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#1: How Many Corner Edges Does A Moebius Have? Author: DanLocation: USA : Sun Aug 08, 2021 10:20 pm
21-08-08 Objective scientific observations are always reported from where you sit in your life form.
That implies your seeing/measuring affects what you see;and thus must consciously be included in your reports.

There Are Eight(8) Corner Edges
Any observer sitting at the center of a Moebius or on any point on its surface or edges will count Eight.
Remember a Moebius has an Edge Width with Two(2) Corners = to 1/20,000th of its Maximum Surface Area:
MSA = 2Diamater^Phi, (^ = squared).

Ergo, sitting dead center there is always a slight angle of sight difference to the other Corner Edges,
When you start the count from any Corner Edge(CE),
then the CE you sit on counts as the first CE plus the other seven.


1. A Double Twist Moebius has Twelve(12) Corner Edges.
This is graphically shown with this crop circle placed down on
August 8, 2021 Kitt's Lane

2. This circle confirms Alter's prediction that our Moebius universe is reproducing itself by
doubling in Diameter after cutting its extra four Double Twist Corner Edges; then these four
freed Corner Edge circumference lengths can combine to double our universes circumference.

3. This returns us to a slim single twist Moebius with its self-referential Bowtie Line
coordinate system that allows renewed growth and expansion of our Moebius universe..

4. Earth's conservation debt is going to be used to do that cutting. Lucky us.

5. This disconnection and release of our Anti-Matter conservation debt will be done
consciously with public cooperation or the 90% die way. Your choice.

Last edited by Dan on Mon Aug 09, 2021 7:14 pm; edited 9 times in total

-> Making scientific discoveries that advance basic theory.

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