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#1: "How iG and RF work to conserve Moebius geometry universe." Author: DanLocation: USA : Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:54 am
Revised 2020-10-19, 6-28-2019, 6-30-2019

The deduction below is premised on four observations that our scientists have absolutely
confirmed by numerous objective repeated observations and , and one that has not been
measured precisely.

1. The speed of light is a constant with respect to all observers.
2. h = Planck's Constant has been measured right down to the smallest distance/time we can measure with light.
3. Quantum Entanglement, the instantaneous exchange of information between 'entangled masses' at any distance measured has been well confirmed.
4. Newton's Law of Gravity has also been confirmed down to 10 decimal places. Which means it
is not precisely measured. The precise measurement of the G Force Constant requires
another 25 decimal places down to 35 decimal places..

Instant Gravity(iG) is a constant force at any distance that only varies with respect to the sum of the masses and travels instantaneously at all distances.

The Repulsive Force(RF) is the exact opposite of iG as its repelling forces between masses on opposite sides of the two inner surfaces of a Moebius. Therefore its net effects start strongest on the longest tangent straight line to other inner surface and decrease to zero when the masses move towards perpendicular to each other. This explains the observation that dark matter stays about 2.5 light years away from us.

Gravity propagating at c(Gc) force varies with the product and is inversely proportional to the
distance; thus as distance increases, then premising that the forces of
Total iG = Gc starting at h(Planck's Constant) distance between two masses returns to Total iG = Gc.
Gc must decrease to iG at a distance that varies with MM, M+M, and inverse of
dM-dM^(distance between squared) at a predictable distance.

Now the fun part, writing the equation, i.e. Given fixed point masses then as product of masses increases the sum of masses stays fixed. Remember G force is a constant. Posit Gc = 2iG at h between 2 protons, so for 2 adjacent protons G force is 2iG. Last, since iG is a straight line force it interacts only with the straight line 4/3pircubed volume between two masses, e.g. Earth volume with the cylinder of Suns mass going to Sun's center defined by Earth's radius. Thus it is the smaller mass that limits iG as it is a function of the smaller mass radius.


1. G goes to iG between masses at a predictable distance and can be measured by showing net G arrives FTL by a predictable amount. In Earth's case Gravity from Sun will arrive 5 seconds sooner than Gc predicts. Solar tidal records will confirm this.

2. Dark Matter will be kept at about a 2,5 Light Year distance and revolve around us as our astronomers have confirmed.

3. Thus we can deduce the distance between the two sides of our Moebius strip surface using the Pythagorean Theorem.

4. Given above, then one can deduce the precise value of iG, the gravitational force constant
from the rest mass of a proton,
which is one of the two limits of the G force, i.e. the closest
distance and the distance where Gc goes to iG IiG has already been measured for the h distance
between protons, just not noticed, thus with its value we have all the factors needed to
finish this equation.

More implications later.

Last edited by Dan on Sat Oct 31, 2020 6:06 pm; edited 11 times in total

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