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#1: A Cataclysmic Debt Collapse Starts In January 2022 Author: DanLocation: USA : Mon Aug 26, 2019 4:46 am
Last 2021-12-23, 2021-12-22,.20-12-20, 11-30-2019, 8-31-2019. List by date, latest to first.

21-12-22 Below you can see I was premature because our corrupt leaders ran the market up
to insane levels through massive money printing to keep dollar interest rates negative by 25%.

Putin has warned us repeatably not to use our Ukrainian proxies to encroach on Russia's' border
in the Donbass. In early 2022, Putin will start destroying our Ukrainian proxies. 48 hours should
should do the job and the Biden admin will have destroyed the Dollar and the EURO overnight.
We are deliberately working to stop Nordstream pipeline to sell Liquid Natural Gas to Europe at three times
the Nordstream price. We are trying to delay Russia's response as long as possible by pretending to negotiate.
Putin has stated, "When a bully keeps pushing, strike first without warning." We are murderous bullies and
Putin realizes the Military Industrial Complex is in charge, not Biden. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

20-12-20 We did very well with the early crash in 22020. The monumental pouring of liquidity by the Fed
since then makes what I say below a gross underestimation of the final collapse of this massive corporate
subsidy bubble the Fed and our corrupt government has created. Enjoy, it will be fast, over in a blink.

Edit 11-30-2019 entry on 8-25-2018 The reality is that once real profits from exchanges(XC) of real
Goods & Services(G&S) XCed keep decreasing below debt service requirements, that causes
debt service costs to keep climbing to enormous levels. This deliberate policy by our central banks of
forcing interest(i) rates below the inflation rate inevitably leads to financial and empire collapses,

As inflation increases that forces the actual interest paid on [/b]Negative interest paper[/b] ever lower,
so the banks can raise the cash needed to pay the required payments on the explosively expanding debt.
The problem is bond prices go up as coupon interest paid goes down.
Big capital gain when sold before or at start of a crash as bond rates go up, bond prices go down.

Once any real exogenous cost shock occurs(lose a war) then the first sellers take large capital gains
on any bonds with a positive interest coupon rate coupon. The rush for the exits creates a positive
feedback cycle as the pigeons(= learning there are no free lunches) panic = A virtually instant collapse.

Ain't free lunches wonderful?

The present massive insider selling at a 20 to one rate while their companies are buying back
there own stock with borrowed money is truly staggering corruption.

8-29-2019 Gold and especially silver will skyrocket once the real crash starts.
They are holding stocks while buying gold and silver. When people wake up and realize most
sovereign debt is unplayable, interest rates especially in Junk bonds and long bonds must skyrocket as owners
at the margins panic and take capital gains and flee to cash = silver/gold.

I have never seen a bigger herd belief that interest rates are going lower. Hillary will win is a close second. I got
nice odds on several bets Trump would win. In markets when everyone is a bull go short and when everyone is a
bear, go long; old trading rule.The great pigeon plucking is underway. Next to be skinned are our corrupt leaders
who think they will get away with this.

8-31-2019 The basic reason this will go so fast is that we have run out of time to repay the contractual
payments on our debts. We only have so much total time alive to produce the G&S we must XC at a mutual
profit = time saved on both sides of an XC. Ronald Coase's underlying assumption was that the total "money" in
the world economy was fixed per unit time. As our real underlying "money" is the available time spent working to
produce G&S, we now don't have the time to pay for honest work and also the payments on corruptly made bad loans.

Ignorance is never an excuse for a free people who think there is a free lunch. History is replete with examples of
the inevitable collapse following a printing up dishonest debt spree. I think we can safely say, our well paid
"economists" who rationalized this show why Phd = "Piled higher and deeper" describes a high a percentage of them.

You can not print time alive. You can not print real work, nor force willing XCs. Anyone want slavery as an option?

The solution,of course, is to create and maintain an honest money whose quantity is clearly known to all
per unit time. I will discuss the least cost way for us to do that later.

The crucial benefit from this collapse is all of you are going to be forced to stop and take stock on where we are
and what we must do to actually become the free people of Earth. It is about time don't you think?

The ferocious denial by the corrupt talkers on the financial channels is truly staggering. The bigger, the herd,
the worse the panic.

A suggestion: Make it illegal for a company to buy back its own stocks, and no stock options, both lead to enormous
conflicts of interest. cash or in kind bonuses only.

Last edited by Dan on Fri Dec 24, 2021 8:36 am; edited 31 times in total

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