10-14-10 to 11-10-11 record changes to beta site.
Wednesday, October 10, 2012 (02:40:56)

Posted by Dan

Thia is my list of changes in first to last sequence on site. My articles run out of space. We will consolidate later and set up last to first etc. for examination.

10-14-10 MT on our currency problem and Bernanke.

10-15-10 Post reply to BP has accepted full liability topic,
"Re: BP has accepted Full Liability(NOT), historic precedent".

10-16-10 Changed title of original article by adding NOT.
MT on Macondo leak, to pull topic off FP on 26th.

10-18-10 MT om rule of law.

10-19-10 Changed totitle os "Why & How to go FTL shown by where light is." to "How to go FTL shown by where light from your destination is."

Edit above topic to talk about time.

Edit " Why we are objectively real spirits that create life forms". On time.

MT on To Do = topic on how handle time.

New topic Politics forum on "Obama Shouldn't Dismiss Voter Concern" from Wash. Post Oct 19

10-23-10 MT on election and mkts.

MT on contacting, Statement by James K. Galbraith, Lloyd M. Bentsen, jr. Chair in Government/BusinessRelations, Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, The University of Texas at Austin, before the Subcommittee on Crime, Senate Judiciary Committee, May 4, 2010.

10-24-10 Removed non good url, [url]How Lehman collapse models faster Catastrophic Financial Collapse.[/url]

10-25-10 Edit, "How to go FTL shown by where light from your destination is.".

10-26-10 MT on time and equation.

10-27-10 New topic my foum, "Comments on how "time " works in conserved universe.".

Edit "Why we are objectively real spirits that create life forms".

Change title of BP leak topic, "Why BP well still has a growing leak! 10-27-10 confirmation.".

10-28-10 MT on Obama.

10-30-10 MT on eq clue.

Reply to Obama topic in Politics forum.

10-31-10 email to Karen Horst Cobb "I am not a christian"

Changed title, "Why we must enforce liability now upon corporations", to "NOT Enforcing Strict Liability On Corporations Reduces Quantity of Life."

Edit "Equation clue, a discrepancy between seen clocks" topic.

Changed above title to "Equation clue, a discrepancy between relativity clocks".

11-1-10 Add ? to above topic.

11-2-10 MT on election.

Removed BP well links from FP, probably a distraction. Lets pray I do not have to put them back.

Added FP comment on well to BP topic.

Changed BP accept Liability topic title to "BP has NOT accepted Full Liability, scammed again.".

11-6-10 Edit "Equation clue, a discrepancy between relativity clocks".

11-9-10 Mt on time and clock speed differences.

Add comment to Time topic.

11-11-11 Add comment on clocks to "Shown by where light" is topic.

New topic, "Navigation tools for a Starship in a Moebius Universe".

11-16-10 MT on equation.

11-22-10 My on equation.

11-26-10 MT on equation tying to Relativity equations.

11-27-10 Edit "Comments on how "time " works in conserved universe.".

Mt on implications of base identity.

11-29-10 Edit above MT.

12-2-10 Mt on eq and relationship to Walras Law.
Edit top FP.

12-4-10 MT on my choice to help.
MT Arab quote about lying to others and yourself.
Added comment to topic, "The crucial "Precipitating Event" happened.".
Edit "Warning that Sun will explode, vaporizing Earth" changed date from 2009 to 2012.

12-6-10 MT on EQ postulates and simultaneous NOW assumption implications.

12-9-10 Two MTs, First on equation puzzle and its pieces and how to combine.
2. On the nature of a we created objective reality.
MT on what eq. article to contain.
Eq. log entry, the base identity that constrains observers in a M universe.
MT with Eric Fromm quote.

12-14-10 MT on eq article.

12-15-10 First draft Eq article.

12-19=10 500 WOUs to A. zoza.
MT about eq describing what it does.
MY on the choice I face, and thoroughly detest.
Edit "The base comparison identity equation for our GUT." and change its title to "The base measurement identity equation for our GUT.".

12-23-10 Edit FP
Cut redundant and created new topic, Warning Summary cut from front page.
Created little blog post block on FP.

12-26-10 Edit FP.
Move first comment post to MT.
New comment post on nature of measuring time alive.
Edit FP more.

12-27-10 MT on conservation form of eq.

12-28-10 Add another confirmation to "Why BP well still has a growing leak! 12-26-10 confirmation".

01-01-11 MT on equation i.e. navigation.
MT on needs, right people and money.
New forum: A-M debt prediction & BP well.
New topic "Why does BP well relate to A-M debt disconnection?"

01-03-11 Edit top FP.
MT on how I must proceed.

01-06-11 Edit top FP. Put in Headline.

01-07-08 MT

01-08-11 MT on eq. and a todo to test h-bar prediction tying two origins together.

01-11-11 MT on my choice.

01-13-11 Put headline on F}P as link Questions.
Edit diff block.

01-14-11 Edit FP. Put in first question to all.
MT on contract.
Edit conclusions FP, put in objective definition.

01-16-11 Edit MTs for punctuation and spelling, etc, no material changes.

01-20-11 MT on first N1CL question.

01-23-11 MT on abstract for How & Why We Can Go FTL.

01-25-11 Edit Eq. log for spelling etc.
Entry in eq. log Title of base paper, my Euclid act.
Added Should We topic in public forum.

01-28-11 Started base theory article w. title and summary of immediate purpose.

01-30-11 MT om doing eq.

01-31-11 2 MT on using Walras Law as eq. base form. Leads back to defining time alive and how denote.

02-04-11 MT on Science article showing methane eating bacteria in Gulf gobble CH4 extremely rapidly given food stock.
MT on how look at and denote the edge bordering a M surface.

02-08-11 Edit FP move ? up to top.

02-12-11 Todo MT and on our choice.
Edit conclusions on FP.

02-13-11 correct a-m debt date on fp.
MT on A-M date error.

02-14-11 MT

02-17-11 Edit FP, sharpen up question.
Edit "Should we?" topic.
Add urls to FP.

02-18-11 Edit FP added poll url on top.
MT on poll.

02-19-11 MT on what to do = time to write the contract.
Fixed 'censor' function to 'exact match'.

02-20-11 Edit MTs.
Add about Public morality on FP.

02-24-11 Edit top FP.

02-25-11 Edit top FP.

02-26-11 MT on how do FTL.

02-28-11 Edit E-T message summary.
MT on plan.

03-03-11 Edit MT for spelling.
Edit "What Must Be Done" article.
Edit "03-03-11 Why E-T blinkships our Govt has could stop our Sun from exploding.".
MT on objective geometric relationship that must obtain to do FTL in M universe.
MT on three sources of FTL ships.

03-06-11 Edit topic, "The base measurement identity equation for our GUT.".

03-08-11 MT on article demonstrating E-T origins of single cell life in Journal of Cosmology.

03-13-11 MT on what to do next.

03-16-11 Add topic, "Another reason the E-Ts won't help us.".
MT, "ToDo: Why GE Boiling Water Reactors Are Atomic Bombs Waiting To Happen".
Add topic, "Why GE Boiling Water Reactors Are Waiting Atomic Bombs".

03-18-11 Edit above topic added new info about plutonium fuel rods.
MT on how to proceed.
Edit top FP.

03-20-11 Changed title to , Why Boiling Water Reactors ARe Dangerous, then edited.

03-23-11 MT

03-26-11 MT on 500 lbs weapons grade uranium at Fukoshima 3.
MT on plan.
Edit FP, change question to Will we verify conjunction.

03-27-11 MT on our leaders not telling the truth. It is crux of our political problems. Without a N1CL, no way to get them to do so.

03-29-11 Edit FP.

04-01-11 Edit Boiling Water topic.
Added How True Facts Backfire to Seeing Ourselves.

04-06-11 MT on second crux point.

04-07-11 Edit top FP. shortened a lot.
Edit 'How to use Global Climate Changes..." and added radiation network link to it.

04-11-11 New topic in "Should we?" forum, the warnib posted to Zero Hedge.

04-12-11 Edit Member Forums by adding "Forum" after each person's name.

04-13-11 Edit Q&A forum description.
I cutnpasted 10-09-09 to 6-28-10 changes to new article and it got lost. Must retrieve from backups.

04-14-11 Edit full member Forum description.
Edit top of FP.

04-19-11 Add topic on Fed causes Catastrophic Collapse.

04-21-11 Two MT on Ea. first on put selling analogue to eq.

04-23-11 Eq. log entry.

04-25-11 MT on I must be Captain.

04-28-11 Add top para to FP explaining List

04-29-11 Edit FP.
MT on a todo a ?.

05-02-11 Worked on registration problem and pointing nofirstcostlist.com to no1stcostlist.com.

05-03-11. No firstcostlist.com fixed.
Carl to fix registration weekend.

05-04-11 Dan at zipcon fixed pointer at zipcon

05-05-11 Al fixed registration problem and pointer on ou servers.
Edit WOU article.

05-07-11 Tested registration awarded 150 WOUS to Al Zoza.

05-08-11 MT

05-09-11 MT on moral law condition.
Added Cost as measured by what? "Other peoples time alive.". to top FP and Obj. Measure article.

05-10-11 MT

05-14-11 MT contain this "I am a scientist with warning of a very real immediate danger to Earth that can easily be verified or disproven. It can be prevented with some want to, and I am praying that you will become my friend on Facebook to help with persuading astronomers to verify/disprove the absolute confirmation of the prediction. My profile will explain what needs to be done..

This prediction was a theoretical deduction, subsequently reports by scientists and astronomers confirmed directly every causal link in the theoretical model.

Dan Alter"

05-15-11 Changed FP ? to, "Who will help us persuade our astronomers and elected politicians to publicly Verify or Disprove asteroid conjunction shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle that shows precisely when Earth's theoretically predicted conservation debt made of Anti-Matter will cause our Sun to explode?"

Edit FP. Added fact that objective facts are eye witnessed facts.

05-22-11 MT on being sick and todo topic.
Edit FP add take care of yourself first.
MT on a quote by Sherlock Holmes.
Edit "Why E-T blinkships our Govt has could stop..."

05-23-11 Captain MT

05-24-11 Edit FP add stuff on being Captain.

05-29-11 MT on what a Captain does and there powers and duties.

06-02-11 MT on Why won't the E-Ts help us.
Changed title of topic on George Bush to law to "Why won't the E-Ts help us.?" Because we have not agreed on an objective public Rule of Moral behavior towards each other.
MT on how verify conjunctions independent of govt interference.

06-04-11 Edit "how to find conjunctions".

06-08-11 Edit Captain MT.

06-09-11 Edit top FP. More on what Captain does.

06-10-11 Edit FP.

06-11-11 Edit "What must be done"
new topic on measuring cost.

06-12-11 MT on Captain or no help. Unless our leaders kowtow, there is no chance of success. We must stop being a 3MS by deed, or die.

06-13-11 Met Bill at Old Country to talk books and how track money etc.
Edit FP, put countdown clock on top. boy oh boy.

06-14-11 Edit FP.
Edit 6-12 Captain MT.

06-17-11 Edit top FP, getting closer.
Minor edit "What Three Monkey Society Leaderships Are & How Work?".

06-20-=11 Edit FP, new ?, Who wants to...?

06-21-11 New registrant who immediately starts trying to sell stuff. Changed user agree to say no buying selling and advertising, talk to the public good, not your own.
Added second head to FP answering question, "Unless We Stop Our Government Leaders From Murdering Innocent Civilians Ever Again, we won't." Explain why below with an Abstract titled "Why & How" First sentence, "We must bring our government leaders to Law now and there is a simple low cost way to do it backed by a vast majority of citizens demanding this be done immediately."

MT Todo: on powers, duti3s & how pay for Captain

06-25-11 MT on market. crash starting?

06-28-11 MT on Start Captain's Log.
Edit FP.

07-1-11 MT on log.

07-02-11 Edit FP added Captains Log
Setup Captain Log forum.

07-03-11 Work on Captain's LOg.

07-04-11 Edit CL & top FP.

07-05-11 Edit CL.

07-06-11 Edit top FP.
Edit "The Objective Measure of Our General Welfare".
Edit "Why Earth Has A Conservation Debt, Theory & Evidence".

07-07-11 New CL entry, edit log. and top FP.

07-08-11 MT on oncoming financial crash.

07-09-11 MT on being Captain.

07-12-11 Edit FP.
Remove July 7 log entry, the June 28 Allington (2) circle looks like a hoax, very poorly made. Boy the positions of the three planets map the ME circle planet positions and that is also the positions of three inner planets on July 16, 2012, or very close. Strange coincidence, but it looks like they had several pints before making the circle.

07-13-11 Edit FP.

07-14-11 Edit CL.
MT on debt deal coming soon.

07-15-11 Post to Zerohedge http://www.zerohedge.com/comment/edit/1458580
MT on debt ceiling talks. No deal likely unless done by Monday.

07-16-11 Edit Thye Objective Measure of the Genereal
Post its link to zerohedge.

07-17-11 Post comment on zerohedge on Captain.
MT on Captain http://www.zerohedge.com/article/open-letter-my-fellow-americans#comment-1464219
Edit CL july 2.

07-18-11 Edit FP. It is getting too long again. We need a precipitating event.
100 WOUs to Al.

07-19-11 Edit FP, mostly deleting, more to go.
MT on debt deal and impact on disconnection.

07-21-11 MT on how dark our situation looks. Edit FP.
email to Disclosure Project.

07-22-11 Added 'asteroid' to 7-21-11 MT.
MT on why I have delayed pushing warning.
MT on us.

07-25-11 MT on market.

07-27-11 Added to FP "The No 1st Cost List is wwhere and how to verify controversial scientific predictions."
Eq. log entry.

07-28-11 Add topic in Politica " Why Obama is a disastor."

07-29-11 posted "Re: The crucial "Precipitating Event" happened. Debt ceiling".
2 MT

07-31-11 Topic "Why no questions or anonymous comments?"

08-01-11 MT on debt ceiling.

08-04-11 New topic "finally market crash starts".
Edit top FP "The No 1st Cost List is where we can hold our Three Monkey Society leaders accountable.".

08-06-11 Add Daily News and no questions.... newa.
MT on what I did to top FP.

08-07-11 Edit FP: change Daily News to Useful News
Change No ?s from politicians... to Deadly For Earth News
Edit climate article
Edit How to find conjunctions article.
Edit "Soft ice cream = causal premise required to create a GUT?".

08-08-11 Add "Why remaining a 3ms,\.." to useful news.
Edit top FP.

08-10-11 Reply to "Finally market starts crashing" topic.

08-11-11 Edit FP.

08-13-11 Edit Captain's Log. Put its link top useful news.
Added 'succession' sub forum to Captain's Log.
Edit FP. Delete redundancy.
MT on todays editing.
MT on market.

08-14-11 Added 'Our Soaceship" to Captain's Log title on FP.

08-15-11 Added 'objective' def to to FP. and become scientist implication.

08-16-11 Remove 'Scientists line from top FP.

08-17-11 Made topic "Why could only E-Ts make conjunction in the Missing Earth?" copied and deleted from FP.
Made topic "There are four ways to stop A-M debt.".

08-18-11 Added top FP "Having a central place to create 'objective' information is required to do true science and run a spaceship like Earth.".

08-19-11 Edit topic "Cost as measured by what?" to "Cost to yourself & others as measured by what?".

08-20-11 MT on Macondo well's new leak.
Dangers to earth log entry: The BP well Macondo has started to leak again.

08-21-11 Add to Damgers to All forum "Fukishima is getting worse and Japanese Govt does nothing.".
Edit CL forums.

08-22=11 Remove 3ms topic from Useful News and replaced w. "How to go FTL shown by where light from your destination is.".

08-23-11 MT on Macondo

08-25-11 New CL entry.

08-26-11 Changed FP 'FTL link to bottom & edited FTL topics a bit.
Edit my topic "BP's Macondo well has started to leak again.".

08-28-11 Changed title "Incontrovertible proof..." to "Proof E-Ts Have Publicly Warned Earth That Our Sun Will Explode July 16, 2012" and edited.
Edit top FP to add and discuss +50% METHOD.

08-31-11 Added FP "(8-31-09 Saying beyond their warning the E-Ts have not helped us can not be true should Macondo re-leak catastrophically. Then the E-Ts do want to help save Earth. They love life. They are morally obligated to help us.

Were the E-Ts moral has always been the real question? We shall see.)".

09-01-11 9-1-11 CL entry on new Macondo re-leak evidence.

09-03-11 Edit top FP.

09-05-11 "The Purpose Of The No 1st Cost List Is To Create A Public Record Of Our Public Disagreements." replaced "The Only Way To Create Independently Verified Objective News For All." at top of FP.
Made para underneath consistent.
"Record of changes to beta site." replaced " The date of latest changes to site.".
MT on consciousness.

09-06-11 Changed Puropse N1CL to "The Purpose Of The No 1st Cost List Is To Solicit & Record Our Public Questions & Disagreements.".

09-07-11 Changed "The Purpose Of The No 1st Cost List Is To Solicit & Record Our Public Questions & Disagreements." to "The Purpose Of The No 1st Cost List Is To Solicit & Record Our "Objective" Public Questions & Disagreements.". Should I change Solicit to Create?
Creates it is. "brings into existence" Google dictionary.

09-09-11 MT on why no signs Macondo releak.
MT on mkt,
MT on Ron Paul winning Repub debate.
Posted topic in Political forum on Ron Paul win.

09-11-11 MT on market and implications.
Posted as a reply in Politics forum to market topic.

09-12-11 Added e Phi topic to news.
Added "A Poker Story:..." to news.
Changed topic title, First duty of.... to "Reporting "facts as they are" is 1st duty of the press."
Added new link FP CL entry on Sept 10 confirm re-leak continues.

09-13-11 Edit FP, CL urls change.
Removed from FP "

A Poker Story: When To Take Insurance.
How & Where we can go Faster Than Light
How to use a circle to relate "e" to Phi and all other mathematical constants.
Changed "Useful to all news" to "Crucial to all news".

09-14-11 Edit "Does the BP blowout relate to our conservation debt?".
Changed "Deadly Unresolved News About Earth" to " Deadly "Can Easily Be Verified" News About Earth.

09-16-11 Added to July 2 CL entry: "(9-17-11 To late for that now. As the BP well re-leak shows, they could be doing it for us. This up to now, unpredicted disaster would be expected to wipe well over 95% of us out, Only conscious co-operation and willing sacrifice by many can save us, no make us a civilization.)".

09-19-11 Added "nano thermite residue in WTC dust" & #MS topic to Crucial to all News on FP.

09-20-11 Working with Carl on fixing buttons on FP.
two hours.
50 WOUs for good idea on blinking Question button.

09-25-11 MT on BP well.
Added this link "September 21, 11 oil continues at Macondo with likely Corexit use photos." to "BP well has started to re-leak..." topic.

09-26-11 MT on market and BP well.

09-27-11 MT on markets amazing correlation.
MT on calling congress.
Edit description of Question Members forums.

09-30-11 Posted "Feds Put Transocean – Not BP – on the Hook to Find Source of Oil Surfacing at Deepwater Horizon Site" on FP in crucial to all news.
Posted "Could the BP blowout prevent our conservation debt?" to news.

10-01-11 Edit top FP. Add dates.

Added "Why does Earth need a Captain? Earth faces certain death for all next July 16, 2011 unless something is done to prevent our Sun from exploding. This Front Page of the N1CL has developed in this form because none of you like to talk about it. Absolutely no questions from a 'stranger', only practice ones from family and friends since April 2005 when this warning was first posted. My theoretical prediction was confirmed on February 10, 1992. By February 13, 1992 I knew in theory we could prevent our Sun explosion. I have been warning us ever since. Now it looks like our disconnection is out of our hands, we can only try and save as many as we can. That requires willing political cooperation shown by the UN confirming me as Captain because I have a good idea of what we face. We need (link)Full N1CL Members(link) to get this done. Who wants to help?".

MT on markets and soon coming bank runs.
Edit "What Must Be Done".

Change Could the BP well re-leak prevent our conservation debt?" to "Could BP well re-leak stop our conservation debt coming due?".

10-03-11 MT on mkt.

10-04-11 Edit "Obama says he can assassinate at will" topic.

Post to Politics, "Obama must be brought to Law now for murder most foul.

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:00 pm".

10-05-11 Edit this change record.

MT on mkt.

10-06-11 Added to top NEWS page: "10-6-2011 We are waiting for news on the re-leak BP well Macondo. News on that is covered in detail in the Captain's Log on the Front Page. Our ability to do a disconnection with the blinkships described below seems very unlikely right now. Should the re-leak continue to expand then we will disconnect the old fashioned way which means most of us will die. We will know in less than 60 days.".

Added link to Obama assassinate topic about Secret WH panel can put Americans on kill list.

10-08-11 Added this link to Obama assassinate topic: http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/06/assassinating-the-constitution/

10-10-11 Added this link http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/News/097539-2011-10-07-white-house-secret-panel-can-order-americans-assassinated.htm?From=News to topic Obama can assassinate.

10-12-11 MT on 'blackhole in oceans.'

Changed top FP "The Purpose Of The No 1st Cost List Is To "create" & Record Our "Objective" answers To Public Questions & Disagreements." to " to "The No 1st Cost List Enables Us To create "Objective" answers To Public Questions & Disagreements On A Central Public Record.".

Add topic, "How to survive Gulf Firestorm from BP well re-leak.

Moved Aug 25 CL entry to CL forum.
Added 5th & 6th implication to "What are Macondo explosively re-leak implications?".

10-13-11 Added this link "Prolonged Process of Elimination: Sunken Rig Is Not the Source of Oil Surfacing at Deepwater Horizon Site" to CL entry on FP.

10-14-11 MT on Govt lie saying retail sales increased.

10-16-11 Edited this article, added
so we could get line breaks. Removed the new article. Hopefully fixed by upgrade.

10-18-11 Added top FP "In short, we find out who stands behind what they say to all in Public because they have agreed to answer questions from anyone.".

Added to latest CL entry from my MT on retail sales number, "The retail sales numbers release showed a seasonally adjusted 7.9% increase September year over year and over 1% from August, without adjustment for inflation. The problem is that every single category was actually down in dollar terms at a 5% rate. God does not help liars to all.

14-Oct-2011 07:23:33

10-19-11 Edit this article putting back spaces.

MT on BoA transferring their investment losses to taxpayers illegally.
Added, "(10-19-11 As you will see from the previous CL entry, I had entirely given up on the 50% plus die-off method. Given a Macondo re-leak as I predict, then the E-Ts are helping us while forcing us to grow up politically or die. This method is too elegant to be by chance, so actually talking to them will be of great help.)" to Aug 25,2011 CL entry.

10-24-11 Replaced "The No 1st Cost List Enables Us To create "Objective" answers To Public Questions & Disagreements On A Central Public Record." with "The No 1st Cost List creates Objective answers that resolve Public Questions and Disagreements.

Added to political purpose of N1CL is bring criminal leaders to Justice fast.

10-27-11 Changed "creates Objective answers that resolve Public Questions and Disagreements." to "creates Objectively Ver'fied NEWS that resolves Public Questions and Disagreements.".

Reedit top FP.

Added headline "Earth Faces A Do STOP Sun Explosion, or All Die On July 16, 2012"

Changed c\'crucial to all news' to "Crucial Stop Sun Explosion News.

10-28-11 Changed "On any planet with an internet there is only one way and place over time that any and all can all meet to report, confirm, question or disagree about any subject on a central Public Record." to

10-29-11 Edit top FP, it is tightening up nicely.

11-03-11 MT on MF Global

MY on when Macondo releak to hit media.

11-08-11 Changed Headline on FP from "Earth Faces A DO STOP Sun Explosion, or All Die On July 16, 2012" to "Earth Faces A MUST STOP Sun Explosion, or All Die On July 16, 2012".

Posted "Science and mechanics for stopping Sun explosion."

11-10-11 Edit "Science and mechanics for stopping Sun explosion."

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