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Science of Conservation Debt Why Earth Has A Conservation Debt That Causes Sun To Explode,

This is the short story. Background: In 1985 I discovered what Objective Measure of Personal Value all life forms used to keep themselves alive with. This is the oldest 'economic question of all, What do we use to measure what is good and bad for ourselves under all possible sets of physical circumstances?."The Objective Measure of Our General Welfare."

Since we humans create scientific theories to describe how the universe works back to ourselves, our fundamental common objective measure of value must serve as its objective causal premise.

This led to deducing that we must live in a Moebius Geometry based universe and that all life forms are created and animated by thin Moebius Geometry based spirits. Souls have been rumored to exist before and all great religions posit their theology on the existence of a personal soul, e.g Catholics.

Western scientists, despite massive evidence to the contrary, deny that spirits exist and most refuse to look at the evidence.

So how do spirits create a planetary conservation debt and what is the evidence for it?

It started with a question: What makes our bodies move? I see an effect, movement. Ergo, there must be a cause.

I postulated that we are objectively real "spirits"; so how could spirits have dominion over matter, control matter?.

The simplest thing we could do to have dominion over matter was "make a hole", split base particles or molecules.

One half, the plus half triggers off a neuron, BUT the other half must be minus matter = Anti-Matter(A-M). We don't see any explosions in our brains, nor is their any evidence for these explosions in Earth's past or present so so where is the A-M?.

I did a thought experiment in February 1991 to find out. Although I had no evidence of any kind at the time for my experiment's results, evidence kept turning up over the next 17.5 years until there are published scientific reports confirming every single causal link in this theory.

First I made some simplifying assumptions:

1. A Moebius Surface has two sides as any observer can see.
2. Ergo, there must be something between the two sides.
3. Plus matter is on one side = ours, A-M on the other.
4. Visualize spirit as a U shaped channel.

The Thought Experiment:

1. Spirit splits "particle or molecule, I think H2O.
Evidence for H20, conjecture so far. Look for excess HO.

2. Plus part triggers neuron, but we have A-M part.
Evidence = we move without any visible outside cause.

3. U channel of spirit sucks in A-M part and sends it between two sides of M universe surface, under Sun, and then out to other side of M universe surface, which is as far away as you can get from Earth going across the M surface.

But this leaves a hole in our brain.

4. As A-M particle goes under Sun, it reverses the polarity of our U channel spirit and it now sucks a plus particle from the Sun and sends it back to our brain to fill the hole left by removal of A-M particle.
Evidence, "Sun Burns Anomalously" article from Science News about 2000. The anomaly could be explained if there was a small black hole at the center of the Sun. Since the Sun would not be shining if there was a small black hole, but spirits sucking particles to send back to Earth so as to maintain local conservation also explains the anomaly, does it not?

5. We all know the answer to this question. Do we get to dodge repaying the A-M debt forever in a conserved universe, and by inspection, a Moebius is a conserved geometry? We all know the answer, of course not?

6. We and our A-M debt begin to seek each other at the speed of light, .5c on one side, .5 c on the other = conservation assumption. Our A-M debt wants to come home but must come from as far away as possible across the surface. On a Moebius, that means it starts to come home from right on the other side.

7. What does the explosion look like? Since it is coming from as far away as possible, that means it must come from the other side of the Sun on the plane of the Earth's ecliptic at .5 c. It is coming for Earth, but the Sun gets in the way Kaboom and earth gets vaporized.

Evidence, part one: These explosions were called 'Long Term Gamma Blasters'(LTGB), January 17, 1993 New York Times, Science section. These LTGBss last many hundreds of seconds. Up to over 2000 seconds.

After I talked to the five astro-physicists involved with the Compton satellite that recorded these explosions, the term was not used again. Strange these LTGB Gamma Ray explosions are clearly distinctly different from Gamma Bursters that last from a second to under 20 seconds. Gamma Ray Burster page. On this site they truncate the data so that the two groups are not clearly separated.

Evidence, part two: The first question I asked during my first call to one of the physicists in England was, "How does their frequency vary with duration?"; his answer, "The longer they last, the more your see." = conclusive evidence that a local conservation violation must have a hand in these explosions = we spirits creating a conservation debt?

Clearly in a conserved universe, the bigger things are, the fewer you see. e.g. The bigger the mountain, the fewer there are. The bigger the star, the fewer you see.

Evidence, part three: Since the LTGB sends a ray out from the sun to vaporize the life bearing planet that created the A-M debt; then we should see evidence in the form of an expanding cloud of hot gases and debris on one side of the Sun that was hit. In 1998, three hours after a LTGB was reported the Hubble saw exactly that. "The Optical Counterpart To The Gamma Ray burst GR970228 Observed Using The Hubble Telescope" 'Nature' May 29, 1997 page 476. This "afterglow" as our astronomers call it, has been observed after many other LTGBs.

8. The Shock Remember, I had none of the evidence listed above, which is not a complete list.

On February 10, 1992 I called Gerard Hawkins about his article "Geometric Harvest" in the February 1, 1992 Science News. It was about the fact that some of the early crop circles were extremely elegant proofs of geometric theorems that had never before been published in ancient or modern mathematical literature. On the cover was a picture of one of the 'crop circle proofs', the Barbary Castle crop circle. It was the first large complex circle. It turned out to be the E-Ts thesis statement = Tell them what you are going to say and show them.

I was interested in the math, I was trying to write the equation for Moebius Strips using only there properties, not an external co-ordinate system as all present equations for them must use now.

About 45 minutes into our conversation, I realized the Barbary Castle could be a picture of my thought experiment explosion. I did some measurements and realized it was. I was ecstatic for about 30 seconds, eyewitness confirmation from a source that must have seen them close up from space = E-Ts; then I remembered what planet I was standing on. I became less happy. It took me three days to deduce that in theory at least we could prevent this explosion. I have been trying to warn you ever since. You do not like the idea.

A list of the evidence for A-M conservation debt and questions Moebius Strip Geometry universe answers:

1. Sensory deprivation tank experiments. Subject has imaginary itch, scratches nose, signals originate in cerebral cortex without any outside sensory inputs.

2. Five Part E-T message Summary
All we need do do now is confirm the existence of the two conjunctions. The first shown in the Missing Earth crop circle, and the second I predict is implied on July 16, 2012 at the 12 o'clock of the ME circle.

3. Long Term Gamma Blasters article in New Your Times January 17, 1993 Science Section.

4. Hubble confirms 'Afterglow' of vaporized planet. In 1998, three hours after a LTGB was reported the Hubble saw exactly that. "The Optical Counterpart To The Gamma Ray burst GR970228 Observed Using The Hubble Telescope" 'Nature' May 29, 1997 page 476. This "afterglow" as our astronomers call it, has been observed after many other LTGBs.

5. Where is Anti-Matter(A-M) our physics equations require? Look at a Moebius, the A-M is on the other side of its surface. Huge A-M jets from only one side of galactic cores. "Milky Way's Heart Gushes Anti-Matter" Science News, May 3, 1997. A black hole has to send its matter someplace = other side of Moebius universe surface.

6. Where is the missing 95% matter that our astrophysicists say we can not see? Moebius universe replicates and grows larger, by construction, when you disconnect a conservation debt, it continues the splitting in two cut of our base universe. This is the muck of the "dark matter" we see by its gravitational effects. We indeed live in a multi-verse.

7. Billion plus light year Hole in our universe with no stars seen in universe. National Radio Astronomy Observatory August 23, 2007 Astonomers find billion light year hole in universe

8. "Geometric Harvest"(Euclid's Crop Circles}, Science News, February 1, 1992, page 76. This includes the cover picture of the Barbury Castle crop circle(about 290' across) that shows Earth being vaporized. Placed down at 1:45 AM GMT on July 17, 1991 according to two separate pairs of eye witnesses.

9. "Small Black Hole at Center of Sun", Since our spirits send an A-M particle from our brain to our A-M debt, we need to fill the hole it leaves with a Plus Particle from somewhere = the Sun. I read this absolute confirmation in Science News around 2000. The article was "Sun Burns Anomalously". The only explanation they could account for the anomaly was missing matter(Hydrogen) from center of the Sun = look like a small Black Hole. This observation is exactly as my theory predicts.

This last one is a dandy confirmation coupled with "The longer Long Term Gamma Blasters Last the more you see". Direct evidence of a local conservation violation = small Black Hole at center of the Sun.

In searching archives I could not find that article???? A Google brings up many references. They think they have some other esoteric explanations. Mine our scientists don't like.

I will add more later, but time is short and I must run.

Posted by Dan Wednesday, November 18, 2009 (07:17:10)
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Re: Why We Have A Conservation Debt, Theory & Evidence (Score: 1 )
by Dan on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 (02:24:53)
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Why no comments? Is it because people do not understand why an objective measure of the General Welfare is crucial to our survival?

Without the truth about what we are, we all die; yet no one seems to want to know.

This is the oldest question of all. Who are we? How do we measure what is good for staying alive?

My oh my!!

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Why is handling the massive scientific disagreement with the AGW(Anthropogenic Global Warming = (man caused) proponents crucial to disconnecting Earth's Anti-Matter debt?

Our leaders and thus most of you will not seek the truth about our real place in the universe. Why is explained by ignorance and self service. Until our society openly deals with this easy to resolve scientific disagreement, I must conclude we will not act to prevent Earth from being vaporized.

These links deal directly with How to Prevent our Sun from exploding.

How do we prevent our Sun from exploding July 16, 2024?

9-21-12 How to find the 2 conjunction asteroids in the "Missing Earth" crop circle?

This math is required.
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Confirming objective reports.
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01-Dec-2017 12:58:01
Dan: This quote says it well from "Do Disclosures of Atrocities Change Anything?" By ALEXANDER COCKBURN Counterpunch, July 31, 1010. twitchy questions such as that asked by The Nation’s Chris Hayes on the Rachel Maddow Show: “I wonder ultimately to whom WikiLeaks ends up being accountable.” The answer to that last question was given definitively in 1851 by Robert Lowe, editorial writer for the London Times. He had been instructed by his editor to refute the claim of a government minister that if the press hoped to share the influence of statesmen, it “must also share in the responsibilities of statesmen.” “The first duty of the press,” Lowe wrote, “is to obtain the earliest and most correct intelligence of the events of the time, and instantly, by disclosing them, to make them the common property of the nation… The Press lives by disclosures… For us, with whom publicity and truth are the air and light of existence, there can be no greater disgrace than to recoil from the frank and accurate disclosure of facts as they are. We are bound to tell the truth as we find it, without fear of consequences – to lend no convenient shelter to acts of injustice and oppression, but to consign them at once to the judgment of the world.”]. I can not say this better. We seek the truth as individuals and when enough of us do in public then we become a civilized society. I know it does not have to be a majority, but it must be at least a few percent of us; then the exemplars lead us all.
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Dan: In thinking more on the following entry, only a quarter of the inner surface of a single twist M have a Bowtie Line; thus extending these lines to the outer side of the M surface equals half the sueface. So the question is "What pattern?" and "What amgles with the center point of the M?", and "which of these centerpoint lines extend to another point on M surface?": Dan: 22-Jul-2017 09:47:54 geometric discovery on Moebius Strips; a Moebius Geometry Theorem: All points on the inner surface of a Moebius have a Bow Tie Line. Inner surface = one can draw a straight line to the center of the Moebius. Passing through the center point is not required to generate a BTL.
16-Oct-2017 05:40:44
Dan: Burning Betty Zero Hedge August 29, 2017: Time for that good ol' GDP joke: "Two Keynesian economists, John Maynard Keynes and Paul Krugman, were walking down the street one day when they passed two large piles of dog (edited). Keynes said to Krugman, "I'll pay you $20,000 to eat one of those piles of (edited)." Krugman agrees and chooses one of the piles and eats it. Keynes pays him his $20,000. Then Krugman, feeling richer, says, "I'll pay you $20,000 to eat the other pile of (edited)." Keynes, feeling bad about the money he lost says okay, and eats the (edited). Krugman pays him the $20,000. They resume walking down the street. After a while, Krugman says, "You know, I don't feel very good. We both have the same amount of money as when we started. The only difference is we've both eaten (edited)." Keynes says: "Ah, but you're ignoring the fact that we've increased the GDP by $40,000." And as someone stated as a comment to this joke; "That is really all you need to know about GDP… it's all dog(edited)."
30-Aug-2017 01:33:09
Dan: a french writer remarked, American civilization has passe from barbarism to decadence without once knowing civilizatiom." ; Memoirs of a Superfluous Man
28-Aug-2017 08:27:52
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