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#1: The Benefits of a Quantum Entangled Communicator Invention. Author: DanLocation: USA : Fri Mar 09, 2018 7:02 am
2020-10-31, 3-19-18 edits, started 3-08-18

For those of you who don't know what Quantum Entanglement is, or "Spooky action at a distance." as Einstein called it. Here is the brief version.

Wikipedia describes entanglement this way, "Quantum entanglement is an area of extremely active research by the physics community, and its effects have been demonstrated experimentally with photons,[11][12][13][14] neutrinos,[15] electrons,[16][17] molecules the size of buckyballs,[18][19] and even small diamonds.[20][21] Research is also focused on the utilization of entanglement effects in communication and computation.".

It rests on the objective fact that when a pair of sub-atomic particles, and up to molecules, buckyballs and small diamonds in size can be entangled = a plus half paired with a minus half to complete the Quantum paired group; then when the plus partner of the pair changes from plus to minus, the other minus partner instantly, no matter the distance apart, changes from minus to plus. The entangled pair always maintains their plus/minus relationship. Amazing, this proves faster than light(FTL) exchange of information between these entangled pairs to apparently any distance apart.

In short, since we can create large groups of entangled particles and entangle one large group with another partner group we can have real time communication with distant satellites, control rovers on Mars or anywhere else instantly. Go anywhere we can reach and have "sub space" communication ala Star Trek.

Back around 2010 they did entangle groups of particles on Earth. separate them by many miles North to South, and behold, it worked.

Next they obviously wanted to separate these entangled groups of particles and put one half on a satellite. Big problem, did not work.

Why? The Theory of Relativity says clocks on separate objects move at different speeds when the two separated objects move at different relative speeds. When the speed difference becomes large enough then entangled clocks lose entanglement. Ergo, to maintain entanglement, these entangled groups must share the same clock speed.

How could we do that? That would require measuring the speed and vector with respect to the speed of light(c) for each group and then synchronizing the frequency of each groups 'relativistic clock speed' with the other. Then we would regain entangled communication.

Conclusion: What we need is a Relative to c|velocity-vector Meter for any object it is on.

Then once we can measure the velocity frequency of one group, e.g. the one on Earth, and we can measure the velocity and vector of a Spaceship, we can then set the clock frequency to match the relativistic frequency of the clock on Earth, or any other known entangled group's relativistic frequency.

Done. See expedited pending patent described on Front Page(FP) of the No 1st Cost.

Other benefits: It also implies how we may possibly travel at FTL = Warp 1 to 10+.

For those of you who might be interested in preventing our conservation debt from striking our sun, this invention greatly enhances our chances of success.

With a Relative to "c"|velocity-vector Meter and and an open to all Public Information News Exchange = No First Cost List we now have a real good chance of disconnecting from our conservation debt.

Register please.
Last edited by Dan on Sat Oct 31, 2020 6:21 pm; edited 1 time in total

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