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#1: I hear more and more people speak against the Republicans. Author: DanLocation: USA : Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:27 am
That is wonderful news, for it means the people are finally awakening to the political and economic injustices our Three Monkey Society(3MS) leaderships have visited upon us.

What is fascinating is that the DC democratic leaders, just started to use the extreme positions the tea party has forced the Republicans to take against them; this is coupled with more and more real, not bought and paid for voters are speaking out.

As any honest person can see, the Republicans are only for themselves and big corporations, the General Welfare be damned.

You ask whether Obama realizes he must speak in direct colorful opposition or lose all respect as our leader.

Right now he is acting like a classic 3MS leader who will not stand up against liars and corporate and political criminals in high places.

I have decided he is slow playing them with his "bipartisanship". The Republicans decision to say no to everything is fed by his refusal to strike back. Now the Repubs have yapped themselves into saying out loud "kill social security and medicare.

The Republicans are led by vicious liars who must be opposed Out Loud at every turn, and now the people are leading the dem leaders into finally fighting back.

A lie not denounced becomes held as true. "Silence gives consent." is the oldest legal and debating law of all.

Lets see if Obama wittingly or not has forced real citizens to lead in answering these lies.

#2: Re: I hear more and more people speak against the Republican Author: DanLocation: USA : Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:36 pm
No it is both parties. The Dems attack the tea party people, the Repubs are using money to get back control of Congress. I think that is necessary so we can have a real 3rd party take over in 2012. The longer this goes the worse both parties look.

Notice neither promises to prosecute the big banks for the mortgage fraud.

Enforce our Laws on leaders, God forbid.

Obama will not say so, and that ensures the Dems defeat. If the dems said they would prosecute vigorously they could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, but I see no chance of that. Obama is such a weak putz.

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