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Free To Criticize Speech Is Required For Earth To Survive
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PostPost subject: Free To Criticize Speech Is Required For Earth To Survive
Posted: Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:38 am

Latest edit 2020-10-30, 2020-1-09 Changed title from "Why Free Speech Is Required
For Earth To Survive"1-03-2020 to why "Free To Criticize Speech Is Required For Us To Survive" comment added below Preface

Below this Preface are dated entries starting 10-19-2019 to 12-07-2019 entry on specific topics
ordered starting from under Preface, latest on top down to last(todo reorder).

All true statements rest on one unalterable foundation,
the facts contained therein or implied are accurate.


A society Declaring we each are endowed with unalienable rights and are to be treated as equals
before our Laws can not exist without uncensored Free Speech. as private and public criticisms are
required to expose and resolve real public issues.

Unblocked public free speech is always detested by evildoers in high places. They will always use
their government and corporate monopoly powers to suppress our criticisms. We either act as free
persons and speak out against censoring criticisms now; or will will deservedly lose our liberties.

Hence the N1CL It creates the means for real public Free speech for all; then we can protect
our liberties to honestly engage in open to all public disagreements, so we can resolve them

I have made a easily verified prediction that unless prevented, our Sun will explode on
July 16, 2024 yet not one question in 14 years despite millions of hits on this site.This explosion is
caused by our Anti-Matter conservation created when we physically real spirits move our bodies.

Our souls live on after our bodies die. Most Western scientists explicitly ignore/deny the proof we
are souls shown by the multitude of confirmed out of body reports. Our souls must create a
conservation debt in order to grow and control advanced life forms on a planet like Earth.
The debt has come due.

Our corrupt leaders don't want you to know that they have made repeated face to face contacts
with E-Ts click on "evidence". Our highest "insider
" know when our conservation debt is due, They think they have a way to save just
themselves and show by deed, they think we are expendable.

The real question is, "Are you people of Earth going to let evildoers hide this preventable danger
from us?". That is up to you, We N1CL members are doing our duty to all by this warning. Is your
duty less than ours?

When you do consciously use the N1CL to create real public Free Speech; then we will demand our
astronomers confirm or disprove this prediction in public, pronto! That public confirmation
will not be free, because then our financial system will finish collapsing instantly, The world's
debts are unsustainable, and I do guarantee our insiders are already beating everyone else into
hard assets. The Fed is financing that looting as we speak. These actions show they have
confirmed this prediction,

Our political leaders have not told us have they?
Their silence can only mean our political insiders plan on sacrificing almost all of us so they can
survive by using a thermonuclear war. Their silence says they think they are "special people" who
are above our Laws framed by our Constitution.

Are they above our Laws, are you?
You can not claim you did not vote them into office. You know most were well bought and paid for
by most of you voting for your personal gains from government largess. Not demanding crooked
politicians and their bureaucratic sycophants be held publicly accountable when everyone's life is
on the line says you are too selfish to be a free people, doesn't it?

Think, then act accordingly. The method of prevention we use is our public decision, not theirs.

The democrats willfully have chosen Mr. Biden, a obviously senile old man who will be replaced via
the 25th amendment with Kamala Harris. Not someone on the peoples side, that is for sure. Wake up, the corona-virus was created to do exactly what is happening right now. must hold both parties and our establishment bureaucrats accountable now, or there will be no peaceful conservation debt disconnection attempt. We fight to live free or you will die.

2020-1-24 1-24-20 The USA Is A Society of Get-Along To Co-Along Liars


The USA has gone insane with hubris. Our political parties are both my way or the highway.
We literally say we are in Syria to steal their oil. Iran is a monster. We sanction, bomb, drone kill
worldwide to maintain corporate monopolies that make billionaires out of unearned stolen profits.

We have a Federal Reserve bank monetizing debt guaranteeing a catastrophic financial collapse.
The Democrats are impeaching Trump based literally on bald faced lies with the connivance of our
criminal FBI, CIA and other spy agencies and yet not one of these seditious criminals has been

Why is there no legal accountability for leaders who commit obvious crimes?, Most USA
citizens tacitly act like there is a free lunch for letting our government lie, steal, and murder at
home and abroad. Not one of our hired government workers who steal our liberties and order
murders domestically and overseas have been brought to justice, have they?
Lying to a judge to get a FISA warrant by a sworn public servant is a felony. for example.

Pride, the devils favorite sin, goeth before the fall, especially when you print up toilet paper to pay
for your sins.

The solution is simple. We demand by electing a political party that will bring our Deep State to swift and certain justice or we all die. Will the Republicans act after this election?

The reality is most political, social changes are caused by corrupt political leaderships. Physical
calamities from diseases, storms to earthquakes, and conservation debts, etc can be dealt with
when we cooperate honestly. It is the corrupt politicians who strive to incite strife between us to
justify and maintain their powers over us that we must expose and eliminate. e.g. The USA
military industrial complex[MIC} who use phony wars to justify violating our inalienable

2020-10-30 Under the cover of wars they commit the worst crime of all in a free society" Relaxing Strict Liability.
From Adam Smith on, limiting liability was recognized as a license to defraud the public. Letting a
corporation give money to elected officials or bribe government agents must be severely punished
by forcing their dissolution. Businessmen don't like competition and when they meet they will try
to create guilds, like the AMA to restrict entry, while demanding unnecessary licensing
requirements, etc, etc. Read "The Wealth Of Nations" by Adam Smith. He describes this behavior
to a tee. Ain't nothing new, just keep the citizenry distracted. Awaken!

10-25-2019 There are no bigger totalitarians than virtue signalling do-goodders, aka a progressive, which means they think their ends justify any ends to achieve power.
Are we starting to see an awakening. A push back from righteous outrage at the Democrats
assault on truth. The Dems are worst because they sold their souls to Hillary, but the Republicans
better learn we meant get out of these criminal wars and above all, clean house in DC.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Sat Oct 31, 2020 5:49 pm; edited 127 times in total

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