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2020-10-30 Why A GUT Requires Defining Counting With Zeros
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PostPost subject: 2020-10-30 Why A GUT Requires Defining Counting With Zeros
Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2020 11:58 am

2020/09/02, Add 2020/09/04, 2020-09-06, 2020-09-01, 2020-10-07, 2020-10-25, 2020-10-30

2020-10-07 From an observation watching my hit statistic site counter:
Noether's Equation unconsciously assumes = requires counting 2 zeros for each unit of a
subset of the whole field within which a Natural Law holds.
2020-10-25i,e, Going to your right from Zero in a Cartesian coordinate system; you start your count on the MINUS side of the Zero end in a string of counting units and end it on the plus end of the last unit in the string of Zeros between each unit in the string. (Look at a zero as
having two halves, a plus and a minus, or the 4 quarters(2 plus & 2 minus) in a regular Cartesian coordinate system.) The plus part of a zero always attaches to the minus end direction of a unit along a coordinate axis, vice versa for the minus
part pf a zero. Ergo, you always have one more Zero than units in a string;
which allows us to define Division By Zero.

The reason for this is simple, a Zero's PLUS side is attached to the MINUS end of a counting unit of any coordinate system, hence MINUS semicircle face of a Zero must exist to attach to a PLUS semicircle face of next Zero in a count, or a plus/minus end of a unit. Since counting units
are homogeneous = spin/turn in any direction, then giving the plus/minus property to the Zero implies more useful mathematical operations with this new mathematical operator. An analog would be i which allows us to define the square root of a minus number that is used to
generate the complex plane.
That is why two VERTICAL lines off ANY coordinate axii can create a discontinuity. Physically
with ONLY two variables and when a vertical off a coordinate axis must generate two Zero
semicircle ends that put a MINUS end of a variable at 90 degrees next to another MINUS variable
or when two PLUS ends are opposite implying parallel, then same sign zero ends at right angles
must Repel, All other combinations of Three or more interacting variables are permitted including
any with 90 degree angles. e.g. Right triangles or squares as all of these closed geometric
figures system have internal angles that add up to 360 degrees = a circle = a Moebius.

2020-09-01 It starts with minus numbers = cost. Cost first, then gain. Since we spirits are an
edge, we split strings of atoms/molecules into lengths to form and control our life forms. In the
world we feel outcomes and seek plus = gain. But only one outcome is a felt gain,
The foregone actions are the opportunity costs that you gave up to feel the immediate gain/loss.

This "Economic" frame of analysis is how we must describe the universe from where we sit in
order to create a GUT, an accurate description of how our universe works right down to
Planck's Constant(h).

Problem: We don't see other opportunity costs/gains unless there is direct pain. As long as
we feel a short term gain, we can't feel/directly see the opportunity costs = possible bigger gains
we "gave up", UNLESS you look and think before you leap.

This raises a math question: Once we define our starting point in terms of "opportunity cost"
comparisons, How does that constrain and thus open up new ways of using numbers? Seeing the
unseen? By counting the cuts between numbers. i.e. Every number on the number line has a plus
and minus end. A plus end of the cut is against the mius end. i,e, each cut has a plus side and a
minus side.

2020-09-04, 2020-09-11 To count whole units accurately; start with using the minus end of
a unit, then end on the plus end of a unit. Selecting any equal length of units from the "total
number line" does not change the actual length of the "total number line" from which a section is
being cut out. The "total number line" in a conserved system like a Moebius Strip is by inspection
finite, though theoretically it could be divided into an infinite number of units; UNLESS there is a
minimum length of unit as is Planck;s Constant(h) which blocks us from seeing. measuring
objectively anything smaller.

Three Conclusions
1. An objective fact is that h must be treated as a 'stiff, inflexible, not bending' unit at
a sub-atomic level. This rigid bar effect implies that it takes 3 h units to create a separate
looped line segment
from the actual "total number line". i.e. Two units side by side like the
equal symbol = whose plus|minus ends are across from one another imply that the
opposite sign ends can not meet plus end to minus end by bending.
2. It takes at least "three or more units" to create a "triangle or longer loop".
This conclusion will be borne out by observations.
3. Since only three or more h units can hook up plus to minus ends; then One can
create any closed loop sub length of the "total number line"
At Any Angle to the TNL.

Division by Zero was defined; as saying not defined equals "I don't know how." Now we can
define it by the number of closed loop units created by segmenting a section ogt the TNL at two
split/zero points.
Zero/+ over Zero/- where each zero is a split on the TNL;
or the reverse depending on which direction you are going on TNL

2020/09-06 When we count people started by pointing at the middle of an object=unit on
the number line, not at the split between the units. As Noether showed, in the whole universe of
units with common characteristics, any Sero location or split between units could serve as the
center of a consistent coordinate system.
Ergo, we count by using the Zeros = Splits to join plus ends to minus ends.

Once you premise the h units are equal line lengths that can link into an infinite set of
closed linked loops, then an infinite number of coordinate systems or understandings can share
any "split" = Zero. Ergo, free willed beings mow have a common objective basis to see how
the universe works and your place within it

Division by zero is defined by which split you use as center of any "see from" coordinate
and the number of units within its bounds, Doing this requires we define our universes
objective base unit length. We have objectively measured this minimum unit length as h.

A Test Lets cut out any 3plus units of line length from the number line. Notice one end to
the right on the line Always has a Plus end, and the other end of this length of units Always has a
minus end. Put the plus/minus ends together. This makes a circle, a closed coor. system.
Since this circle shares the physical characteristics of the larger system it was cut from';
then it shares the same physical Laws = Noether's conclusion.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Fri Oct 30, 2020 9:10 am; edited 26 times in total

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