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#1: 12-19-29 What Public Response Do E-Ts Require To Help Us? Author: DanLocation: USA : Sat Dec 19, 2009 6:22 am
12-29-19, 5-21-17. 21-11-11

The response: Demonstrate in public by political agreement to enforce the MORAL standard of No First Cost,
starting with our present leaders in the USA. Right now they refuse to stop using force on other countries far away.

12-29-19 Such a public agreement will not do. Only deeds speak, i.e. a successful disconnection by us.
We only get the two crop circle warnings(ME & Barbary Castle) , Shoemaker-Levy 9 and other related circles.

Why is Obvious

20-28-11 Put yourself in their shoes. Traveling at FTL(faster than light), once you know how, is almost trivially simple. You need to know how to drop down to zero with respect to c in the blink of an eye without suffering enormous deceleration G effects(patentable method), and you must know how to navigate between two sides of the surface of a Moebius geometry based universe(navigation equation, almost done). But if E-Ts gave our "Three Monkey Society" leaders FTL, guess how soon we would be treating their home planets like the North and South American Indians, or Afghanistan, or like the planet Pandora in the movie Avatar(great movie). What an appetizing thought for the E-Ts.

We already justify killing people who live a long distance away just because we say they might be dangerous, e.g. drones killing innocent people in Afghanistan and Pakistan, very brave. It seems altogether possible with FTL that we might justify killing another planet because we say they might attack us, i.e. we would rationalize saying "better safe than sorry". Almost impossible to defend against physically, so the only way an E-T planet would have to defend against us is trust in our morals.

Ergo, until we publicly acknowledge we have been warned to ourselves, and thus also to the E-Ts, it seems unlikely they would help us. Even then, I suspect we will need serious ethical and governmental reforms fast = use a No 1st Cost List to Publicly cooperate in doing a disconnection.

Fortunately, according to the UFO and E-T contact researchers, there are a large number of different E-T races reported, maybe a 100 plus. That would imply they can not be monolithic, and some races would certainly be more likely than others to help with public acknowledgment on our part.

I have always thought the E-T warning message was very old, the result of many thousands of iterations. Upon reflection, given many E-T races cooperating in not telling us about out A-M debt, then only being burned very badly by a virulent pathogen, a "Three Monkey Society handed FTL" by being saved by nice E-Ts, would explain such "figure it out for yourself" behavior.

By the premise of unconscious own-cost minimization, once you can start feasting upon nearly defenseless E-T planets, then there is no possibility of reasoning with such a society, only killing it at enormous cost.

I would sure like to ask some E-Ts about this hypothesis.

Last edited by Dan on Thu Nov 11, 2021 9:02 am; edited 8 times in total

#2: What our choice is: How to be publicly moral. Author: DanLocation: USA : Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:13 pm
It is our public morality that defines real civilization. The E-T warning about our conservation debt has been minimal, and I have spent 18 years trying to understand why. They know how to do a disconnection or they would not be able to travel here from other stars.

We have to learn the lesson for ourselves, they can not tell us or show us.

In my MT yesterday 2-6-10 I am forced to judge us. "Judge not lest you be judged". This is not a prohibition on judging, just a recognition that once you apply a "moral code", you necessarily apply it to yourself.

Life is created by exchange between real spirits, we spirits live forever in a universe premised on being conserved. Thus the soul ultimately must become a conscious moral being to become one with God.

12-29-19 Again, when once you say, "Judge not lest you be judged.", then inside you know you are judging yourself on your actions or in-actions. People deny this self-knowledge all the time as a moral code mirror shows painful changes required in your behavior towards others.

I always realized I could stop trying to save us, but now the choice is real and it hurts. I could say we are irremediably immoral, but that is not true, so lets step up into becoming an honest civilization and do what needs to be done.

Which is agreeing that the worst crime in a democracy is when a "sworn leader ignores, etc another sworn leaders crime' and then enforcing this Law is necessary for our survival.

That means setting an example is required. That would be George Bush for lying us into war, and more easily proved, that he ordered, directed, the false flag operation 9-11. That makes he and his accomplices traitors, a domestic enemy. It makes those who ignore the overwhelming evidence for this false flag operation, co-conspiratorial members of our Three Monkey Society leaderships.

Justice demands, our very survival demands we enforce our Law upon these foul criminals. Look at the evidence, it is Time for action.

Demolition charge residue found in 9-11 dust.

2010/01/25/ the-911-commission-rejects-own-report-as-based-on-government-lies

Last edited by Dan on Mon Dec 30, 2019 6:08 am; edited 3 times in total

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