surprise.

Conclusion: The two above facts of life imply that we parents, our teachers, and our politicians have not thought through how to stop our schools from being defenseless children places, or to a sociopath, a perfectly safe killing ground. We look like the picture of Dorian Gray.

Why bird shot/rock salt/etc delivered with a shotgun? This shotgun delivers bird shot or rock salt with sufficient impact to knock you down. A 12 gauge round has a lot of punch. The bird shot penetrates maybe quarter of an inch at most, so stings badly but does not kill. With a semi-automatic multiple shots will keep an assailant down from 5 to 50 feet. Miss and hitting a child won't kill them. With want to, we can quickly design a load that delivers maximum stopping force with minimal penetration.

Teaching a competent teacher to hit someone at 10 to 20 paces reliably can be done in a few days with annual refresher courses.

These attacks will continue until teachers by deed stop these attacks in there tracks and these killers are captured and brought to justice. Teachers are not cowards like these killers, as there actions in this last attack show. All they need is an incapacitating weapon that doesn't kill innocent bystanders and they can stop these killers early in an attack.

In fact there are a lot of public places where security guards and police might want such a weapon, also you could use one for just defending your home non lethally.

Implementing this is relatively cheap. The guns won't wear out for 50 plus years and training is 2-3 days a year per teacher, including practicing teamwork. 10-20 teachers on the spot is a lot better than a $110,000 a year guard who can easily be fooled or distracted.

I suspect the gun and ammunition manufacturers would jump at the chance to donate these weapons and special ammo to schools. A pistol or shotgun delivering these non lethal knockdown shots seems better than a killer bullet in a lot of situations. Could be quite profitable for them and cut down on a lot of unnecessary gun deaths.

Liberty can only mean that to keep ourselves a free person, we are entitled and thus required to defend ourselves, our children, family, and fellow citizens from criminals, while trying to use the least force possible. A duty for those of us who claim that Liberty and Justice is for All.

Those of you who are reflexively anti gun, and those of you who want to hire cops with guns that shoot bullets for every school at impossibly great expense need to get practical and agree that we must do something real to enable our teachers to protect our children. This is a civic duty.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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