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#1: 10-26-19 Equation clue difference between relativity clocks Author: DanLocation: USA : Sun Oct 31, 2010 6:53 am
last edit 2019 10-26

c is a constant with respect to all observers. i.e. Any observer like astronaut in orbit sees their clock going at c ticks per second. Thus astronaut sees Earth's clock slow down to account for difference in % of c speeds.
e.g. General relativity says as you are accelerated by G, clock slows down with respect to higher in Gravity well observer.
In all cases, the observers clock ticks at c ticks per second, thus seeing other objects moving at a different % of c requires observer to see other object's % of c = clock speed adjusted accordingly.

Test: As pointed out below, even though astronaut in orbit sees Earth's clock slow with respect to his clock, when astronaut returns to Earth, he sees that Earth's clocks were,in fact, moving faster.

Revised 3-10-17 written 10-30-10:
Summary question, 'Why do two observers, one going faster than the other, both see the others clock slow down in special relativity. However a gravitationally accelerated observer sees the slower observers clock go faster??; and the slower observer sees the accelerated observers clock slow as in special relativity????

3-10-17 Tests comparing two synchronized clocks, one on earth and the other in low orbit confirm that the faster moving clock, the one in orbit is indeed slowed down. Ergo the clock on Earth ticks faster than the one in orbit as they are moving at different speeds; so does an observer in higher and faster orbits see the clock on Earth go slower as General relativity predicts? Answer is we do see clocks in higher geosynchronous orbits tick faster. Apparently combining the two confirmed observations verify Special and General relativity.

11-1-10 Special Relativity's error: Einstein and present physicists did not measure speed as a percentage of the speed of light, Einsteins posited constant with respect to all observers. Special relativity used the Lorentz transformations to make this prediction that observers starting with synchronized clocks moving at same speed would each see the others clock slow as they were separated by speed. They only looked in one direction as c itself had no empirical measure, even though one does exist: 'Einstein's Missed Implication' TEST Shows Relativity's Base Reference Frame

Original MT: "Equation clue: In special relativity when two observers start from same location with synchronized clocks and share the same gravitational acceleration; then when one goes faster than the other measured as percentage of c, the faster persons clock goes slower and they see the slower ones clock also go slower. When astronauts return from the space station their clock has slowed down with respect to Earth clocks. Obviously despite seeing the Earth clock go slower, it did not. BUT when we use the same starting conditions and then let one observer be accelerated by gravity like to a neutron star, there clock also slows, but it sees other "non accelerated clock speed up????? Resolving this discrepancy gives us the field over which the Moebius geometry coordinate system explains. It answers the question, "Why is c a constant with respect to all observers?" Einsteins crucial unanswered question.
30-Oct-2010 17:22:1"
Last edited by Dan on Sun Nov 01, 2020 8:40 am; edited 5 times in total

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