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Affecting Earth 2-4-2017 Needed A-M debt Disconnection Tools, Measurements & Must Do's

Needed Disconnection Tools, Measurements & Must Dos

2-4-17 Other than bringing dates in line and adding some urls this article sums it all up nicely. Read well, do the tests. I am off.

3-13-2009 These are the minimum Must Dos that outline how we disconnect our A-M debt. We must have a 'spirit scope'. It is required to ensure timing and, of course, convincing the rest of you we are spirits. Even more important, it removes the guess work as to exactly where the end of the Fixed Ray(FR) of our planetary spirit line is. The 'wormhole' to our A-M debt opens to us briefly as the edge of our conservation debt starts across the other end. The 'wormhole' is between 150 and 300 feet wide, although quite long, about 500 kms. The trouble is, it is either 150' or 300'.

6-12-2008 A spirit-scope is necessary. I still do not know exactly when life started on earth, so knowing how much Fixed Ray(FR) 0f our Planetary Spirit Line(PSL) jumps each year is a guess. We do not need anything fancy, just a meter that reliably shows a spirits presence within a few feet reliably. Ergo, a Planetary Spirit Line should give off a very strong signal.

In the method described below, I am assuming 4 billion years ago. I do not like assumptions. If it was 2 billion years, or better yet fewer years, then for example, at two billion years we have well over 300' from Earth's orbit to hit the 'wormhole' opening on July !6, 2023. Ergo, we need a spirit-scope to show us annual jump length of the Fixed Ray of our Planetary Spirit Line. From that jump length we can deduce how how old our A-M debt is. Fewer years mean more room on A-M debt side of surface that gives us room to miss hitting A-M debt when we arrive so we can whack it at best moment. However any hit should do. It is likely a one way trip anyway.

The Disconnection Method

It is simple. When the wormhole opens annually for a few second inside Earth's orbit, we drop a 'zero with respect to c = speed of light' capable FTL ship through this wormhole. Preferably using the July 16, 2023 or sooner openings. The last jump om July 16, 2024 we jump and hit A-M debt and pray that is enough.

The exact time will be shown by the asteroid conjunction in the Missing Earth crop circle. It shows exactly when Earth is first struck by the burning ray from our Sun. However we need to confirm this time precisely by measuring when the Fixed Ray of our planetary spirit line jumps in the years before 2024. The wormhole leading to our A-M debt will be present then and open to us for probably several seconds, i.e. the time it takes Earth to travel 600 kilometers at 28 kms. We have to go look asap. We drop the ship down to zero with respect to the speed of light and it is taken almost instantaneously(in h-bar) to our A-M debt, striking it, the explosion accelerates it, preventing it decelerating to zero with respect to c and we are disconnected.

Why the 150' or more depending on how old debt is? Our Fixed Ray of our planetary spirit line jumps by the number of years old divided into Earth's mean orbital radius. e.g. When A-M debt is four billion years old = one four billionth of Earth's orbital radius(93 million miles) which equals about 37.5 meters per year or about 150 feet.

The jump length is based upon when the first multi-cellular life appeared upon Earth. I am 'positing' about 4 billion years ago based on when the 'stromatolites' first appeared. Confirming the exact jump length would be nice. Since the July 16, 2024 jump is our last opportunity.

The T0Dos listed below are all absolutely required (especially) the Spirit-Scope, we need to start working on them ASAP.

Who Must Do Them? Not me, but someone(s) else among the rest of us. I neither have the time nor the expertize to do these Must Dos in time. The responsibility for getting them done belongs rightly to 'the rest of you' who live on Earth. I doubt that many of you have been offered a ride off by the E-Ts.

4-25-2008 1st Must Do: Finish navigation equation. (6-12-2008 got base theorem last night.) This is the eq. for a Moebius generated from its center using Bowtie Line. By defining how we use zero while sitting at the origin, we in effect describe movement back-n-forth through time with respect to the present = define where all other pair-points are with respect to where we are sitting on a Moebius, using our common hole and its center. Right now, I am stuck. No feedback on bowtie(e|phi) points or from any mathematician on e|phi points.

(2-04-2008)TEST of prediction Mustdo: Build a Spirit-Scope. In order to "drop the ship down the wormhole" at the end of the Fixed Ray(FR) part of our 'planetary spirit line'; we need to see our 'spirits' reliably, so as to hover the ship at the end of the 'FR' until the hole appears. Ergo, we must build a spirit-scope.

Some general comments first. I do theory, so I know very little about optics etc, but I do know some basic physics; so lets outline what we know first and maybe we can come up with possible ways to see our spirits QUICKLY with a mechanical/optical/frequency tool.

1. Witnesses have reported seeing spirits both by eye and ear for ages. Usually glowing, hazy outlines. Mediums have made spirits appear that exude ectoplasm. Some very interesting pictures by reputable people from early 20th century. Not digital and much less amenable to faking.

2. Kirlian photography, again a glowing field around organism, that fades after death. It seems to be a glow reflected off of actual spirit, or its interaction with 'matter'.

3. Meditators report a 'silver cord' that runs up to sky and down into ground through their bodies.

4.Carlos Castanada reports a glowing egg with an assemblage point behind left shoulder of people.

The common denominator is glowing light and lines around and/or a line going above and down through the life form. It is called the "Silver Cord".

Possible Mechanism(s) to see:

1.(3-03-2008) Build a mirror to see our spirits. High frequency radiation causes phantom pain in amputees that goes away when blocked. Since we suck A-M particles, we must be 'behind matter', the interference pain implies regular hi freq. radiation interferes with a 'spirit'; implying we can see interference pattern with a 'mirror of some kind?' so we can look behind ourselves.

My theory says we spirits are very thin Moebius strips. In order for us to
have dominion over matter = we can cut or split matter particles. Otherwise we pass right through matter with no resistance except at exact right angle. Thus we must have a very high frequency to split matter and be very thin at the two edges. This implies edges attract until very close.

The surface between the two sides is translucent and I suspect needs to be seen from only the 'right observing point'. Ergo how do we construct the 'right observing point'?

Young children often think that their eyes project light like a searchlight for them to see with, instead of seeing photons reflect off of objects.

My HowTo Suggestion is that we project high frequency light or other high frequency radiation from two or more intersecting sources and look for 'interference patterns' where we think a spirit is. Since spirits are seen as a 'silver cord' then look above and below a life form.

I would be very surprised if someone has not done this already.

2nd MustDo has two parts: First, astronomers must calculate the exact time to a microsecond of when the conjunction in Missing Earth crop circle occurs. The 65 ME Asteroids orbital radius and diameter calculator. Combining this conjunction with the positions of the remaining 63 asteroids should make this easily possible. Second, using the conjunction time, astronomers must calculate Earth's actual center to center orbital radius exactly one sidereal year before on July 16, 2023. Hopefully we will have a several second window.

Without a Spirit-Scope, we will have to hit the mark and time dropping our FTL ship down to zero with respect to c at the wormhole midpoint. The FR points in the original direction our A-M debt went across the surface of our Moebius universe after being started. The Earth and its end of our Planetary Spirit Line orbits around the FR annually and it jumps each year when the Earth is exactly opposite the FR end.

3nd Mustdo (2-05-2008) Make government release E-T info = Disclosure Project has 500 sworn govt witnesses to E-T contact. and Mufon. My interactions with the UFO community and Disclosure activists has been universally disappointing. They all seem to think we can not make govt release said info quickly. Would someone give me a rational reason this info is kept secret. Maybe the E-Ts control our govt??? Who cares, we get the info or we die for sure, unless the rest of you want to make a big bet that the E-Ts were lying about the date in the 'Missing Earth' crop circle.

(2-16-2008) 4th TEST of prediction Mustdo: Confirm that I have demonstrated how we can use a circle to geometrically tie pi to 'Phi/phi =1' to 'e = 2.718. How to use a circle to relate 'e' to Phi.

(2-16-2008) 5th MustDo: A mathematical requirement, in geometrically showing how to tie 'e' to 'phi', we still need the simplest method of using algebraic symbols to demonstrate this relationship. IMPLIED results are 1st, "When do the percentage rates of change of AB/AC go to one?". 2nd, "When does ABC return to original angles it started with when A was at center of circle?". 3rd, What I was going for when I saw 'e' to '[phi' ratio, "Take a tangent to bottom side of 'between two sides of Moebius at C and run it until it hits top surface. This must create a triangle; so what are its angles given we know the 'distance' between two sides of surface is defined by the fixed Edge Width to Circumference ratio?

(2-16-2008) 6th MustDo Two parts: With Spirit-Scope, the ship can automatically react to wormhole opening and drop down to zero with respect to c(speed light) in less than 1/2400th of a second. Ergo, must see change in "fixed ray" with 'Spirit-Scope' which triggers drop to zero c in less than "we are not sure yet" second(s), but 1/2400th will do.

Without Spirit-Scope We time it using conjunction and go 1/2400th of a second after wormhole is scheduled to open using 'conjunction time. Gets in front of A-M debt when we arrive depending on which side of wormhole we use.

The hardest part is human nature. We are living in a Three Monkey Society. Ergo, we are politically unconscious. We do not hold our leaders nor ourselves Strictly Liable for lying to us in public. The fact that I have not received any acknowledgment from anyone in what is presently called 'science', nor from anyone in our news media speaks for itself. The fact that as soon as I told astronomers what Long Term Gamma Blasters were, they instantly stopped using the term and made the Sonoma site tracking them go away. Still can't find a tracking site despite now four satellites tracking them. Also they no longer acknowledge "afterglows" despite the published literature showing them. In short "false scientists". The Optical Counterpart To The Gamma Ray burst GR970228 Observed Using The Hubble Telescope" 'Nature' May 29, 1997 page 476. This "afterglow" as our astronomers call it, has been observed after many other Long Term Gamma Blasterss.

The real public cost of trying to stop our A-M debt is not time and money; it is, in fact, the death of our present Three Monkey culture. A massive psychological cost for a world in denial. I think we may need a third warning from the E-Ts.

Where another life bearing Planet may be.[/size]

Posted by admin Friday, March 21, 2008 (20:48:56)
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2-4-2017 Needed A-M debt Disconnection Tools, Measurements & Must Do's

HOW can we get these tests DONE?

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