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Astronomers Can Confirm Our A-M Debt HIt Sun Unless Stopped
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PostPost subject: Astronomers Can Confirm Our A-M Debt HIt Sun Unless Stopped
Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 3:07 am

2019-08-17 Copy Front page

by Daniel B. Alter

Will Our Astronomers & Political Insiders do the tests
needed to Prevent
our Sun From Exploding on July 16, 2024?

There are three ways our Astronomers can verify that our Anti-Matter(A-M) Debt Exists,
which also confirms that Only We Advanced Earth Spirits Can Create It.

First, the Hubble along with other large telescopes will confirm that
starlight up to 61.8% after the Big Bang can no longer be seen.

This effect is caused by our Planetary Spirit Line(PSL) which blocked 61.8% starlight from the
past by July 16, 2019, By July 16, 2020 another 61.8% from the 38.2% left will no longer be visible.

Below the Petition are articles showing two other ways to confirm that past starlight has vanished.

Why is the far past starlight now being blocked?
We are spirits, we block anything going behind us in time going faster than
light(FTL) between the two inner sides of our "Moebius strip geometry universe". At
six years to go, the interactions described in the theory synopsis start blocking all past starlight

This prediction was deduced from this premise.
When we live in a Moebius Strip geometry universe, then our universe maintains conservation
by using Gravity(G), instant gravity(iG), and the Repulsive Force(RF). We can measure these forces
with Planck's Constant(h), the smallest unit of time/distance we can see with the fixed speed of light(c).
"How iG and the RF work to conserve a Moebius geometry universe."

In a conserved universe, the cost of we spirits causing our life forms to move so as to stay alive is the
creation of an Anti-Matter(A-M) conservation debt. Conserved means you can't dodge repayment forever.

The bill has come due for the "religious", the "We are dead means no afterlife for me, & "Dead is gone for everyone".
An A-M debt shows you have a real "Live on after death" soul. God is self-aware and created us in his own image.

Prevention demands pubic verification by real scientists.
Unfortunately, many present scientists are paid by our establishments to not rock the boat.
Too many scientists join our news media in not reporting public challenges to their assertions.
"Silencing criticisms" is enabled when a monopolized News Media gets away with
"not answering criticisms about themselves".

We need honest scientists to verify/disprove this prediction on this public record. Without public feedback
from anyone with information about this prediction; our present "news monopolies" would let us all die.

Location and name protected when necessary;
How Any Scientist, or News Organization Can Prove Credibility

Until news organizations start answering challenges with a deadline;
they can not show us they are real scientists/reporters accountable to all.
Question & Answer Procedures(Q&APs).

January 17, 1993 science section, New York Times describes A-M debt explosions;
I called the five astro-physicists cited to explain what Long Term Gamma Blasters(LTGBs) cause:
a vaporized living planet.
When a ball of A-M hits a Sun at half light speed and explodes, it produces Gamma Rays,
When Matter meets A-M they instantly convert 100% of their masses into pure energy.
The white hot Gamma Rays zap out to vaporize the living planet that created its A-M debt..

Hubble saw the "Afterglow" of a vaporized planet. In 1998, three hours after a LTGB was reported,
Optical Counterpart To The Gamma Ray burst GR970228 Observed
Using The Hubble Telescope" 'Nature' May 29, 1997 page 476.

The incandescent debris cloud from the vaporized planet fades away after six weeks.

Immediately after I talked with the five astro-physicists the term LTGB was changed to Gamma Blasters
and NASA denied "Afterglows" existed, Next NASA blocked public access to its website reporting LTGBs.
Our insider leaders act like they know the easy way to stop our A-M debt.
While easy for them and certain; they also know that telling 7 plus billion
of us
that we must die so a few insiders survive would cause public objections.

Both the "easy" and "hard" ways require the A-M particles we send to our A-M debt
decline by over 50% in the last year,
This huge quick decline tells our A-M Debt that Earth died so It disconnects.

The easy way requires a massive thermonuclear exchange between nine & six months to go,
while the privileged hide in the underground shelters they have prepared.
Or, why not save half the space for our best and brightest and a lottery for the other half?

There is a hard way of deflecting the bullet;
but it requires our present elected leaders in the USA and other countries to
make peace, and accept being held accountable. Not likely for our present
leaders, so unless we elect leaders who will try the hard way; we have their easy way!

Hard Prevention works like this.
When most of us agree to simultaneously NOT MOVE for an hour or more between October 16, 2023
and April 16, 2024; then our spirits stop sending Anti-Matter particles to our A-M debt simulating death.

Here is how you can help us Verify or Disprove this scientific prediction.
Sign the petition
then Register On and use the N1CL.

A Public Petition
We Demand Our Politicians Publicly Verify This Prediction NOW!

Three Measurements To Verify A-M debt Exists & When It Arrives

The article published 11-30-18 in the journal Science
describes how to measure light back to within 10% of Big Bang

"A Gamma-Ray Determination Of The Universe's Star-Formation History"

This article with the two cited below it show three ways of confirming
that the past starlight is disappearing at my predicted rate. By next July 17
good amateur telescopes can see and measure the disappearance rate.
Until in the last year the night sky will go black except for the planets.

The first article gives a full explanation of the development of this measuring method by scientists
led by astrophysicist Marco Ajello with co-author Abhishek Desai at Clemson College of Science,
They used very bright Black Holes called Blazers as a baseline measurement of light from the past.
All The Starlight In The Observable Universe

2. This measurement led by Stephanie De Barros with her co-author Pascal Oesch at the
Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland, in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
used the light from the massive super bright first galaxies in our universe.
How Ancient Galaxies Lit Up The Universe

3. The Hubble, other large telescopes, and large radio telescopes can
all look over 38.2% into the past right now and see within a month.

The July 16, 2018 to July 16, 2019 cycle now repeats, as each of the following five sidereal years
will repeat the 0% to 61.8% sequence of remaining past starlight vanishing. After July 16, 2023
there will be no starlight, until Earth is ZAPPED on July 16, 2024, unless we act together.

How did I discover this?

Early in February 1991,
I posited that when we are real spirits that cause our bodies to move;
then we must create a Conservation Debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M).
Conserved means any movement has an equal and opposite reaction.

An inanimate plus movement incurs an equal and opposite cost instantly;
but we spirits can defer a conservation cost, which means we must pay later.

This delayed repayment means that in Earth's case, we have accumulated a
600 km in diameter ball of frozen(3 degrees above absolute zero) ionized A-M hydrogen.
The A-M Ball hits the other our Sun from Earth going at half the speed of light;
Wham! A lance of pure Gamma Rays reaches out to spear Earth, vaporizing us.
In125 seconds, Earth is turned into the glowing gas cloud called the "Afterglow".

On February 10, 1992 I saw the cover of the February 1, 1992 Science News.
It is a 300 feet in diameter depiction showing us Earth being vaporized
in six or seven units of time, exactly as my thought experiment predicted.

I was ecstatic for about 10 or so seconds. Only someone(s) who had seen these close up from
space could have pictured this so exactly; then I remembered what planet I was standing on,

By February 15, 1992, I deduced prevention was possible,
so I started to warn everyone, otherwise why raise the subject? Now we have
one way out; we advanced life forms have to simulate our deaths by not moving.
I initially posited Earth year time units, but the time units the E-Ts used turned out to be three Earth sidereal years.
Why three year units is explained by the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet striking at 8 minutes & 30 seconds behind
Jupiter's limb(edge) on July 16, 1994 at 20:13 UTC exactly three sidereal years after the Barbary Castle was put down.

8 Minutes and 30 seconds is how long it takes light to reach Earth from the Sun.
This is the time it takes that spear of Gamma Rays to reach out to first hit Earth;
at the exact conjunction time shown in the Missing Earth crop circle.

Lo and behold, none of you want to talk about this preventable event.
The E-Ts warned us so we can choose to save ourselves. They can't, "Not Move" for us.
You each have to choose as a free willed citizen of Earth to consciously help..

Ignoring reality won't make the consequences of ignoring reality go away, will it?

Here is how to help.
I ask every countries leaders to ask their citizens, each endowed with inalienable rights,
to join together at the same time in doing one simple action from wherever they are on Earth,
Not move, sleep, or meditate for one to two hours.
This will simulate our planet's death by reducing the A-M particles going to our A-M debt by over 50%.
We can build the technology to verify whether or not it works; we can practice if we start soon enough.

To synchronize our disconnection worldwide we need to use two inventions.

1. the N1CL, US Patent #8566730 so we can create and share the accurate information needed and------.

2. the "Relative to the Speed of Light | velocity-vector meter", US patent #10024694B1 which enables
Instant Quantum Entangled Communication anywhere by synchronizing differences in relativistic clock speeds.

A "Rel-c|vel-vec meter" enables us to build a quantum cell phone network independent of satellites, cell towers,
and present phone infrastructure which Earth changes could destroy, while quantum phones would still work.

We can not force co-operation on 7.4 billion unique souls. It is your own free choice to help.
Please join us in signing the petition above.

Look on the bright side, our astronomers could prove me wrong, and I would be off this hook. God wish.

This section Restates What I Just Said with more science, N1CL Hows, & Political Necessities..

"I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act;
but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act."

We face this question: Will our politicians and scientists act to prove me wrong?

A warning email sent xx-xx-2019

Subject: A life or death threat to your life.
cc: Large telescope astronomers. relevant scientists, science reporters,
my USA politicians, Ambassadors of other countries.

You each were notified because you have a direct
or implied fiduciary responsibility to protect Earth.
No 1st Cost List
Speaks for itself.

Please relevant eyewitness verifications or disproofs.


Dan Alter

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Sat Oct 31, 2020 5:54 pm; edited 8 times in total

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