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12-31-19 There is no such thing as "Free Trade"
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PostPost subject: 12-31-19 There is no such thing as "Free Trade"
Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 12:43 am

12-31-19 Minor edits, Nothing material to change.

There are no 'free exchanges'. We are more or less politically 'free' to engage in paid exchange. Each party to a real honest XC pays with their time and resources to give value for value received. The TPP is an example of corporations trying to use legislation to take the fruits of paid XC from American workers and small businesses and transfer them to increasing their profits via lower wages paid to foreign workers and illegal immigrants.

The purpose of exchange is to save time and money for both parties to an exchange, not to use trade laws to put American citizens out of work, then say its OK because we put them on the dole. A real job means you pay your own way and are not a burden. Instead our wannabe masters want to create dependency upon a government they control.

There are good reasons for tariffs and other trade barriers between countries. Otherwise the owners of capital(corporations primarily) will assiduously work to establish monopolies which put much of a countries population out of work in the end.

Our politicians must recognize that a primary purpose of a real democracy is to see to it that so called Free Trade does not wind up destroying jobs and living wages for most workers here. Up to now our well bought politicians have ignored the massive unemployment and lower wages in America resulting from NAFTA and other phony free trade deals. When you pile on the encouraging of illegal immigration that has resulted in 25 million American jobs going to illegals, then between these two attacks on Paid XC here has resulted in over 90 million American citizens between 18 and 65 not working.

All of this to subsidize a few large corporations working to establish monopolies wherever bribing politicians makes that possible. These so called Free Trade Subsidies as experience has shown destroy a real level playing field for trade between nations. You see the results in our collapsing economy and massive Federal debt. Worse, to cover the results of their insane greed and lust for power, Obama and the military/industrial complex are trying to drive us into perpetual war by restarting the cold war with Russia and China.

It looks like the brazen refusal by Congressional leaders and above all Obama, to let the public read the legislation coupled with our actually collapsing economy has finally awakened many American voters. Lets hope so because if you go back to sleep and don't hold these thieving liars accountable, you will deservedly be completely skinned serf/suckers.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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