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#1: Letters Sent to the 3 Branches of Government - Congress.org Author: Susan1 : Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:02 am
Letter 1:
The Military Withdrawal, Economy, Social Security, and Medicare

Dear Mr. President,
You bring home 10,000 troops, and the rest by 2014, that is a drop in the bucket, and. too little too late. The Middle East War has to end right away. We have no business over there. We cannot afford it. It is an offensive action on our part. Our military that is over there loses their lives, their sanity or they are injured horribly; there is no one that comes home from war the same person they were. The only reason we are over there is for special interest groups like oil barrens and arms dealers that make a great deal of profit off of war. In the meantime at home our economy goes down the tube along with our jobs. If you want to have a war, go fight it yourself, and take all those people that like war with you. See how fast you solve the problem then.
Stop the propaganda about all the good we are doing over there. Any time a problem cannot be solved except by going to war it is not a real problem it is manipulation for something you want that does not belong to you; it is called greed or avarice or materialism. America is not immune unfortunately. Or, maybe it is just the people and businesses in power. Of course there is a certain amount of the population that supports this garbage; usually the people that gain from war, the easily manipulated, and blinded by politics, or very low values; or the saddest, the people who join because they are out of work.
During the Vietnam War I lost dear friends or they came home tragically forever changed due to wounds or Combat stress reaction (CSR), so I volunteered at Veteran’s Hospital. I saw such tragedy. I worked at the airport restaurant and the MAC flights went in and out like clockwork. On the way over all the soldiers were gung ho; on the way home they were grey, shocked, and they could hardly speak. It is about time we started solving our problems another way; war does not solve problems, it creates more, and it destroys some of our bravest and best people. People we cannot afford to lose.
While you are at it clean up the Congress. It is disgraceful the way they are behaving. They are squabbling like children, and definitely not doing their jobs we pay for. They are going after Social Security which we pay for, and the US government borrowed from, and will not pay back. Now they are going after Medicare. They have the audacity to cancel payment for prescriptions benefits for important medications. I wish they had to depend on Social Security, but they have their own plan don’t they, and it is very lucrative, and we pay for that also. Myself, for now I’m lucky, I have insurance, but my sister on Social Security has Glaucoma, and has a very limited income, and now they will not pay for her medication. That is so cheap of the government considering you have stolen our Social Security, which was our pension fund (poorly invested), and now you will not pay it back. That is double taxation, and theft. We worked all our lives so we could retire someday. Social Security is not a Government gift, we pay for it!
I am not the only one saying this, the polls speak for themselves. This election period a lot of people as well as me will vote against anyone supporting these policies. If they cannot be fired, they can be voted out of office, and the people are ready to do just that. You had my vote, but you are losing it.

Letter 2:
Mr. President and all others involved in this decision,
This country is a mess. We have so many problems right here at home that we need to solve that our problems cannot be counted. Get out of the Middle East! We will have all kinds of money to fix everything.
You tried to kill President Kadafi; you killed his child. That makes us outright murderers.
Now you give a speech that you've killed Osama, like you're proud of it. There is so much propaganda about 9/11 that no one knows what to believe. I do know this; Bush was involved up to his eyeballs in 9/11. I heard about it on the way to work. My first reaction, "Oh God, what have we done." Do not ever bring 9/11 again. You are using those lost Americans for your own personal self-interest.
Bush wanted a war so bad he started his own, and killed American citizens to do it. Reach down inside, and you know it’s true. Now you’re using it to spread more propaganda too in gulf us in more war. This is shameful behavior. Those people died for someone’s greed for power.
We have so many messes at home to cleanup. We are broke, and all you can think to do is in gulf us in more war. I’m so proud of your logic.

I do not think these people are or were nice people, but we have no business in there business or countries. We are by no means perfect. The only countries we interfere with are those that have something we covet(want, crave, desire).

Letter 3:
Speech on Gas Prices and Hybrid Cars
Dear Mr. President,
I am happy to hear that you are planning clean renewable energy, and cutting the four billion in monies to the oil companies. I am glad to hear you are looking for fraudulent behavior by the oil companies that increase the oil prices. I don’t believe you can control them though; free enterprise is highly corruptible unless you apply accountability in business, and we have none; their lobbyists are too strong.
Now you’re turning your energy to the automobile companies to build more hybrid cars. However, the price of these automobiles is still so out of line that few can afford them. So we trade between the oil companies and the automobile companies. Suggestion for both issues: There are hybrid adapters available on the market today that can be used to upgrade an older vehicle to hybrid fuel. I suggest a tax break to encourage people to make this upgrade. Suggest to owners of Green fuel stations that they make their stations colorful and very prominent with fuel prices cheaper than gas prices and add a tax incentive for using them. (All new products are more expensive). The prices of Green fuels are out of this world. Diesel used to be cheaper than gas; now it is a dollar more a gallon.
The electric cars aren’t practical, because the best only holds a charge for about 100 miles. I was traveling 60 miles each way to my job, and I worked with co-workers that lived farther away than I do.
Renewable energy uses: Solar panels on all houses
Solar Energy is expensive to add to a home. However there are kits with instructions to build your own affordable solar panels. Suggestion: send out safe instructions and designs for solar panels and give a tax incentive for people that install them on their homes.
Suggestion: at the end of winter turn your furnace off at the box. As long as it is turned on it is using electricity. Imagine the savings in Government buildings. Of course the buildings all have air conditioning, but why pay for more than one at a time.
More Green savings for office buildings: Printers; only print final copies, and of course recycle. Recycle boxes at every desk, and make it a policy of no waste. Use filtered drinking water containers throughout office so people don’t bring in bottled water. A lot of offices do this, but how many don’t? Those bottles take energy to make, and they are one of the biggest polluters.
There are ways to use and save energy everywhere: Natural perpetual motion, the tides. Harness the tides. We all know about solar and wind, but tidal is very seldom used. How many large cities do we have on oceans and large water systems? I think we should use all natural forms of green energy and we should end usage of nuclear and oil. They are no longer safe or viable because of greedy poor management and the dangers to life and the environment.

Letter 4:
Government Decisions that are not complete and Organ Donations

It is true that this is a free enterprise system. However, when a law is made and enforced on the people then profit should not be made by it.

Profit from Auto Insurance: All of these insurance companies have powerful special interest lobbyists, and they charge exurbanite prices for something that most people bought before the law. You have to use the insurance once after years of paying, and they raise your rates and drop you. The problem is never solved; we still have people that drive uninsured. The price of gas is already taxed beyond belief so you would not have to raise it to include auto insurance in the gas tax. You can always fire or incarcerate the people that are pocketing that money. Problem solved and a little Government tax cleanup; everyone has auto insurance.
By the way we all know there is no shortage of oil, it is produced from organic matter which ferments all over the world, and eventually produces it; it is just that the oil companies would rather have us in a stupid war, because there 99 year contract ran out in the Middle East years ago, and they have been trying to get control back ever since at any cost. The gas prices are way too high. Get us out of the Middle East, and your budget problems will be immediately solved also.

Profit from donated organs; this is a huge problem. We all know medical has its cost, but to make a profit off a life giving organ that has been donated is unconceivable. Therefore, I suggest a solution: if the organ is used from someone that has passed, then $10,000 of the profit is distributed to their survivors for burial expenses. If the patient has no relatives, then the $10,000 is divided, half for burial expenses the other half of the $10,000 should be donated to the homeless for job training in a high interest account that cannot be touched by Government interests.

Letter 5:

Dear Mr. President,
I did like your address to the Nation. However, today you made a mistake in thinking that the United States citizenry lacks understanding of economic definitions, or are naïve, or do not care what goes on in Washington DC. We are awake, and most are more educated in economics than anyone in the three branches of Government just by running a household. A lot of people live beyond their means, our Government certainly does.
It is too bad that there is not a provision in the Constitution for a National vote from the United State citizens that could break this stalemate, and stop the deadlock? Since there is no provision for that type of vote, there should be an amendment to the Constitution that would allow that, because we should have a vote on this; this affects all of us, and we are tired of those far right jerks blocking progress. Also, while you are talking about making cuts to defense spending, you doubled the budget for it just recently after telling us we are withdrawing from the Middle East war, and you are moving into other countries. This is not helping our budget or our country.
Social Security is a pension we pay, the Government borrowed from and doesn’t want to pay back; it certainly doesn’t belong in the budget except as a bill paid for by the US to the American people, and since this is a government by the people for the people, the people should not be penalized for this. Get our pension back, and invest it at 4-5% instead of 2%. Stealing our pension and our medical insurance is unconscionable, and those Congress senators and representatives who want to do this should lose their seats; they are not doing their jobs. You must also go after Congress’s pension and medical they voted in for themselves and we pay for; reduce theirs in half. The White House could stand some cuts also, like taking 300 support staff and friends to the UK; not only ostentatious, but insulting to the UK’s Queen. If you want to do things like that then you pay for it out of your own pocket; and the same for Congress. No more parties on us.
I read the chart on the National debt. It does include several conspicuous items. The cost to run the three branches of Government, the cost for all your special agencies (HS, CIA, FBI, NSA, NASA, etc.), and of course your all-encompassing General Fund. I’m sure there are plenty not mentioned. Cut their spending in half, and there is plenty of security in this country with the FBI, we don’t need the SS or HS, whatever you want to call it. Bring our Coast Guard home; they are supposed to be guarding the United States. Start making peace with other countries in this world instead of war. We are all together on one planet in a small solar system in a medium sized galaxy in a big Universe.
The most expensive item in our budget is not prescription drug programs; it is that war that goes on, and on forever. It drains us of some of our best people, and it is bankrupting us. The only ones that benefit are the arms dealers, the oil industry and other special interest groups. So, if you really want to save our economy, get us out of the war. As I’ve said over and over we would have money for everything. War never solves problems, it makes them; it is for conquest. It is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. We have known this for thousands of years, and we think it will still solve problems. This is the true definition of stupidity and ignorance.

Letter 6:

Dear Mr. President,

Quotes from the article in the New York Times:
“The administration of President Obama has never held much regard for its left flank. Admonished by the vice president to “stop whining,” inveighed against by the president himself for “griping and groaning,” the liberal critics have been generally viewed by the White House as petulant children. “The Professional Left,” former press secretary Robert Gibbs dubbed them, a gang of nettlesome romantics who “ought to be drug-tested,” and would not be happy until “we have Canadian health care and we’ve eliminated the Pentagon.”

Maybe we should have comprehensive medical care; and a lot could be done minus the Pentagon.

"Keeping up the theme, the administration recently released a video of Mr. Obama waxing scornfully at the expense of his softheaded allies. The audience was an ideological cross-section of college students, no doubt picked to emphasize Mr. Obama’s ever open mind."

You need an attitude change.

More on the subject: "Obama has been much praised for the magnanimity he shows his opposition. But such empathy, unburdened by actual expectations, comes easy. More challenging is the work of coping with those who have the disagreeable habit of taking the president, and his talk of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” seriously. In that business, Obama would do well to understand that while democracy depends on intelligent compromise, it also depends on the ill-tempered gripers and groaners out in the street."

Now that's the truth.

This is the United States, we have freedom of speech. You are not doing your job. Compromise is convenient and good at times, but right now the Republican party is holding you and the rest of us hostage to their whims. The buck stops with the president; you have the veto. You are the boss. Do your job.

As American Citizens we have a duty to question our Leaders and Government. So if you can't take constructive criticism, you are in the wrong job.

I posted these letters and many more at www.congress.org/soapb...h/contact. There is a Soapbox that allows you to send out your opinions of what is going on in our government to the President and everyone in both houses.

What about this statement, "Congressional and Senate benefits, aka free healthcare, outrageous retirement packages which I had to work for all my life they on the hand spend 1 two year term and get life time retirement, 67 paid holidays, three weeks paid vacation, unlimited paid sick days, now that's welfare , and they have the nerve to call my retirement entitlements!!!!!!" by Thomas Wright on Congress Soapbox


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