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#1: 20-1-14 Why Don't Long Term Gamma Blasters Appear on Google? Author: DanLocation: USA : Fri Dec 20, 2019 8:19 am
20-1-14, Changed title to a question. 12-19-19

The answer is simple. No mention means LTGBs do not exist. That is why our "establishments" do not
publicly attack what I say, not even to call me "crazy". With no public mention, especially a public attack and
my prediction does not exist. Actually a very pragmatic and effective way of burying the public mention of
our Anti-Matter conservation debt. The trouble for them is, too many individuals know now, and the far past
starlight is disappearing at my predicted rate; otherwise they would be glad to prove me wrong in public by now.

The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory was used from Earth orbit to detect Long Term Gamma Blasters
from 1991 t0 2000. The Fermi Gamma Ray space Telescope(GLAST) was put into Earth orbit in 2008 to
detect High energy Gamma rays. The Hubble was and is used to see the sources of these explosions many
showing "Afterglows" the remnant gas cloud from a vaporized living planet as described in the below article.
'Nature' May 29, 1997 page 476,
"Optical Counterpart To The Gamma Ray burst GR970228 Observed
Using The Hubble Telescope"

These afterglow explosions come from all over the sky at the rate of once a week.
In 1993, after I called the five astrophysicists cited in the January 17, 1993 science article in the New York times,
the term Long Term Gamma Blaster was not used in public again, nor does it come up on Google or Bing.

Last edited by Dan on Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:19 pm; edited 2 times in total

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