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6-30-14 from 11-10-11, 4th section Record of Change(s) to Beta site.8

All entries are "last at bottom", so scroll down in lower box.

Track changes on site from 10-10-2009 on. Previous sections of this record can be found in News articles.

explain science behind M more completely.

MT on Penn State sodomy.

MT on our markets etc.

Added top FP "It is the only way[/b] to prove your honesty to everyone on Earth.".

11-11-11 Edit top FP changed "It is the only way[/b] to prove your honesty to everyone on Earth." to "Answering public challenges and questions from anyone is the only way to prove your honesty to everyone on Earth. Doing this is necessary to verify the truth of anyone's public assertions about dangers to all."

Added above Warning "Now we can test this warning.".

Moved October 13 CL entry about transocean results to latest news.

Added to July 2 to Sept 3 CL entry "(11-11-11 At this point in time, I did not think the 50% plus die off disconnection method was possible, a good example of the Fallacy of the Excluded Middle = you left out real possibilities from your conjectures.)".

11-12-11 MT "Living is a constant process of deciding what we are going to do." Jose Ortega y Gasset
12-Nov-2011 10:31:40

11-13-11 MT "Free people, remember this maxim: we may acquire liberty, but it is never recovered if it is once lost."
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Testing bug that requires br / symbol to create line breaks. still required

Added url to Crucial to All news: 11-10-11 The firestorm Stop Sun Explosion method is on schedule: US Govt & BP Coverup of massive leaks in seafloor for miles around Deepwater Horizon site.

11-14-11 Added url "macondo-mystery-deepens-nine-large-vessels-spotted-working-in-vicinity-of-deepwater-horizon-site".

10-26-11 MT on Maconco blowout.

10-27-11 Posted to Above Top Secret and Climate Patrol. "BP confirms they are investigating "natural seeps" from seafloor to surface with at least nine large ships.

Some context you will not like at No 1st Cost List. I have not posted about this before because I wanted more confirmation. [url=stuarthsmith.com]Stuart H. Smith[/url] has the story posted November 24, 2011 BP admits it is investigating 'natural seeps" going up from seafloor to surface. For the context story read down below the explanation of what the No 1st Cost List is.

Since the field pressure is at least 110,000 psi, these "seeps' are going to get much larger fast. A firestorm is a certain result once natural gas concentrations on surface reach combustion/explosive levels. All it will take is a spark or a lightening strike.

I would not remain anywhere near the Gulf Coast.".
Post same to Captains Log on FP.

12-03-11 MT on "What to say & do next".

12-05-11 Copied 'headline to under first para on FP. m\Added register url under each head.

12-07-11 Added to crucial news FP "12-07-11 Once BP confirms the "natural seeps" they have found are expanding in number and size, then we can evacuate the Gulf Coast, saving many lives.".

12-08-11 Added "and the Coast Guard" to BP confirm line in Crucial News.

12-09-11 Edit top headline to "12-07-11 After BP and the Coast Guard confirm that the new "natural seeps" BP reported 11-24-11 around BP's Macondo wellhead, are expanding in number and size, then our governments should evacuate the Gulf Coast.". I changed bottom version too, but made different.
Changed "creating context is everything" to Creating "Objective" context is everything.

12-10-11 Put Nov 27 from 11-08 CL entry from FP to CL.
New 12-10-11 L entry.

12-14-11 Added Stuart H. Smiths latest 12-14 entry on results of On Wings of Care 12-9 overflight.
Added addition to 12-10 CL entry.

12-15-11 Changed "Creating...." to and added line below" "For a scientist, discovering and showing "Objective" causal context is everything.

"The worst of it is, BP's Macondo re-leak is the good news." from an email to Stuart H. Smith om 12-14-11.".
Added tp tpo FP "[size=18]
[b]So register to question, comment, and report because we do face a certain danger to all.

12-16-11 Added this above 'crucial news...', "Context: There Are Two Ways To Prevent This Sun Explosion

The First and certain to succeed method requires that over 50% of the multi-cellular biomass on Earth die between July 16, 2011 and July 16, 2012, the last half of the year is better. The re-leak of the BP well Macondo now makes this method a real possibility. Discussed below.

Edit top FP added this url http://www.no1stcostlist.com/Forums/viewtopic/t=165/view=next.html

12-20-11 MT on no news from GOM.

12-23-11 Edit "What Must Be Done".

12-24-11 Edit "What Must Be Done".
Two MTs quotes from Theodore Roosevelt
MT There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare. Sun Tzu

12-25-11 MY a great Dickens quote describing what our central banks are doing to cover up the big banks bad debts: "A person who can't pay gets another person who can't pay to guarantee that he can pay. Like a person with two wooden legs getting another person with two wooden legs to guarantee that he has got two naturing Earth" & Barbury Castle showing Earth vaporized"
MT on eq.

10-02-12 Edit, "Why Gravity(G) is our universe's conservation force.".

10-04-12 MT "In the beginning...",explaining the process in general terms.

Add topic, "You die when you lie when your world uses money to buy."

10-06-12 Changed above title to "We die when you lie when our world uses money to buy."

10-09-12 Edit Macondo topic.
Moved 7-09-10 to 8-28-11 section of this record to new article.

10-10-12 MT on EW = h and implications.

10-11-12 MT Havelock Ellis on dancing.

10-12-12 Admin forums order and change blocks on FP.

10-20-12 MT on hoe h and c are related.

10-22-12 Create popups for Q&A directions. Looks better Carl's idea.

10-23-12 Marco and I worked on Q&A.

10-24-12 Edited topic, " "When h = Circumference of Initial Moebius", add 1-17-12 Posted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 12:20 am. Changed to "When h = Edge Width between 2 sides Moebius, 10-24-12"

10-27-12 Add topic "What is a Grand Unification Theory(GUT)?"

11-01-12 Did "11-01-12 rev. What is a Grand Unification Theory(GUT)?"

11-07-12 MT on why h = radius of initial M.

11-14-12 MT on how we spirits move our life forms.

11-19-12 Fix error in "How to see causes of ......climate change".

11-20-12 Added Latest change to site on FP.

11-21-12 Changed FP upgrade notices to "N1CL upgrade notice. We will be updating our forum over the next few months. This version will remain operational for registration and comments. Questions are on hold for now until we fix a bug and do some upgrading.

Latest change to site: Fixed Phi/phi = 1 error to Phi x phi = 1 in "8-07-11 How To use "Global Climate Measurements" to see causes of Climate Change".
The rest of the story describes how and why I figured out the date. It starts here and will be upgraded last.".

11-22-12 Edit top FP. Added "free" ?

11-25-12 Add to "Planck's constant( h) is the key. Addon: 11-25.12".

11-26-12 Add url http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=z0dDlwfnT8w to Global Climate change article showing million years of ice core temp records.

11-29-12 Add above to FP.
MT on EW = phi.

12-03-12 Changed Contact Congress link from Roll Call to Contacting The Congress. Roll Call kept making it harder to call or write congress.

12-11-12 MT on doing review.

12-12-12 Added "Average Daily Sunspot Area" link to Climate Article.

12-18-12 Edit "Einstein's Missed Implication' TEST Shows Relativity's Base Reference Trame" to "Einstein's Missed Implication' TEST Shows Relativity's Base of Reference To Us"

12-19-12 Posted, "Special shotguns are how to protect schools from killers."

12-19-12 Posted. "Radiation levels in US rising fast".

12-20-12 changed I1CL top headline on FP from, "The No 1st Cost List is a list of people and organizations who stand behind their public words." to "The No 1st Cost List is the only way any person or organization can show their public words are honest to all".

12-22-12 changed "Special shotguns are how to protect schools from killers." to "Non Lethal, Rapid Fire, Knock Down Weapon For Teachers"

12-26-12 MT on 'Time to get going'.
Edit "Why could only E-Ts make conjunction in the Missing Earth?".
Re-said, "Latest changes to N1CL site.
List of changes made to improve N1CL, do science, and Stop Sun Exploding July 16, 2024. Last at bottom.

The changes below indicate how I try to improve our Public Internet Interface, the N1CL. It will be nice when the rest of you start asking and commenting. That will speed the process of creating a self-aware civilization. Homo Saps to Homo Sapiens. Wisdom can only come out of self-awareness.

12-27-12 Add topic, "Seven rules to raise children to become civilized.".

12-31-12 MT w. Galileo Galilei quotes.

1-06-13 Added four rules of gun safety to: "Non Lethal, Rapid Fire, Knock Down Killers Gun For Teachers"

1-07-13 Removed four rules and made into this topic, "Why to teach The Four Rules of Gun Safety to all children.".

1-12-13 MT w Seneca quotes.

1-13-12 MT from The Immorality Crisis not lack of Transparency caused the Financial Collapse, By LUIS MIRANDA | THE REAL AGENDA | DECEMBER 5, 2012.

1-19-13 Edit top Front Page.

1-23-13 Edit top FP to "The No 1st Cost List is where any of us can answer disagreements from anyone head to head.
It is the only way anyone, especially scientists, or any organization or business, especially governments, can show their public words are meant to be honest and true.".

1-24-13 Email to head Mitchell's foundation om spirit investigation.
Edit top FP to incorporate we spirits cause AM debt.

1-25-13 Added World Climate Widget to climate article.

1-26-13 Edit top FP

1-27-13 Added to Macondo topic "Stuart Smith reports continuing leak over Macondo site.

1-28-13 Added "Two tests confirm we live in a Moebius geometry universe." Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:30 pm

1-31-13 Edit top FP.
Added to topic "What is matter between both sides surface Moebius universe?", "To go between, you have to change into an opposite set of frequencies; or have the energy to punch through to the other side, e.g. "jets A-M jets from galactic cores.".

2-01-13 Add latest entry to "Radiation levels in US rising fast, 2-1-13 latest.".

2-03-13 Added MT, Justice is rather the activity of truth, than a virtue in itself. Truth tells us what is due to others, and justice renders that due. Injustice is acting a lie.
Horace Walpole
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/h/horace_walpole.html#7JRxQLQ51uDWXe8G.99
Added MT, Truth uncompromisingly told will always have its ragged edges.
Herman Melville
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/h/herman_melville.html#1OaUY3iSPIgKw6mH.99

2-06-13 Marco todo upgrade and fix Q&A with upgrade.

2-07-13 Edit topic, "Two tests confirm we live in a Moebius geometry universe.".

2-10-13 Add "Not related so far..." to "Why the re-leak of the BP well Macondo could be directly related to our A-M conservation debt is explained just below."

2-13-13 Changed URL for Nitrogen's Bad Effects in climate change article.
MT on fixing Q&A.
Edit top FP, added "By deed, our governments and corporations, to a "man" will not admit they are wrong about anything, thus they have no integrity. They do this by never answering complaints and challenges. They first ignore, then when pushed they call you names, then those whistle blowers who persist are fired, prosecuted, imprisoned, or killed. Our planet is going to die unless we stop this corrupt sociopathic behavior quickly.".

2-20-13 MT "Our sworn leaders are grifters, especially our two main political party leaders: "grift (gr ft) Slang. n. 1. Money made dishonestly, as in a swindle. 2. A swindle or confidence game. v. grift·ed, grift·ing, grifts. v.intr. To engage in swindling ...". We need to clean house and put these criminals in jail or the ideal of Liberty and Justice for All is dead in the USA."

2-22-12 MT of a great response defining Capitalism.

2-23-13 MT Planck's quote, “Truth never triumphs — its opponents just die out. Science advances one funeral at a time.”
MT by me.
Edit top of FP.

2-26-13 Edit and changed topic title, "Planck's constant( h) is the key. Addon: 11-25-12", "Planck's constant(h) is key to discover M coor system.".
Edit top FP.

2-27-13 Edit top FP.

2-28-13 Edit top FP.

3-2-13 Added MT "The warmists are the key, they are so earnest and sure of themselves in the face of overwhelming data falsifying their predictions which shows they don't understand what causes what in Earth's climate. None of us do now, but you sure can put up some odds on warmer or colder. I think I know why. They believe deep deep down they are doing good. They are saving Earth; thus they are entitled to ignore all counter data. Thus those who disagree with them are bad and by inference anything you say, especially showing data that shows their predictions are wrong = your bad= crazy = greedy. Doing real good, doing science actually requires a ruthless search for the truth, Data speaks, not your exalted belief you can do no wrong because you are "for the good" in your imagination."

Posted by Dan
Saturday, March 02, 2013 (22:20:59)

3-4-13 Added "Challenge", to top FP.

3-5-13 Edit topic, "Wrong Predictions, The Only Path to "Perfect" Predictions".

3-9-13 To top FP, "The No 1st Cost List is how We, the People, can control and govern the people who run our governments, thus creating honest democratic governments.". and other edits.

3-10-13 Finally a headline for the List, and "The Hat" party.

3-12-13 Added topic, ""Global Temperatures Highest in 4000 &ears" is not true.".

3-13-13 Made copy of FP 3-13-13 posted as article.

3-14-13 Edit above Global temp.... topic.
Edit 'How to use "Global Climate Measurements" to see causes of climate change.'.

3-15-13 Edit top FP.

3-16-13 Edit The Hat party topic.

3-20-13 Edit top FP.

3-21-13 Edit top FP. I Like headline.

3-23-13 Edit Climate article.

3-28-13 Added forum to Public Forums, "Public Forums open to all who register. No questions from anyone. Edit Delete Move up | Move down
Reviews of Health suggestions & products by those who have tried them.".

4-01-13 Edit by deletion FP.

4-3-13 Edit by deletion FP.

4-4-13 Edit FP

4-5-13 MT on equation.

4-9-13 MT quote. No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organized in such a way as to be able to get along under a leadership composed of average human beings. Peter Drucker

4-10-13 Edit top FP.

4-11-13 Edit top FP.

3-12-13 Edit top FP.

4-13-13 Q&A and upgrade done.

4-15-12 Edit NOT holding corp. SL article.
MT Einstein quote. "The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
Albert Einstein
Put URL to NOT Hold to top FP.

4-17-13 Edit FP.

4-20-13 Add Test prove G moves instantaneously top FP.

4-22-13 Edit top FP, highlight G test more.

4-23-13 MT on citizen forfeit duty to govern themselves.

4-25-13 Edit top FP w M.

4-27-13 500 WOUs to Marco.

4-28-13 Edit gravity topic.

4-29-13 Edit What MSG theory explains topic.

5-05-13 Edit G measure topic.

5-07-13 Edit G measure topic.

5-08-13 Change G topic title to "Test measures whether Gravity moves instantantly, at c, or?" and edit.

5-11-13 Change above title to "A Natural Law: How gravity relates to c over all distances" and edit article.
Added 500 wous to Marco, 150, to Al and 100 to Carl to WOU article.

5-12-13 Edit G topic & title.

5-13-13 Edit FP and G article.

5-15-13 Changed top line of FP to "The common denominator of all bad information you use is that it always costs you time and money.

5-16-13 MT
Edit G article, add why important.

5-17-13 Edit top FP, shorten.

The N1CL is how we use the internet to create trusted, "objective" scientific, political, and business news."

5-18-13 Edit top FP Add n1cl eliminates

5-24-13 Edit top FP.
Edit topic "Gravity moves from c to instantly over fixed distance.".

5-27-13 Edit top FP.

5-30-13 Edit top FP.

5-31-13 Edit top FP.

6-1-13 Edit decipher E_T message topic.
Edit top FP.

6-2-13 Edit top FP.

6-4-13 Edit top FP and below.
Edit topic "Deciphering the E-T "When Stop Sun From Exploding" warning."
Edit topic "Gravity moves from c to instantly over fixed distance.".

6-5-13 Edit top FP.

6-6-12 Transferred G topic to article.

6-7-13 Edit G article and topic, put in Lisa Randall's name and her hypothesis.
Edit top FP.

6-8-13 Edit "E-T warning message summary"

6-12-13 Edit Coase article, "NOT enforcing...."
Edit top FP. sharpened putting Lisa Randall on the spot.

6-16-13 Add top headline "The No 1st Cost List[/align][/size]
is essential to electing governments that ensure Liberty and Justice for All."
Edit Lisa Randall cause to speak back.

6-17-13 Moved "[size=22][align=left] is essential to electing governments that ensure Liberty and Justice for All.
" to summing up.

6-18-13 Edit top FP.
Added "My wife and I invented the N1CL because I did not get credit where credit was due for a fundamental scientific discovery."
Sent second email to Lisa Randall left phone message again with aide, Kevin Herwig Jefferson 457 (617) 384-9345. I went through Dept secretary next to reach Mr. Herwig, she asked me "who should I say is calling?" I gave my name and got answering machine again.

It looks like a 3MS in action, I am not to be heard. May I be wrong.
MT of above on details of contacting Lisa Randall

6-19-13 MT Subject line 3rd email, "Solar Tidal Bulge arrival times will show Gravity propagates Faster Than Light(FTL)."

6-20-13 Sent email to Sundrum acknowledging our phone call subject Line = "Solar Tidal Bulge arrival times will show Gravity propagates Faster Than Light(FTL).".

6-21-13 Add top FP "Giving credit where credit is due is essential for doing honest science, running a government, or doing business." over challenge.

6-22-13 Changed above to "Giving credit/criticism where c/c is due is essential for doing honest science, running a government, or doing business.".

6-23-13 Edit top FP.
Add ? under challenge> Why would these two real scientists.....? We know the answer.

6-25-13 After by Dan Alter, "I do "objective" science. We try to make 'perfect "objective" predictions where we ain't doing so yet, verified by visible measures of cause and effect we all can see used. You don't start with perfect, you must use the wrong ones to improve your theories. When you won't admit when your predictions are wrong, or that someone else can Show & Tell a better theory, you just took yourself out of the science game. Since science is for all, anyone can poke holes in our assertions, so anyone can help do science or become a scientist.".

6-25-13 Edit top FP. prune and clarify.

6-29-13 Edit top FP.

6-30-13 Edit top FP.

7-01-13 Edit top FP.

7-02-13 Edit top FP.

7-03-13 Edit top FP. Edit G article and topic.

7-04-13 Edit top FP.

7-6-13 Edit 3MS topic.
Edit top FP.

7-7-13 Added c02 topic.

7-9-13 Edit conclusions.

7-10-13 Edit FP.
Edit co2 topic.
Edit Gravity article.

7-11-12 Edit FP & conclusions.

7-12-13 Edit FP.
Edit "Why CO2 levels above 400ppm can NOT cause global warming.".

7-15=13 Edit FP.

7-16-13 Topic "About me..".
Edit FP.

7-17-13 Edit FP.
Edit 3 tests article.
Edit "About me" topic.
Change title "Greatest discovery since soft ice cream." to

7-18-13 Edit "Comments on how "time " works in conserved universe.".

7-19-13 Edit "Scientist predicts....." do as separate article.
Edit edit edit.

7-21-13 Edit "About me."

7-25-13 " " and "why M geometry explain

7-30-13 MT on determine c and implications.
change 'to' to 'for' top FP.

7-31-13 Edit conclusions.

8-2-13 Edit FP

8-3-13 Edit FP

8-4-13 Edit FP and "eleven observations scientists can't explain" topic.
Edit "Base measure used for GUT equation identity." topic.

8-6-13 Add title to top FP "Why NOT Enforcing Strict Liability On Corporations, Politicians and Ourselves Always Reduces Time Alive & Total of Profitable Exchanges!".

8-11-13 Two MT Churchill quotes.
Edit top FP. Attack.

8-12-13 Edit topic, "Fukishima is getting worse and Japanese Govt does nothing.".

8-13-13 Edit FP.

8-15-13 Edit FP, MT bible quote 2Peter, chapter 3 vs 11,12.

8-16-13 Edit Evidence for prediction lower FP.

8-21-13 Edit CO2 topic.

8-24-13 Edit CO2 topic.
Added 'killer lies' para to top FP.

8-25-13 Edit killer lies.

8-26-13 Edit killer lies.

9-1-13 Edit top FP.
Edit CO2 topic.

9-6-13 Edit FP CO2 para.
MT Agatha Christie quote.

9-7-13 Edit top FP.

9-8-13 Edit top FP.

9-9-13 Edit top FP>
Edit co2 topic.

9-11-12 Edit top FP.

9-12-13 Edit FP, Add challenges.

9-13-13 Edit top FP.
Edit title co2 art.
Edit my Short Bio.

9-14-13 Edit top FP,
Edit CO2 title.

9-16-13 Edit FP.

9-17-13 Edit FP.

9-18-13 Edit FP.

9-19-13 Edit FP.

9-20-13 Edit FP. Add patent granted date.
MT He who allows oppression shares the crime.
Desiderius Erasmus

9-23-13 Edit FP.
Edit WOU art.

9-25-13 Edit FP. More on how silence gives consent works etc.

9-27-13 MT on dichotomy bet "You sir, ...." and St Peter bible prediction Peter 2/3.

10-4-13 Edit global Warming topic.
Edit top FP.
email to seattle times sci reporter.

10-5-13 Edit Dichotomy MT.
Edit FP

10-6-13 Edit top FP.

10-10-13 Edit top FP

10-12-13 Edit top FP.Deletions

10-13-13 Edit FP.

10-14-13 Edit top FP.

10-15-13 Edit WOU article.

10-15 to 18 Edit top FP.

10-19-21 Incorporate present sci don't how to do
science by my definition.
Added "engineering topic".

10-20-13 Edit top FP.

10-21-13 Edit top FP.

10-22-13 Edit top FP.

10-23-13 Edit top FP.
Edit engineering topic

11-12-13 Edit FP.

11-13-13 Edit How disconnect a4ticle & FP.

11-14-13 Edit FP.

11-15-13 Edit FP.

11-16-13 Edit FP.

11-17-13 Edit FP.

11-18 thru 21 Edit FP.

11-22-13 Edit FP, getting close, now to move down and finish conclusions.

11-30-13 Added 3 reasons need N1CL to FP.

12-02-13 2 MT, Galileo quotes.
Edit FP.

12-05-13 Did topic, "On using Grace to measure Gravity speed from Sun." after talking w. John Ries at GRACE.

12-06-13 Edit Grace topic.
Edit eleven observation topic.
ADD first Headline here to FP.

12-08-13 Edit eleven observations.
Edit Grace topic.
Edit first Gravity topic.
Wrote email to Ries, send tonight.

12-12-13 Edit FP.

12-18-13 Edit FP.

12-19-13 Add headline FP & edit.
Edit "Why we live in a Moebius Strip geometry universe(12-19-2013)".

12-20-13 Edit FP headline.

12-21-13 Add two MTs from Watts Up With That One on independent public peer review and Data from old papers not being preserved at enormous rate.

1-02-14 Edit FP, add why we invented N1CL.

1-03-14 Edit FP.

1-04-14 Edit FP.

1-06-14 MT on Gravitational anomalies in Pioneer 10 & 11 and Ulysses spacecraft. An extra attraction towards the Sun.

1-9-14 MT from Forbes on AGW disproofs.

1-10-14 Edit FP. Put in spirits.

1-18-14 FP made argument why & how GUT is structured.

1-23-14 Edit top FP. Strengthen argument.

1-24-14 Edit "Why & How to go FTL to the stars shown by where light is".
Changed title to, "Where we can go FTL is shown by when starlight arrives.".
Edit top FP. Remove big chunk and make new topic, "What, When, why, how invent List" in On doing science forum.

1-25-14 Edit "Our first warning a summary cut from front page." explain why 2009-2012 date was wrong.

2-13-14 Edit yop FP, Say why need n1cl now better.

2-16=14 Edit top FP.

2-17-14 Edit top FP. Time to prune redundancies.

2-22-14 MT Dan: 22-Feb-2014 01:17:21
“In so far as a scientific statement speaks about reality, it must be falsifiable; and in so far as it is not falsifiable, it does not speak about reality.” Karl Popper

2-26-14 Edit top FP, "disagreements in front of all" are what List is about.

3-01-14 Edit "Eleven observations present science can not explain.".

3-12-14 MT quote by Tacitus.

3-19-14 Edit top FP. Strengthen why we won't answer disagreements.

4-5-14 Edit/prune top FP. More direct asking for questions.

4-17-14 Move headline up. focus on non response and why. Need a tell them(abstract) of what I am going to say. i.e. Why Earth must die? Because its citizens are afraid to be moral, they only act out of self-interest and tolerate, no encourage corrupt leaders.

4-23-14 MT "Let me define a leader. He must have vision and passion and not be afraid of any problem. Instead, he should know how to defeat it. Most importantly, he must work with integrity."
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

5-17-14 edit top fp. gave moral ultimatum.

5-20-14 Edit top FP. A clear tell them what you are going to say.

5-27-14 Edit top FP.
Added poll on whether save Earth.

5-31-14 Edit top FP.

6-16-14 Edit top FP. Add lie line at top./
Edit How go FTL topic.
Edit poll topic.

6-24-14 Edit top FP. (need to bring in Gravity and how measure back in.)

6-30-14 Edit top FP. Explained 'crux' better.

Posted by Dan Friday, October 09, 2009 (07:34:17)
[ Administration ]

"6-30-14 from 11-10-11, 4th section Record of Change(s) to Beta site.8" | Login/Create an Account | 1 comment
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Re: 5-24-13 from 8-28-11, 4th section Record of Change(s) to Beta site.8 (Score: 1 )
by rickstr on Monday, May 27, 2013 (05:57:04)
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Many changes. Sometimes something does not look significant, but plenty of areas where innovations are applied raises questions about the global nature of the processes. What does it all for the better, it seems to me

craigslist search

Best regards, Brtm

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Why rising CO2 levels Can NOT cause global warming.

Cimate Fraud Whistleblower Rewards Program

Why is handling the massive scientific disagreement with the AGW(Anthropogenic Global Warming = (man caused) proponents crucial to disconnecting Earth's Anti-Matter debt?

Our leaders and thus most of you will not seek the truth about our real place in the universe. Why is explained by ignorance and self service. Until our society openly deals with this easy to resolve scientific disagreement, I must conclude we will not act to prevent Earth from being vaporized.

These links deal directly with How to Prevent our Sun from exploding.

How do we prevent our Sun from exploding July 16, 2024?

9-21-12 How to find the 2 conjunction asteroids in the "Missing Earth" crop circle?

This math is required.
How to use a circle to relate 'e' to Phi.

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Dan: "The hardest thing to see is yourself."
13-Dec-2017 17:44:35
Dan: "Seek truth and all else follows."
06-Dec-2017 14:45:43
Dan: Back to Ishkabibble's observation that we are in fact 'one world', there is no outside unless we plan on exchanging with other E-T worlds. So the question is raised: What system of Laws do we live under? Obviously wars between nations would be prohibited. Clearly with only one worldwide market, just individuals exchange or groups of persons who freely associate to XC with anyone else worldwide. Wowsers!!! that means politicians are to protect the freedom for all free people to engage in uncoerced XC with other free people. i.e. protect the peace between us. Gee willikers, hmmm; it seems that duty has escaped at least American politicians hasn’t it? Whose fault is that in a purported democracy??? Peace between we citizens of Earth is a political choice. It is time we acted like grownups, don't you think???
02-Dec-2017 19:35:11
Dan: "Russian Insider 12-01-17 Western politicians are like schoolyard nerds who, fearing the tough kid, huddle together to look bigger. Every Russian kid knows that seeking safety in numbers is a surefire sign of a scared wimp."
02-Dec-2017 08:24:35
Dan: Russian Insider 12-01-17 "As for the EU it is “enjoying” a much-deserved irrelevance while being mostly busy absorbing wave after wave of society-destroying refugees proving, yet again, the truth of the saying that if your head is in the sand, your ass is in the air."
02-Dec-2017 08:20:39
Dan: Ishkabibble Nov 30, 2017 at 6:17 pm ALL of the individual national economies of the world must NOT depend upon exporting or importing stuff — whether that stuff is TVs or weapon systems or terrestrial resources or food. The logic of this recommendation is easier to understand if one thinks of the entire world as only ONE nation with only ONE SINGLE economy. Looking at the world in this way, if importing and exporting is vitally necessary for ANY economy (including the aforementioned macro-economy) to survive and thrive, to and from just exactly WHOM would this true macro-economy “export” and “import” — the people of Mars? No. This one-economy-world (the one we are actually living in right now) will at some point HAVE to figure out how to “go it alone”. NOT having accepted that this is necessary is IMO exactly why “the world” is going through what it is going through today. And this is why all of the individual national economies of the world should IMMEDIATELY, DELIBERATELY start “figuring out” and then implement the design of an economic system in which they “go it alone” while providing a decent standard of living for their citizens.
01-Dec-2017 12:58:01
Dan: This quote says it well from "Do Disclosures of Atrocities Change Anything?" By ALEXANDER COCKBURN Counterpunch, July 31, 1010. twitchy questions such as that asked by The Nation’s Chris Hayes on the Rachel Maddow Show: “I wonder ultimately to whom WikiLeaks ends up being accountable.” The answer to that last question was given definitively in 1851 by Robert Lowe, editorial writer for the London Times. He had been instructed by his editor to refute the claim of a government minister that if the press hoped to share the influence of statesmen, it “must also share in the responsibilities of statesmen.” “The first duty of the press,” Lowe wrote, “is to obtain the earliest and most correct intelligence of the events of the time, and instantly, by disclosing them, to make them the common property of the nation… The Press lives by disclosures… For us, with whom publicity and truth are the air and light of existence, there can be no greater disgrace than to recoil from the frank and accurate disclosure of facts as they are. We are bound to tell the truth as we find it, without fear of consequences – to lend no convenient shelter to acts of injustice and oppression, but to consign them at once to the judgment of the world.”]. I can not say this better. We seek the truth as individuals and when enough of us do in public then we become a civilized society. I know it does not have to be a majority, but it must be at least a few percent of us; then the exemplars lead us all.
12-Nov-2017 16:01:13
Dan: In thinking more on the following entry, only a quarter of the inner surface of a single twist M have a Bowtie Line; thus extending these lines to the outer side of the M surface equals half the sueface. So the question is "What pattern?" and "What amgles with the center point of the M?", and "which of these centerpoint lines extend to another point on M surface?": Dan: 22-Jul-2017 09:47:54 geometric discovery on Moebius Strips; a Moebius Geometry Theorem: All points on the inner surface of a Moebius have a Bow Tie Line. Inner surface = one can draw a straight line to the center of the Moebius. Passing through the center point is not required to generate a BTL.
16-Oct-2017 05:40:44
Dan: Burning Betty Zero Hedge August 29, 2017: Time for that good ol' GDP joke: "Two Keynesian economists, John Maynard Keynes and Paul Krugman, were walking down the street one day when they passed two large piles of dog (edited). Keynes said to Krugman, "I'll pay you $20,000 to eat one of those piles of (edited)." Krugman agrees and chooses one of the piles and eats it. Keynes pays him his $20,000. Then Krugman, feeling richer, says, "I'll pay you $20,000 to eat the other pile of (edited)." Keynes, feeling bad about the money he lost says okay, and eats the (edited). Krugman pays him the $20,000. They resume walking down the street. After a while, Krugman says, "You know, I don't feel very good. We both have the same amount of money as when we started. The only difference is we've both eaten (edited)." Keynes says: "Ah, but you're ignoring the fact that we've increased the GDP by $40,000." And as someone stated as a comment to this joke; "That is really all you need to know about GDP… it's all dog(edited)."
30-Aug-2017 01:33:09
Dan: a french writer remarked, American civilization has passe from barbarism to decadence without once knowing civilizatiom." ; Memoirs of a Superfluous Man
28-Aug-2017 08:27:52
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