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#1: How To See The Causal Premise Required For A GUT. Author: DanLocation: USA : Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:14 pm
Revised 2020-09-22

That would be "What objective measure Do All Life Forms use to MEASURE how any set of circumstances
affecting their staying alive?".

Scientific Implications are described in conclusions below.

The major one is that this Measure of Value must serve as the explicit, objective causal premise upon which all scientific
theories are based, as it describes how we each use the formerly unconscious constant objective measure of sensory inputs
that all spirits use to direct your life forms in order to stay alive.

We use this measure unconsciously now, which means often not wisely = dead sooner.

Analogy: The No 1st Cost List interface. It treats all users = sensory inputs alike, consciously outputting good information for all.

The answer must meet three necessary constraints.

First, it must be an objective measure = we all can see it, perceive it with our properly operating senses,
e.g. rap it with our knuckles, etc.
Second, it must be the one thing common to everything you do, or I do, or any other life form in the universe does,
wherever our life form is in the universe.
Third, it must be as obvious as the nose on your face once it is pointed out = a Mr. Ed; "Why of course, its a
horse, of course its a horse, a talking horse, why of course, it's Mr. Ed.". In short, you can not deny the evidence of your senses,
as when your thumb gets hit by a 32 ounce framing hammer, Yeouch!

The reason it is so hard to see is that it is a constant, it does not wiggle or change so we do not notice it,
So it drops out like the symbol for a constant in mathematical operations. We all should know that
"Assumptions make an ass of you and me." So get ready to say, "Of course!".

DEFINITION. Measure = that which stays 'constant' while using it to compare all other things;
e.g. I use a one foot long ruler to 'measure' the linear dimensions of a room.

We hook measures into logic this way, it is the ratio(s) of two or more finite fixed quantities of 'things'. e.g. The table top is
ten 'water glass bottoms wide'; or the water glass is 'one tenth of a table top wide'. You just have to designate which is the
base measure. In practice, it is the easiest to use because it can measure the most other variables(a test of our universal
measure of personal value). Thus for fundamental theory making, you have to actually discover the base measure that is
common to all possible observations made by we life forms.

Ergo, it takes two real(objective) things to make a measure = comparison.

For a Measure of Personal Value for any and all life forms, it must be the one thing common to everything I do, or you do,
the bug on the floor, or the E-T in the Andromeda galaxy. i.e. It, by inspection, measures how anything affects your staying
alive wherever you are in the universe.

How's that for an all statement? That should be really easy to falsify = come up with an observation that contradicts
this assertion. All any of you scientists have to do is swear in front of all that you do not use this objective measure of value
the same way everyone else does, or that you can show us a life form that does not.


Method, the use of questions and answers = Socratic.

In order to meet out three constraints, we must answer the question just below. By the way, Consciously Knowing what the
Measure of Value is, is extremely useful. Since NOT publicly knowing what the measure is explains why we are an unconscious Three Monkey Society(3MS).

THE QUESTION: What is the one OBJECTIVE thing common to everything you do?
You must be able to perceive it with your properly operating sensory apparatus. I have asked well over
50,000 people this question over the last 33 years, three people got it right without showing them first.

ANSWER: What do you see when you look in the mirror in the morning? Why your life form, of course. That body you
are trotting around is the one thing that is common to everything you do, at least while you are in body oh fellow spirit.

NEXT QUESTION: How many hours a day do you have in your body? It is not a trick question.

ANSWER: 24 hours a day. That is the same amount of time alive the bug on the floor has if it should live so long,
and the E-T in the Andromeda Galaxy? YEP, of course.

ERGO: One unit of time alive per unit time as measured by the speed of light. Notice I just hooked us into e = mc^,
because we can measure time versus distance with Planck's Constant(h),

CONCLUDING QUESTION: Since we life forms prefer staying alive, true for you right?
Ergo, when we take to long to get what we need to stay alive, WE DIE, don't we?

THUS IN ORDER TO STAY ALIVE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE, we 'own time cost minimizers'(up to now unconsciously), try to

Repeat: Take to long to get what you need to keep your body alive,it dies spirit.


1. Scientific, once we know the 'Measure of Value' we life forms use to organize all of our perceptions of reality
in order to stay alive; then it must serve as the 'OBJECTIVE CAUSAL PREMISE' for all scientific theories.

2. The Base Logic for Doing Science is Economic Logic as it is the logic of personal value maximization,
thus economic logic consciously, or now unconsciously, filters all measurements, so it is the Base Logic of Physics.

3. Nature of Universe implication: The fact we life forms are "own time cost minimizers" proves the universe
is conserved = NO FREE LUNCH forever; i.e. sooner or later, the piper must be paid. However, we could not be alive
without a 'float time', a short 'free lunch' time. We could use this 'float time' to 'DODGE THE BULLET' by Waking Up
and preventing our Sun from being hit by our conservation debt.

4. Unconscious gets you dead and all the rest of us too: There is a plus to staying unconscious,
you do not have to be honest with the rest of us, or admit you have implicit responsibilities to
the rest of us who make and hopefully can freely exchange/sell you what you need to stay alive.

5. A Three Monkey Society(3MS) Leadership is the inevitable result of 'unconscious own cost minimizers'
running a society: They always wind up equating their personal gain with the General Welfare. The inevitable result,
our fearless leaders sure have that 'See, Hear, and Speak no Evil about their mistakes and crimes down pat don't they?
They always say someone or something else is to blame, not ever them. Surprise, the universe will assign blame.

6. Wake up and smell the roses, we have a conservation debt made of Anti-Matter that is going to fry us July 16, 2024
unless we publicly cooperate. Preventing that is simple. Choosing to do what is necessary is a political act, that means
we need an Emergency Captain. See FP conclusions.

7. I assert that I have demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that we Life Forms all use a
Common Objective Measure of Value. Any takers on my bet? Anybody willing to assert in front of all
that they are not "own time cost minimizers" in trying to get what they need to stay alive?

A Final Question
Why No Public Questionst? The answer is simple. Public credit for any discovery that shows members of a 3MS they are
3MS members must be denied them or their 3MS society dies a public confession death. That would be a violation of
their unconscious 'own cost minimization'. Members of a 3MS can not admit they are wrong because most or all of their
power, status, and money will go away. Eek! So Try To Prove Me Wrong In Public On The N1CL quickly.

I started showing this FUNDAMENTAL SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY to scientists and the discovery it is based upon,
that Coase's Theorem was wrong, over 36 years ago. No public credit yet. That means two things.

First, and of secondary importance, it confirms that a 3MS presently runs science. Nothing new, that's how
"establishment" scientists have worked for thousands of years. Its members keep their places in its pecking order by
"not seeing" observations and proofs that overthrow their self serving "He who pays their wages calls the tune" paradigm.
That means they deny credit where credit is due when it threatens their paymasters. That has to stop now, doesn't it?

Second, and vastly more important, science is Show and Tell in front of everyone. That means I have to say it
and show it so you can see and understand it. It is up to me to engage your understanding. In practice, that means the
present "hidden and publicly inaccessible" peer review mechanism of science must be overthrown = why my wife and I
invented the No 1st Cost List. Science is for all, therefore anyone must be able to challenge my scientific assertions.

We can not afford to remain a planet of "unconscious own cost minimizers". Unconscious is a certain recipe for death for all.

Dan Alter
Last edited by Dan on Wed Oct 28, 2020 12:21 am; edited 10 times in total

#2: How Time Relates To Discovery required to create a GUT Author: DanLocation: USA : Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:02 am
Einstein there was no "objective simultaneity", yet to go FTL there must be. In fact we could not have a past, present, or future without a simultaneous NOW for all of existence.

So what does that mean? By inspection if there is a "simultaneous NOW " that expands into the future as the evidence shows our universe doing; then we have two problems;

1. How do we deal with the past we see now from long ago or any ago? e.g. Light from Quasars from 10 billion years ago just now striking us. Obviously, the source "still exists" now but it also existed at every point in between? So how do we go there(anywhere in past) at FTL is the question which I have answered elsewhere.

a. So does the past still exist for us to go there? Yes or no FTL.

2. Does the future exist NOW? Answer = NOW but we are on the margin of creating it at the c boundary. We create it out of the past.
a. requires entanglement.

Some thoughts for now.


-> Making scientific discoveries that advance basic theory.

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