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Affecting Earth 9-21-12 How find the 2 conjunction asteroids in the "Missing Earth" crop circle

Which two asteroids are shown in a Must Be Caused conjunction shown in the Longwood-Warren, aka the "Missing Earth" crop circle? There are two methods described below. By Daniel Alter n1cl-1

Why Look?

When our astronomers objectively confirm in public that the conjunction exists, then, by inspection, they also show it is unnatural and must be caused by intelligent action. This will confirm that E-Ts are trying to contact us with a public warning telling us when our conservation debt made of Anti-Matter(A-M) will strike the Sun vaporizing Earth. We can prevent it, once we know precisely when. Time is of the essence, we can not afford to be wrong about this. Everyone's life is at stake.

"Objective facts" are always created by eye witnesses. For a scientist it means eyewitness reports in public that accurately measure reality. Then we can make predictions about what causes the effects we see. Objective facts can and must be verified by others. Honesty is a work requirement.

There are two ways to verify which asteroids are used for the conjunctions:

1. The simple way: Our astronomers can look where the 150 largest asteroids are supposed to be in their orbits and see if any are not where they are supposed to be. I predict at least two out of normal orbital positions.

Once you find two out of position then calculate whether they would be on July 16, 2024. This way would verify what the ME message shows.

or 2. Use the clues provided by the structure of the 'Missing Earth" to deduce which asteroids are used: This method is described below. This still requires our astronomers to look for the predicted asteroids.

Another benefit from deducing which asteroids are used is that the ME shows us the logical syntax and structure the E-Ts use to tie their pictures to reality.

In order to find which two asteroids are shown in conjunction in the "Missing Earth" crop circle we need to do the following: Assume = posit a basis of comparison between the "Missing Earth" crop circle and the actual solar system, then measure the predictions this comparison generates.

Base Objective Premise of Comparison: The "Missing Earth" crop circle is an exact to scale representation of our solar system out to the asteroid belt.

Working materials Margin of Error: Right now all we have are photos taken from small airplanes at some angle off vertically overhead = foreshortening in picture. See 'Methods & Materials" below for how to eliminate any material error from our Premise of Comparison. Later someone can use a 3-D rendering program to give us a centered vertically picture. I suspect our Defense Dept has good pictures made from a satellite.

There are 65 asteroids shown in the "Missing Earth" crop circle. Two asteroids are shown in conjunction at exactly the 9 o'clock position of our North Heliocentric view of our solar system. There are two possible conjunction dates, either on July 16, 2021 at xx:xx.xx UT or exactly three sidereal Earth years later on July 16, 2024 at xx:xx.xx UT. Use the time first piece of Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Jupiter = and come forward 21 or 18 Earth sidereal years to calculate conjunction times exactly. I will do later.

Definition of conjunction for our purposes: When any two of the 65 asteroids intersect plane "A" at the same time on either of the two dates listed above. Plane "A" looks like a great wall that slices down through the asteroid conjunction vector that runs out from the Sun's center on Earth's ecliptic plane. i.e. A conjunction occurs even though both asteroids could literally be 100,000s of kilometers(km) apart on plane "A". e.g. One above the plane of Earth's ecliptic and one below, as long as they intersect plane "A" simultaneously.

How do we use the "Missing Earth" to determine which two asteroids are shown in conjunction?

1. The 65 asteroids shown in the 'Missing Earth" are all shown on the same orbital radius; yet asteroids vary by several 100 million kilometers in their orbital radii.

Our Secondary Premise: We assume the orbital radius shown is the average of the radii of the 65 asteroids = their Mean Orbital Radius(MOR).

Use this equation to find Mean Orbital Radius of 65 asteroids(MOR): Since we know Earth's orbital radius equals 1 AU(149,550,000 km), then we can deduce the MOR using the following relationship: Measure the diameter of 65 asteroids using a "Missing Earth" picture. The diameter of the asteroids in my "Missing Earth" picture measured 17.6 millimeters, while at the same time the orbital diameter of the Earth measured 7.075 millimeters. You will get an equation that looks like this, 17.6/7.075 = x/AU. Solve for x and divide by 2 to get MOR.

2. The equation the circle makers used to determine the size of the circles depicting the 65 asteroids in the 'Missing Earth" crop circle. The ME circle 65 asteroid orbital radius and diameter equation. i.e. Divide actual radius of each asteroid on July 16, 2024 into MOR in km, then multiply this percentage times actual diameter of asteroid in km to get proportional size of circle representing each asteroid in km.

Ergo, once you know two things, an asteroids actual orbital radius used in computing the Mean Orbital Radius of the 65 'Missing Earth" asteroids, or its actual diameter; then you can deduce which asteroid it is from the size of its circle in the "Missing Earth".

3. Determine the constant of multiplication used to increase the size of the circles depicting the asteroids so they can be seen. I think by 10^5 = 100,000. This one is easy, each asteroid circle is some percentage of MOR in the ME picture, thus once we identify one asteroid and its circle size from the "asteroid diameter eq." defined above, then we can deduce what factor of multiplication was used. i.e. 1. Measure the circle size in the ME picture for your asteroid, divide that measurement by the MOR you measured in your picture and determine the percentage = A; 2. Divide the MOR in km into actual asteroid diameter and determine the percentage = B; 3. Solve for x: xB(km)/MOR(in km) = percentage A.

I presume the same for all the asteroid circles

Key characteristics of Longwood-Warren, i.e. "Missing Earth" crop circle.

The ME has two different dates in it, and one big difference.

First date: the concentric rings representing inner four planets orbits are for July 17, 2003 as the positions of the remaining three planets demonstrate.

Second date: the positions of the 65 asteroids shown are for July 16, 2024. When I mistakenly deduced July 16, 2009 and then for July 16, 2012 as our A-M debt arrival date, I thought it was possible they had used two conjunctions.

The big discrepancy in ME is: the Sun is pushed nearly to Mercury's orbit, showing the net directional force of the explosion over 21 years , i.e. the difference between July 17, 2003 and July 16, 2024, not July 16, 2009/2012.

In conclusion These 65 asteroids shown are anomalous, in that they all lie on the same orbital radius. Actually their orbital radii vary by 100s of thousands of kilometers. Below we will see how the circle makers used a beautifully elegant way to show actual asteroid diameter, orbital radius, and position with one circle for each asteroid and the mean of the 65 radii shown. How to see this is explained in Methods & Materials below.

Methods & Materials

Our base known unit of measure = ASTRONOMICAL UNIT (AU). 1 AU = 149597870.691 kilometers, thus all other measurements will be done in metric units.

1.We will require a list of the largest 100 main belt asteroids ranked by
diameter, see 500 largest asteroids with no TNOs.

2. Each asteroid's orbital radius on July 16, 2024 at xx:xx.xx UT and on July 16, 2021 at xx:xx.xx UT for exactness later. Use the time first piece of Shoemaker-Levy 9 hit Jupiter and come forward 21 08 18 Earth sidereal years to calculate conjunction times exactly. I will do later.

3. A good blown up pic of the Missing Earth,

4. Determine the mean of the orbital radii of the 65 asteroids shown by using the ME picture this way:

First take four diameters of the ME picture measured in millimeters. Start with the long diameter of the picture, then the short diameter at a right right angle, then the two in between diameters. At the same time, measure off Earth's diameter using the outer edge of its concentric ring(same for asteroid ring).

5.Average your four measurements of both the diameters of asteroid ring and Earth. Divide by two to get radius. Since Earth's mean orbital radius = ASTRONOMICAL UNIT (AU). 1 AU = 149597870.691 kilometers , then we can solve for the mean orbital radius of the asteroid shown with this formula: AU/x = measurement of Earths mean radius from picture in millimeters/asteroid ring average radius measurement from picture. Solve for x.
My answer is approximately 371,000,000 kms.

6. Use the largest asteroid closest to the Nine o'clock position as probable largest asteroid in Missing Earth = Europhysine on July 16, 2024 and create its circle proportional to Ceres diameter as base measure, e.g. Ceres is 832 km and Europhysine is 256 km so [size=13]Europhysine circle will be 256/832 = .308 of diameter of circle representing Ceres.

I know a better way than 6. Since counting 65 asteroids down from largest or up from smallest 100 asteroids means there is a 30 asteroid overlap, then use the 2 to 4 asteroids from the thirty with the biggest differences between the sizes of the circles depicting them and then work out the rest.

Or we could use the middle asteroids in the thirty = 13, 14, 15, 16. Since these will be close in diameter, then differences in there orbital radii will dominate, generating a distinct pattern.

7. Determine the next 64 asteroids ranked in descending order of diameters,

8. Determine the proportional diameter of the circle representing each asteroid shown by using Ceres as the largest circle of the 100 as the base circle,

9. Use each asteroid's actual orbital radius and divide it into the mean of the 65 orbital radii,

10. Divide this percentage into the mean and multiply the diameter of the circle representing each asteroid, e.g. Asteroids inside the mean of the 65 orbits will have a circle larger than their actual diameter, and the ones further out will have a smaller circle representing it. See the “asteroid calculator URL,

11. Match up the sizes of the asteroid circles predicted by our equation with the sizes of Missing Earth circles. Once we have determined which two asteroids are closest to conjunction, then we can look to see if they are in their normal orbital positions. If not in expected position, we can then look at where they would be for them to have been in conjunction on July 16, 2021 or July 16, 2024.

After confirming the first conjunction is on July 16, 2021, is a second conjunction implied?

The short answer is no. For a years I have always felt the E-T message was incomplete, but that was because I had not deduced the correct date yet. I wanted help. Shoemaker-Levy 9 gave us the E-Ts unit of time and showed us an example of total destruction, Its date of impact, July 16, 1994 at 20:13 UT shows us where to look for conjunction on July 16, 2024.

When you are explaining something you use a three step process. First, "Tell them what you are going to say." = the title of this article. Second, "Say it" by giving definitions, explaining methods and materials, giving examples. Third, Sum up what you just said with a conclusion(s) = one asteroid conjunction showing when A-M debt arrived on Earth's orbit. Shoemaker-Levy 9 did constitute a "Say it" and showed us the circle makers unit of time.

1. Confirm that the conjunction shown in ME circle is on July 16, 2024, about 26 minutes before the sidereal year anniversary of Shoemaker-Levy 9 striking Jupiter. It will be precise to the nano second.

Explained in a November 30, 2009 Message Tree entry.
"Figured out how to measure actual diameter of asteroids from size circle for asteroids shown in Missing earth circle. E-Ts had to have multiplied actual diameter of asteroids by some constant factor for us to see them in ME, probably about 10,000 or 2^13 to one km of diameter.

Posted by Dan
Monday, November 30, 2009 (22:20:55)".

2. A July 16, 2024 conjunction means obviously no second conjunction, and that the ME circle was the "Tell them what you just said" part of the E-T message. In short, they have given us the minimal warning. They have washed their hands of us, unless we can convince them otherwise. I like this scenario a lot less than the two conjunction hypothesis.


1. Our astronomers need to start looking pronto. Now they know where to look. Once we deduce their constant of multiplication and we know the Mean Orbital Radius of the 65 asteroids; then given any date for the orbital locations of all 65 asteroids, we can deduce directly from the size of the circle used what the actual diameter of the two asteroids that are depicted in conjunction = their names.

Lets see who figures this out first. 500 largest asteroids w. no TNOs = Trans Neptunium Objects.

2. There are only three possible results:
a. No conjunction;
b. there are two conjunctions, one on July 16, 2021 and the next on July 16, 2024 or;
c. just one "must be caused" conjunction on July 16, 2024.

No conjunction means someone was pulling our legs = sick joke. Unlikely result, but good news for us we hope, because we still have an A-M debt.

Confirming either of the two "must be caused" conjunctions possibilities means we have a big problem. I have discussed "What Must Be done" elsewhere, but I will summarize part here.

First, this is a "public warning". That implies a public response. In short our astronomers MUST verify the conjunction in public, not only on the N1CL public record, but in every other way possible. We will want E-T help. While it is conceivable we can do a disconnection with our present technology, it is unlikely we have enough time left to accomplish what must be done. I repeat, we need the E-Ts help, and given their obscure public warning, we get no help until we acknowledge their warning in public.

Why would E-Ts require a public response from us before helping?

As scientists astronomers can prove the conjunction shown in the Missing Earth is not there. That would make my day. The trouble is none of us could figure out why anyone lie about a living planet being vaporized.

Posted by Dan Sunday, December 06, 2009 (07:07:34)
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