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#1: Ask a Question button Author: Susan1 : Sun Nov 04, 2007 12:15 am
Why don't you have a 'Ask a Question' button?

Susan Alter

#2: Re: Ask a Question button Author: DanLocation: USA : Mon Nov 05, 2007 2:37 pm
Once we work out the exact procedure, we will. we have to make it fit into CPG's procedures and relabel some buttons.

Why don't you make some specific suggestionjs?

#3: Re: Ask a Question button Author: Susan1 : Fri Feb 01, 2008 5:51 am
Why don't you call the Sun exploding a Super Nova? Also, Why would it explode. I know you base this on some crop circles, but how do you arrive at the date?

Happy Birthday!

#4: Re: Ask a Question button Author: DanLocation: USA : Sun Feb 03, 2008 3:35 am
It is not a Super Nova. It is called a long-term Gamma Blaster from the January 17, 1992 New York Times Science section. Gamma rays are the signature of a matter/anti-matter explosion. After I spoke with the scientists involved(5 I remember) and explained my theory, the term was never used in public again that I saw by scientists. They call them Gamma Ray Bursters now despite the fact they last many hundreds of seconds and leave an 'Afterglow' from the debis field of the vaporized planet.

Right now these catalogued on grb.sonoma.edu/index.php where the complete signal is truncated. They concentrate on the main burst and ignore the complete tail.

The Explosion is caused by our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter striking the sun at 1/2 light speed. Estimated size would be 20 kilometer in diameter. The really long ones could be much larger I imagine.

The date/time of impact is shown in the Missing Earth circle.

The E-Ts used two dates in it. The first is July 17, 2003 as shown by the positions of the remaining three planets. The second is July 16, 2009 as shown by the conjuction of two astroids. Very elegant! They showed us time of impact to the second.

They also showed us the force and direction of the explosion by the fact the sun is pushed almost over to Mercury's orbit despite the rest of the planet orbits and astroids remaining normal.

A translation of 'Missing Earth'."From the time shown by the positions of the remaining three planets July 17, 2003 until the time of impact 6 sidereal years later on July 16, 2009(2008 is a leap year), the sun will be driven this distance towards Mercury's orbit."

This is not my date, but I can not imagine why they would lie about it. If we had time I can suggest a way to measure exactly when.

One thing we must do is construct apparatus to see our 'planetary spirit line'. I have suggestions in this regard. The disconnection requires us to be able to see exactly where the end of our planetary spirit line's 'Fixed Ray' is.

The 'Fixed Ray' comes out of our Sun and is always pointed towards the original direction our conservation debt was started. Earth rotates around it annually and on the anniversary date of its first forming it jumps about 90 feet. When it hits Earth's orbit, the A-M debt comes through and proceeds to hit sun, vaporizing Earth. At the end of it is where our 'wormhole' forms that we can 'drop a ship down' to hit our A-M debt and so disconnect ourselves.

-> Criticisms FP, Features added and wanted.

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