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#1: 20-12-01 Earthchanges Caused By Oncoming Arrival Of A-M Debt Author: DanLocation: USA : Tue Dec 01, 2020 11:16 am
20-12-01 first draft

Yesterdays CME coupled with the increasing number of sunspots confirms this prediction.
Right now the Sun should be quiet but suddenly it is not.

We start from a basic equation e=mcc. i.e. at .5c: Mass = e/.5cc which is a very large number,
given a 600 kilometer in diameter A-M debt of frozen ionized Anti-Matter.

Until six years to go the Repulsive force counterbalanced the inreasing mass of our A-M debt,
but as it approaches our orbit on the other side of our Moebius Strip universe
the Repulsive Force(RF) goes to zero.

Thus causes us to feel the full force of the A-M debt mass as it approaches Earths orbit
transmitted through our Planetary Spirit Line(PSL).

It is presently about a kilometer from reaching Earth's orbit.

For one, we are certain to experience a Carrington event plus other unpleasentries.
Keeping our wits about us is required.

More on reasons why, how, and what later.

-> n1cl-1 Dan Alter's forum

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