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#1: Why restore Bankqruptcy Laws back to pre 2006 form in USA Author: DanLocation: USA : Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:46 pm
It is no accident that 'forgiving debts' every seven years is found in the bible. Lenders like earning interest without physical work, and borrowers like spending investing the money.

The problem is that both borrowers and lenders over estimate the borrowers ability to pay the money back.

The result of non-repayable debts is that borrowers wind up in a form of Debtors Prison without the ability to go bankrupt, and lenders wind up with many fewer people to loan to. The effect on the general economy is catastrophic as future growth can not occur. The borrower can not get a fresh start, and the lenders become like 'Shylocks'.

It is not an accident that a big percentage of successful businesses are started by former bankrupts. Their founders needed the lessons taught by bankruptcy.

But it is the discipline upon lenders of bankruptcy that is most important. They had the money last, without a real bankruptcy law, lenders become much less careful to whom they lend their money to.

Our lenders money is in a real sense our money, our savings. A banker is lending OPM, "other peoples money", so just like opium clouds your judgment of consequences, when the ability of borrowers to go bankrupt is restricted, bankers start ignoring the ability of the borrower to repay.

One major cause of the 2006 so called bankruptcy reform that restricted bankruptcy, is the present financial mess we now see ourselves in.

Contact your elected representative now and demand a return to the former bankruptcy law. Make sure there are no exemptions for some rich peoples assets.

Upon the return or real bankruptcy, then the borrowers start over and many start new businesses or can now buy houses etc; and above all, the lender learns to be more careful in the future. The result, our economy can begin to grow again.

#2: CEOS of Automakers begging with no plan Author: DanLocation: USA : Fri Nov 21, 2008 9:14 pm
The sight of the CEOs of our big three automakers testifying, begging for money, and not having a plan for investing it is amazing.

They fly in on three separate private jets.

No "We will sell our private jets and use conference software, or fly commercial."

No "We will take 80% pay cuts."

No "We will eliminate 12 of their 14 layers of executives."

No "We need single payer universal health care to get Health Care costs off our backs and every other businesses back."

No "We have a plan to convert all our cars to flex fuels starting immediately. Cost well under $500 a car when done at factory. Could be done in less than a year = now."

No by GM, "We will bring back electric car we built and then bought back, despite enormous demand."

In short, they only think about their personal gain. They are completely blind to the needs of their company, workers, or their country. True members of a Three Monkey Society leadership. They personify blind personal greed and ambition.

We need a complete reform of "business bankruptcy' laws now.
Workers and American ownership must come first.

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