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#1: No Questions From Anyone? Author: DanLocation: USA : Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:18 pm
Think about it. Only questions extracted by request from family, friends. Not one from a stranger. Only one editing correction from a stranger.

Am I really alone? Are there no other people who want to do real public show and tell science?

I know I am saying things that are intrinsically interesting. For instance,

"The Sun is going to explode, but it might be possible to stop. "; and I can not get the time of day from any of you.

I know many of you are watching. Our hits say that.

I know that the E-T ship(s) that drop out of sight and reappear a short distance away exist, having seen one myself in that 1975 ABC news video taken over France through a cockpit window.

I know our government has at least one, I have heard reports from witnesses who have the right credentials say so. Also, people from the Disclosure Project or Mufom would have said something. They would know that none of their government witnesses has seen what I claim, yet they do not contradict me. There silence speaks volumes. By the way both through personal contact and e-mails both organizations do know about me and my prediction.

You all hate this prediction and would like nothing better than I and this prediction to go away. You avert your eyes, yet know in your bones it is true because you, just like me, are directly attached to our A-M debt.

The worst part about 'my situation' is that I know these 'disconnections' have occurred in the past in our universe; or we could not be here, in this large of a sub-universe. We are around the 80th generation of sub-dividing Moebius sub-universes. I would dearly love to talk more about how that works; but no questions.

Thus I know that these 'disconnections' were figured out and done by 'somebodies like me'. That is the only say they can occur. Someone took conscious action. Yet not a question. No feedback = no science.

So here I sit after inventing a Public Communication Interface designed to do real time, worldwide science, and as a result, allow us to verify and create good information about any subject and share it with all members of a worldwide civilized society and what did I learn?

A very, very high percentage of our citizenry apparently think that 'closing your eves' and ignoring the prediction will make it go away. This is based upon a sample size in the hundreds of thousands who know about my prediction. That is what makes willing members of a Three Monkey Society. You literally are willing to let us all die rather than deal with the reality that our universe = God = its conservation Law, does not care whether or not you deny this Law's workings.

Since being wrong about it is OK with me, I understand this natural reaction. But, the bill has come due, we re-negotiate its terms or all die.

Am I really alone? Are there no other people who want to do real public show and tell science?

With over six billion of us, there must be at least one other person willing to do science in Public. It takes at least two willing, conscious participants to make real science possible, because it takes independent verification by another of our predictions. We will see.

Dan Alter

#2: Re: No Questions From Anyone? Author: stacks : Mon Jan 05, 2009 9:24 am
Hi Dan, That's because it's not obvious where do go to ask
a question, it really isn't. So I'll ask my question here.
to wit..."Is the universe indifferent to the supplications of mankind?" In other words, we the human race have become
aware of very much, but this question has not been answered yet. Brendan Guy McMahan

#3: Re: No Questions From Anyone? Author: DanLocation: USA : Tue Jan 06, 2009 6:55 am
Yes, it is indifferent, as God must be to our supplications. To survive we have to figure out the rules or die. How else can it work; as to do otherwise favors non fit beings.

As asking a question, once the Q&A module is installed it will be easier. For now, go to Q&A forum and identify the topic you are asking about or words on the site I wrote you are asking about.

#4: Re: No Questions From Anyone? Author: Alex : Mon Jun 01, 2009 7:25 am
Hey! These are the best pearly words I have ever read!

#5: Re: No Questions From Anyone? Author: DanLocation: USA : Mon Jun 01, 2009 9:56 am
Thank you. I would prefer a more germane reply.

-> End of the world Jokes, Stories that teach lessons: Poker story

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