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#1: 21-04-10 How & Why God Created Life and Us. Author: DanLocation: USA : Wed Mar 10, 2021 4:27 pm
21-03-11 added Mirror thesis, a 3rd premise, and an Afterword
21-04-10 edited & added Premise of a TOE

The Initial Reproduction By Gods Splitting Into Two Equal Selves Creates The Mirror Of Self-Awareness.

Use a cause and effect chain to show how "creation" must work when a
"first causer" must split itself to grow into all the forms of life we see.

This causal description will show how we geometrically map the causal relationships between all
forms of energy and matter using Planck's Constant(h) units of c, the speed of light.

1. A scientific Theory of Everything(TOE) must describe what and how a First Cause
generates the chain of causes and effects that we see with respect to a fixed objective measure.

2. By definition, the First Causer called God starts with ONE Unit of Everything
in an infinite 3-D no resistance space. So far, so good.

3. We see the universe from where we each sit,
from in that body we physical spirits trot down the road.

4. Spirits like living in bodies, so we fight to stay alive.

5. Before unconsciously,you can[/b] categorize and use sensory
inputs to try to minimize the time you spend obtaining what you think you need or want.
That does not mean we minimize time spent perfectly or adequately, but you try or you die.

Foremost Conclusion: We are copies of God, he is our friend,
we certainly don't know as much, but God loves us as himself.

I never intended to wind up describing how creation from a First Cause must work.
but now we have a lot more evidence than the writers of Genesis, Buddha, etc had.
However, they got the basic outline right. My conclusion about the companionable
nature of God is mine. He does not need worshipers, he wants loving companions,
that's why we are created in his own image, by God's choice to copy (it, him. her)self.
Last edited by Dan on Sat Apr 10, 2021 10:56 am; edited 9 times in total

-> Making scientific discoveries that advance basic theory.

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