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2020-10-27 The Basic Question Put To Honest Scientists

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PostPost subject: 2020-10-27 The Basic Question Put To Honest Scientists
Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 11:43 am

2008-12-08, revised title and more. 2020-10-27

The strange denial by present scientists that, "How does the observer = the scientist, hook into their own theories?", is even a question. One of the most fascinating aspects of my conversations with academic physicists is their steadfast denial that they are, by inspection, the one common part of whatever they report or theorize about.

Since Heisenberg and Godel addressed the results of not doing so directly; respectively
1. 'the minimal range of 'error' in measured observations' and
2. 'the limits of logical assertions about reality';
demonstrates this trained, self-serving, practiced denial by present scients is truly stupefying. They literally act like their assertions
about reality are not built by themselves, but exist apparently as magical objects generating grant money. from the pharisees who
call their tune. Three Monkey Societies are so wonderful.

e.g. I say, "I can show you the Geometry that by inspection explains where the Anti-Matter and missing matter and energy are that your present theories can not explain. Can I show you?" All I ever get is an instantaneous change of subject, and when pushed they snarl like cornered rabbits. I don't think they realize that not saying, "Show me!", means they can not possibly be real scientists.

Until we figure out what objective, logical, causal basis for how all scientists make any "Scientific Theory"; we must wind up
with basic physics theories that can not explain where any of the A-M is that their own theories require to exist, nor where
over 90% plus of all matter and energy are in the universe.

Instead of consciously looking for 'logical and observational discrepancies' to their theories; present scientists only see what is in their 'unconscious' pecking order based self interest. This is demonstrated by their refusal to answer 'Questions from Anyone"; especially those questions and assertions that would overturn their advocated theory. This refusal to answer is a sure road to error and direct evidence of pseudo science.

In conclusion, it is true by inspection that until we answer this question, "How does the Maker of any Theory hook into their theories?"; we can not achieve an accurate picture of how our universe works. Which means that our present "no answer questions from anyone academic scientists(?)" and the human race can not objectively see and explain how reality works.

The remedy is simple; a No 1st Cost List. We invented the N1CL so I or anyone else who claims to be a scientist, could answer anyone's demand of "Show me!" or 'How do you explain this discrepancy?", in public. Since science is for all, answering in public to anyone is the only honest way scientists can answer questions and challenges to their assertions. It must work that way by definition.

For example, using the N1CL is the only way to test my assertion that I have discovered 'The objective causal premise for all scientific theories created by human beings.' = my article How To See The Causal Premise Required For A GUT. Lets play some show & tell.

Dan Alter

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Wed Oct 28, 2020 2:25 am; edited 4 times in total

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PostPost subject: Re: The Biggest Discrepancy common to present Scientific The
Posted: Fri Nov 18, 2011 11:56 am

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