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July 2, 2011 through Sept. 3, 2011 Captain's Log entry:

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PostPost subject: July 2, 2011 through Sept. 3, 2011 Captain's Log entry:
Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 9:18 pm

2020-11-01 edit, July 2, 2011 through Sept. 3, 2011 Captain's Log entry:
A Captain has to have a plan, that requires a description of where we sit.

The date overlap occurred because I was figuring out different aspects of our situation.

Where we sit.

Unless we appoint a Captain to bring our sworn leaders to Law so we can show the ourselves and the E-Ts no one is above our laws, especially leaders, it is my judgement that the E-Ts will not help us do a disconnection. They will, out of hard experience, let Earth and all its inhabitants die because we citizens of Earth have chosen to tolerate criminal leaders who make war.
11-11-11 At this point in time, I did not think the 50% plus die off disconnection method was possible(it is),
a good example of the Fallacy of the Excluded Middle = you left out real possibilities from your conjectures.)

Below I have listed Duties and Powers needed to carry out a planet Captains job. Needs more editing.

My plan: First get our astronomers and political leaders to check out conjunction shown in Missing Earth crop circle. No conjunction means whoever made ME circle has a nasty sense of humor and we better hope the date they predict is a lie or that my theoretical prediction and the observations confirming it are wrong.

What is our situation as a people?

As a people, we know not what we are. As spirits creating and trotting our life forms around, we have not learned what objective moral standard to govern our actions towards ourselves and others. The Objective Measure of The General Welfare

As a result, we let out leaders exploit us and keep secret the fact that our Governments know we are being visited by E-Ts.

Since only E-Ts could have known the details shown in our graphic crop circle warning message, the Barbary Castle and Missing Earth crop circles, we are going to have to talk with them.

As our governments are presently constituted, the E-Ts will not deal with our leaders in public. I don't know about secret dealings although some Disclosure Project witnesses assert they have occurred. Our leaders are not to trusted by anyone as there past history of lies, wars, and corruption and crimes against there own peoples show.

With a Captain there is a real way to bring our leaders to Law and prevent them from exploiting us in the future. Since we can do this almost overnight with real public want to, then we can ask for and receive E-T help.

While there are technological means to do this conservation debt disconnection, in my judgement, we ran out of time years ago to build and use them. Only the E-Ts have the necessary tools to save us now. The question then becomes: What would they want from us to save Earth?

Conjecture on E-T civilization: In 1992 after recognizing that the Barbary Castle circle showed Earth being vaporized in 6 or 7 units of time, a pictograph that could only have been made by beings who have seen these explosions close-up from space = E-Ts, I thought the E-Ts were savages just like us. Over time I have come to realize they are civilized and from hard experience they know they can not help a planet disconnect its A-M conservation debt whose citizens and leaders are unconscious of what "objective measure of value = public moral standard" we must use to govern our planet.

As a result of our moral ignorance, we are often not nice to each other. We are a 'first cost' civilization. Letting such a planet loose with Faster Than Light travel to the stars would be a grisly thought to other inhabited planets. I am sure the E-Ts have lost planets to attacks by savage 'first cost practicing' star traveling civilizations. It would be nice to ask an E-T, but no such luck for me or anyone else I know of. The following conversation gives a clue.

What moral code justifies the way the E-Ts treat us? An abductee conversation with an E-T from David Jacobs "Secret Lives"; Abductee, "You don't have the right to do this to me."; E-T replies, "Yes we do.". This was a moral question and it got a moral answer, i.e. We E-Ts are practicing a higher morality than you.

They treat us like we treat zoo animals or tests on and tracking of wild life. They are not wasting our genes, but clearly they think we are 'not civilized'.

Further I believe they have learned you can not give this 'moral' knowledge directly, it has to be figured out be those native to the planet and then practiced politically, publicly.

So the question becomes, "What higher moral standard are they using that justifies exploiting a essentially equal life form?". The answer is No First Time Cost towards others, you don't get to take other peoples time. We don't practice that on Earth do we? Instead the people running our governments get away with lying, stealing, cheating, and murdering others. Hmm!! Why would any Faster Than Light traveling civilization help us to survive so we could attack them?

Ergo, we get a warning, but no help in doing a disconnection of our A-M debt unless possibly we show them we have actually changed how we control our sworn leaders and thus ourselves as equal citizens.

Why do I think the E-Ts will help us?

Other than our very succinct three part graphic warning, they have not said a word to us. They saved our genes by abductions and the cattle mutilations, etc, and gone about there business.

The big clue is the conjunction, they did not have to do a conjunction did they? (hopefully a second one is implied) They in fact did not have to warn us at all, but they continue making crop circles and to come and go over our heads at will. Actually they have gone to a lot of work to rub our noses in the fact E-Ts exist, but our leaders most studiously ignore there existence.

I always wanted one more piece in the message, but it is sufficient so we will have to make do.

Conclusion: I think the E-Ts are from a group of Captain governed planetary Faster Than Light civilizations. I assure you, knowing what I know of our Three Monkey Society leaders, no Captain of a FTL civilization would publicly involve our political leaders in disconnecting our A-M conservation debt.

We Earth citizens must persuade or make our sworn leaders politically practice No First Cost in public, so after our A-M debt disconnection we keep political control of our planet. To do otherwise gives the E-Ts the right to colonize us I would bet.

Plan Second part, Get public acknowledgement of my prediction by our politicians.

Our leaders work for us, not the other way around. We have a year to grow up by showing we can bring our 3MS leaders to heel.

Plan Third part, Confirming me as Captain before the UN ASAP, so we can start the process of our disconnection which requires making our governments release everything they know about E-Ts immediately. Means I have to give a speech.

Plan Fourth part,Use my powers to make political No 1st Cost a reality within 60 days on Earth.

Plan Fifth part,One power is to immediately declassify all government secrets regarding E-Ts, or any other matters for that matter. Personal information will be kept private unless necessity dictates otherwise. We will collect and publish this E-T information on the List where all of us can evaluate it fast.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Sun Nov 01, 2020 8:11 am; edited 1 time in total

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