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Tests proving Gravity moves from c to instant & implications
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PostPost subject: Tests proving Gravity moves from c to instant & implications
Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2014 8:23 pm

2016-8-04 A little background. This all started because of a hypothesis by two astrophysicists, Lisa Randall & Sundrum that the universe had two surfaces between which G moved instantly but slow close by. Then the Pioneer and Voyager spacecraft all showed a very slight deceleration in speed as there missions went further towards the edge of the solar system. One cause could be an increase in the G force speed, i.e. faster than c = stronger. See this article for more background. 10-08-14 Two tests show that Gravity propagates from c to instant at what distance.

Must account for in equation that models this phenomena: See cannonball test below. A small part of G force goes instantly to the center of nearest large mass(Earth in our cannonball test) and then on to bulk of universe. Ergo, this decreases G force nearby offsetting increase in G force caused by increased speed propagation of G. Probably not perfect as the Pioneer & Voyager craft show.

1-25-16 edit: Given that the G force ties all masses together, and that conservation means that masses 'knows' where everything else is simultaneously can only mean that G moves instantaneously.

But instant at all distances means no change is possible from where you sit.

So for our movements and also the changes we see in our universe to be possible, then we can not instantly "feel" all affects on ourselves and still be able to anticipate and react to them; unless there is a range of distance over which G moves at less than instantly, i.e. from c between adjacent masses to instant. Probably well less than a light year. We can deduce this distance from the tests explained below.

Major implication of Gi(G instantaneous): When we see the universe through our telescopes using light moving at c, then we can not be seeing where the stars actually are when G propagates instantaneously. They must be much closer.

First test, Where Dark Matter is: This would explain what and where some of the Dark Matter is = the stars and dust we now see only using light from great distances. Good physicists can calculate where this distant matter would be when G propagates at Gi. We will learn that this distant matter will account for about 45% of dark matter. The remainder is, of course, on the other side of the surface of our Moebius geometry universe.

This raises a question: What experiment can we use to demonstrate that G moves from c between adjacent masses to FTL to instantly beyond a fixed distance?

Second Test: The 'Cannonball Test' described in this older Gravity article. 10-08-14 Two tests show that Gravity propagates from c to instant at what distance.

Third Test, Use Tidal Gauges: We can start by demonstrating that G moves FTL between the Sun and Earth by using the 1750 tidal gauges now in place to measure when the lunar tide peaks when the Solar tide is neutral vs when the solar and lunar tides coincide during solar eclipses when the Moon lines up between the Earth and Sun. Thus the lunar and solar tides add to one another, not subtracting the Sun's gravity as a lunar eclipse does.

Neutral Solar Tide = when the solar tide is at 90 degrees to lunar tide.


Establish the exact distance between the Sun and Earth during the eclipses and neutral 90 degree solar tides.

Since there are many more neutral 90 degree solar tide(say 89-91 degrees) establishing the base number for lunar tidal max for any particular gauge should be simple given the data sets are on computer.

Establish the winds in the area for all gauge locations. We can infer the winds effects with many measurements, so at a given solar eclipse measurement we can adjust for the winds effects.

Do the same for local currents that vary predictably.

510 seconds is about the average time light takes to reach Earth from the Sun. At this distance about 1% FTL G will be predicted. i.e. G should arrive 5.1 seconds faster.

What measure of tidal peak? Use the instant it peaks and goes level to down.

How compare peaks between Neutral and Solar eclipses?

Subtract the average neutral tide max from the Lunar plus Solar tidal max. The Solar Tidal Maximum because G takes about 510 seconds to reach Earth will increase the combined tidal max beyond neutral Lunar tidal max time.

That difference will show how long it takes G to move from the Sun to Earth, once we know exact distance from Earth to Sun at time of measurement.

Predicted result: The combined tidal max will occur sooner than when G propagates at c, i.e. G moves FTL. Given a 1% decrease in G propagation time from Sun, this will confirm the predicted increase in G force propagation speed from the Sun to Earth as predicted by a Moebius geometry's basic premises using h = Planck's Constant as our base unit of measure.

An Implication: This means we can do real FTL space flight in under ten years with some want to by the rest of you. As explained elsewhere, badly needed.

How? Simple and patentable. But first we have to know exactly where the actual location of suns and other masses are.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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