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#1: 2019-12-29 Clock speed @ zero c equates base GUT Eq identity Author: DanLocation: USA : Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:55 am
2020-31-10 edit title(equates for compares), 12-12-19, 11-25-16, revised 12-17-16 Changed 'measures' in title to 'compares' on 12-29-19

The clock speed, frequency of clocks generating signals to show speed with respect to c on surface of space time goes from stopped at c to h frequency at 0|c. Between the sides it must lie between h and h-bar. Ergo very high frequency at 0|c = hot as slow is cold. Ergo, it also must be weak hot?? at surface of space-time. Perhaps because it is spread thinly across all areas of surface?? I will dream on it.

12-17-16 The signal is gravitational and this signal is the instantaneous portion of the G force. See proposed tests here: Tests proving Gravity moves from c to instant and implications.

03-8-15 edit, moved essential question to top & changed title to "Clock speed at zero c measures base GUT equation identity." from "Base measure for GUT equation identity."

A Grand Unification Theory must unify all possible observations with a common to all things measure. Discovering what this objective measure is the first requirement for creating a GUT.

By all up to now observations of all forms of energy and matter, i.e. all possible frames of reference that can be measured = seen as moving at some percentage of the speed of light.

12-17-16, 03-08-15 Thus answering this question is crucial.

"How fast do our clocks tick when we are moving at zero percentage of the speed of light?". Speed is defined by distance traveled, so there is a fixed distance traveled by clock hand(frequency) at zero c.

12-17-16 An answer: As relativity shows via the Lorentz transformations, a clock beats slower the higher it is traveling as a percentage of the speed of light. Ergo, at 0!c is the fastest surface clock speed = beats per second = distance traveled by c = h(Planck's Constant). Further increases in clock frequency towards h-bar are seen only between two sides of surface of our M geometry universe.

I believe I am the first person to point this out in public on Earth several days ago. It is obvious once said. Can anyone show us a counter example?

The purpose of this topic is to gather all my work on this equation together so we can arrange the pieces in the form described below.

Our objective base equation does exactly this was sent to an old friend on 12-19-10:
EQ description: I don't know if you have been watching on the N1CL, but the equation I have been trying to figure out for over 20 years is down to answering this question: What form does it take to solve a very precisely defined number?: "How fast do our clocks tick when we are moving at zero percentage of the speed of light?".

I know all the components that are used to create this equation, I just have to put them in the right order. I hope I said that clearly. I am saying this in as many ways as I can to as many people as I can, but most especially to me. Answering that question is crucial to our survival.

Now to restate it in a more general form.

It is some combination of symbols now used to describe our universe including e = mc^. In its base form the equation is an identity = the greatest number of units of our base objective measure of all things. i.e. The equation = the maximum end value of this objective measure; while this measures other end must equal zero.

This means that all possible objective measurements can be expressed in units of that base measure and thus causally compared.

The measure is obvious when pointed out: Everything in the universe is moving at some percentage of the speed of light = c.

Why must we solve for clock speed at zero c? The clue.

General Relativity says that when two synchronized clock observers are separated by one accelerating into a gravity well, then the slower moving, low percentage c clock will see the faster moving clock slow to zero frequency at c*c, while the accelerated observer will see the low %c clock move faster and faster until the difference between them = c. Ergo at zero c there must be some fixed finite clock speed which can be deduced by creating an equation to predict that frequency.

All one needs is a way to measure how fast anything is going as a percentage of c. I figured that out how to do that measurement sometime ago. 'Einsteins missed implication' TEST shows relativity's base reference frame. I did not realize it at that time why it was crucial.

Objective = we both agree this article is a set of symbols describing how to write the base equation for a Grand Unification theory(GUT). It takes at least two of us to create an objective fact.

In science we use objective facts to create a truthful picture of reality. True facts rest on accurately reported measurements. That means all scientific assertions must be able to be challenged. We need to finish and test this equation fast now in public. Without it no disconnection from our A-M conservation debt. Help please.

This started as a series of entries in the N1CL Message Tree that concluded with what the GUT equation had to solve for.

People make a GUT, thus a Grand Unification Theory must use a common measure for all possible sets of circumstances any life form can face anywhere anytime. Once we realize we can use how fast anything moves a a percentage of c as this base objective measure, then one can deduce where all parts and pieces of the universe are with respect to all other parts of the universe and all natural laws can be deduced and compared with this common measure.

We can orientate ourselves within the geometry of our universe. This means we can navigate at faster than light(FTL) to other parts of the universe. A practical necessity for us now.

So all we need to do is write the equation that solves for the extreme end values of this common objective measure.

Here are the last steps in figuring out what the equation solved for at its base.

Lets begin from first to last with my October 26, 2010 to December 9, 2010 MT entries followed by some conclusions:

These Message Tree entries below list from first to last:

Time is funny. Everyone seems to think we can time travel. In fact we do if going faster than something else is time travel. But in the sense of going into the past in sci-fi books, not a chance. Only the NOW exists. We of course can go FTL to other parts of the now as long as we do not violate your personal time-line. Since this is testable, we shall see.

Posted by Dan
Tuesday, October 26, 2010 (20:46:58)

Equation clue: In special relativity when two observers start from same location with synchronized clocks and share the same gravitational acceleration; then when one goes faster than the other measured as percentage of c, the faster persons clock goes slower and they see the slower ones clock also go slower. When astronauts return their clock has slowed down with respect to Earth clocks. Obviously despite seeing the Earth clock go slower, it did not. BUT when we use the same starting conditions and then let one observer be accelerated by gravity like to a neutron star, there clock also slows, but it sees other "non accelerated clock speed up????? Resolving this discrepancy gives us the field over which the Moebius geometry coordinate system explains. It answers the question, "Why is c a constant with respect to all observers?" Einsteins crucial unanswered question.

Posted by Dan
Saturday, October 30, 2010 (17:22:16)

Latest addition to topic "Equation clue, a discrepancy between relativity clocks" raises this question; How fast does a clock go at zero with respect to c?

Posted by Dan
Sunday, October 31, 2010 (23:28:02)

Time and space are one, an old idea going back to the Greeks and Mayans. Special relativity says that independent observers see the others clocks slow down when the speed difference between observers increases. General relativity says both observers see the clock higher in a gravity well go faster or the clock deeper slows down. Good experimental confirmation to differences in gravity well height of less than a meter. Ergo, a measure of the strength of a gravity well can be built and placed upon a spaceship etc.

Posted by Dan
Tuesday, November 09, 2010 (08:01:36)

Added this comment to "Shown by Where Light Is" topic: 11-11-11 Synchronized General Relativity clocks separated by less than a meter can show differences in a gravity well. In the same inertial frame of reference Special Relativity clocks do not; ergo by combining clock pairs at right angles in the same inertial frame of reference = a spaceship; then that ship can measure where it is with respect to an outside gravity well.

Posted by Dan
Thursday, November 11, 2010 (03:45:53)

Equation: The base identity is at the observer's ends of c. Moving at zero with respect to c and going at c. By inspection both are limits. Einsteins equations blow up at the ends because he does,not include how the observer fits into relativity.

Posted by Dan
Tuesday, November 16, 2010 (09:23:34)

Equation is an identity equaling one. I have discovered the identity. Will do eq log entry.

Posted by Dan
Monday, November 22, 2010 (22:06:21)

The base eq. question is tying the identity described below into e = mc^. Done. Now to expand this into Einsteins special and general relativity equations.

Posted by Dan
Friday, November 26, 2010 (10:17:06)

An identity that equals one. This fixed point of reference for all observations that can only be experienced by any self aware observing life form = universal observing point for all scientific = objective explanations of how our universe works. By inspection, it is a mirror to see who and what we are = independent free willed spirits whose self awareness is eternal when one remains unconscious of how we perceive the universe, i.e. by how fast we move with respect to c.

Posted by Dan
Saturday, November 27, 2010 (22:17:04)

Its funny, I have been poking holes, raising objections to my identity and all I have wound up doing is confirming it. Walras Law winds up coming into it. We are an exchange based universe. With Walras Law it is the one that is of interest. Our base unit.

Posted by Dan
Thursday, December 02, 2010 (09:13:24)

Equation is premised on a simultaneous NOW for all things in existence, This means everything is measured with respect to c. i.e how fast does each thing go with respect to c. Thus we keep Einsteins two postulates, the Laws of physics are the same everywhere, and especially c is a constant with respect to all observers. A simultaneous NOW means that everything has a precise location with respect to everything else that is conserved in less than h-bar. So as long as light has not reached from an elsewhere, e.g Alpha Centauri, then we can go there FTL to its actual NOW which your starting location shares with it.

Posted by Dan
Monday, December 06, 2010 (08:35:49)

With this last 'objective all statement', All forms of energy and matter that share the same 'frame of reference' do move at some percentage of c. I have discovered the last piece of the puzzle which means we can solve for the equation. General relativity and special relativity had a disagreement of which clock is going faster with respect to the other, when observers move at different percentages of c. General relativity says that to the faster moving clock(smaller percentage c observer), the gravitationally accelerated clock always looks slower. So we can ask the question; "What is the difference in clock speeds between moving at c = no movement clock, and clock moving at zero c = fastest possible clock?". That is a real finite number. For now we shall define it as our x and create an equation to solve for it. TaDa. II will list all the pieces of puzzle like the 'Repulsive Force' and e/phi ratio in circle, etc, later.

Posted by Dan
Thursday, December 09, 2010 (17:05:14)

Objective is by definition a created reality as at least two of us have to agree we see the same things with our properly operating sensory apparatus. When this fact is recognized enough of us then one must also realize that means we speak to each other on public matters by using a No 1st Cost List. Otherwise we are sure to fry.

Posted by Dan
Thursday, December 09, 2010 (17:07:46)

Start with October 26th MT time entry and list all eq MT posts first to last. Write a thesis statement and abstract. Do article and solve for the frequency of the fastest clock which moves at zero with respect to c..

Posted by Dan
Thursday, December 09, 2010 (22:45:51)

"Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve." Erich Fromm. True, or all die.

Posted by Dan
Thursday, December 09, 2010 (23:09:23)

Conclusions: Once we solve for the fastest frequency that a clock vibrates at doing zero c; then we have the base form of the equation.

Here are a list of its components. Four Postulates:

1. All life forms try to minimize the time alive they spend to get what they require to remain alive. We are own time cost minimizers.

2. All observations and statements about the universe or any part of it by any life form are subject to the next two objective constraints.

3. Light = c is seen as a constant by all observers no matter the speed or direction of the emitter or perceiver; ergo the universe is conserved at its base.

4. The Natural Laws are the same everywhere in the universe.

Previous theory: 1. The theory of relativity, specifically e = mc^ and how clocks relate in general Relativity.

2. Neoclassical mathematical economic analysis = Walras' Law.

3. The question raised in The Problem of Social Cost by Ronald Coase, Journal of Law & Economics October 1960.

4. The geometry of Moebius Strips.

Specific economic, mathematical, and force discoveries made by me to date that reflect this equation:

1. My demonstration in 1984 that not enforcing Strict Liability as defined by Coase always reduces the Quantity of Goods & Services Exchanged(Q of G&S XCed).

2. My discovery in late 1984of the Objective Measure of Value used by all life forms. Our one unit of time alive per unit time where time is measured by c. We are all own time cost minimizers. c plugs into e = mc^.

3. My prediction that we are physical spirits who create life forms to live in, and in so doing create a conservation debt made of anti=Matter.

4. Objective confirmations that we have a A-M debt and when it is due.

5. Bowtie Point: A Moebius Strip has a single point on its circumference that is its logical origin. i.e. Its own built in coordinate system. You can see it when shown properly. (Do a drawing URL here)

6. A Moebius is a circle based geometry.

7. Eg. for maximum surface area of a Moebius. The maximum surface area(MSA) for a Moebius strip(MS) is 2DDPhi(where Phi = Golden Ratio = 1.618), where
D(diameter) is the base unit measure for any MS, starting where the edges are the minimum distance apart; then separating in straight lines until MSA = 2DDPhi. This was tested by mathematicians at UW. It was off by a ten thousandth. Hmm, the area of the Edge
Width between the two sides. Aren't discrepancies wonderful? So does the EW area get halved proportionately for each subsequent doubling of circumference by a M?

8. E!Phi ratios for all circles. How to use a circle to relate "e" to "Phi".

9. Repulsive Force = At zero c after one drops or a particle drops between sides of Moebius surface, then at h-bar speed it is pushed along straight line 90 degree tangent to start point surface until it hits opposite side. Why? Because plus/minus pairs can not be opposite one another on both sides of M surface. Notice that this is a force that can be harnessed by a FTL spaceship.

10. Given that the two sides of M surface are in balance, the base conservation constraint for equation with respect to c where a & b are paired frames of reference on opposite sides M surface then: %a*c + %b*c = %a*c/-%b*c times -%b*c/%a*c = 1 = c.

The minus signs in front of b denote that it is anti-matter with respect to a. Plus matter is assumed to be what an observer sits on and is made out of.

This form was figured out last and was the clue I needed to realize that it was zero c clock speed needed.

Conclusions:1. Once we deduce the form of equation that generates clock speed at zero c, then it will be seen that all the above listed discoveries are its implications.

2. FTL navigation. By using these discoveries and concepts we can show why knowing how to measure how fast anything goes as a percentage of c lets us deduce where we sit on an M surface with respect to its Bow Tie point, line and lower BT point.

3. A-M debt disconnection on July 16, 2012. With FTL disconnection becomes possible.

Last edited by Dan on Sat Oct 31, 2020 10:27 pm; edited 5 times in total

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