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Latest 21-03-05 Thoughts on the Art & Practice of Science

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PostPost subject: Latest 21-03-05 Thoughts on the Art & Practice of Science
Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 11:48 pm

First entry on top, last on bottom.

A Conclusion
10-25-2019 I edited "Why don't we Take anyone's word for it?" and realized I was saying this:
Practicing science is a relentless search for the objective truth about what our universe is and and how it works. That imposes a strict moral code on those who would practice science. The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. That can be a real pisser sometimes, as none of us are perfect.

8-06-2019 Scientists try to explain how our universe works objectively. That means "It is the "We can't so explains." that we are seeking. Once you can consciously say, "We don't know this."; then discoveries can occur.

To get to the "This is what we objectively don't know point", means you are always operating at your level of incompetence, you just know persistence wins the day.

A clue for me is finding some common link between all the data, an objective link like "Why can't we see a base particle that carries Gravity?",
Answer: Because its base carrier is iG. Instant Gravity implies we can't measure it, because a measurement takes time.

The link is never obvious, it comes from looking at things from a different angle,

8-09-2019 Writing this FP embodies how you figure out and make a discovery.
Explaining the discovery so others can understand is the crucial part of the process.
Unless you can, you really haven't made an objective scientific discovery.

This FP comprising 7 sections, all interrelated and how to tie them together,
was a result of teaching myself what my discovery means to all of us,
and What Needs To Be Done; which means What I Need To Do.

Lets be happy that we have this opportunity to rise above ourselves.
Pretty sweet, we get to make peace, celebrate that, and do what we need to do to save us, as God's children.

8-13-2019 Now that I have sectioned the FP, started to set up Petition, I realized a short video based
on the Barbary Castle and Missing Earth crop circles is needed. A video is worth 10,000 words.

Last week I hunched the form of the base gravitational equation, after reading several weeks ago a description
of the relationship of the 3 quarks in the rest mass of a proton. They spend a tiny amount of energy to keep separated.
It is exactly the amount needed to be the Gravitational Constant = 34 decimal places past zero.

8-19-2019 I got angry tonight at the NYT reporting false charges of racism against Trump without evidence.
Then I realized the falsehood had been recorded and exposed elsewhere. Reporters can't deliberately lie, especially
when owners tell them to. Ergo, you work for the NYT making and reporting the news, then we know you are liars and no one will believe you. They are done in the reporting business, as no one will believe them, nor any honest news organization. Good riddance. (21-03-05 Their number of readers is falling precipitously.)

Our hit keep going up, my edits are minor, and I suddenly relaxed, we objective truth seekers are actually the vast majority. God bless the internet.

8-25-2019 Its funny how you know you are almost done. The changes in explaining what you discovered become editing. Not oddly, the most important part of showing what you are explaining. This elimination of "discrepancies tells you when you are done. Any change that uses unnecessary words makes it worse; and you are done, except for outside criticisms.

10-01-2019 the historian Arnold Toynbee said empires die by suicide, not conquest. He is right, a "my way or the highway" group gets in charge and destroys anyone who opposes them. Right now in the USA that is the democrats. It is clear they are willing to destroy our constitution by refusing to accept the results of a presidential election. They literally show they will say and do anything to win. Since this behavior seems to be a common end point for great empires, then "How do we step back and regain our reason?

Only a terrible abrupt, painful, shock will do. Our wallets are the most painful portion of our anatomy. Time is short, there is much we need to do to get ready, especially me. slow up, cool down, we have to go through the financial collapse before we agree to cooperate.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

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