4-28-17"Relative to 'c' Velocity/Vector Meter" & How Develop
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#1: 4-28-17"Relative to 'c' Velocity/Vector Meter" & How Develop Author: DanLocation: USA PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:07 am
4-28-17 Added third claim fully described in url below.

4-06-17 revised title to clarify the private N1CL association we will use to develop this patent for communication and FTL travel described below.

3-27-17 'c' equals the speed of light.

Some Claims

1. Once we can measure what any objects speed and vector with respect to 'c' we can maintain entanglement between clocks and entangled computers moving at different relativistic speeds. For example, creating instant communication between a clock/computer on earth and any satellite or spaceship at any distance from us in space.

2. Implicitly, this enables us to determine what "zero frequency" an object can generate around itself at any location on the surface of space/time, to show the surface it is going 'zero with respect to c'. Once we can do that we can go FTL.

3. 4-28-17 E-T civilizations that use c velocity/vector meters to communicate will have a common entangled frequency to communicate between themselves. This frequency can be deduced and then listened to with our own c velocity/vector meter. What base entangled frequency would E-Ts use to communicate?.See URL above for a more complete description.
What a neat test.

There is only one simplest way to build this "c velocity/vector meter". You have to use its basic structure to create the measurement.

As I come up with more uses I will list more claims.

How Will We Use N1CL To Build,Test, & Use?

We are going to share this with the rest of you through a private association of the N1CL. Joining is by invitation only. We will choose from full N1CL members after you submit your qualifications. Only full N1CL members will be invited into this private N1CL association.

Once invited, you must sign a NDA.

Your cost is the full N1CL membership fees. All members of the group will receive one WOU each. Later we will offer more at $1000 each.

Those who can only offer money like the billionaires who want to go to Mars using a chemical rocket will be charged a million or more dollar membership fee, plus they may choose anybody they like to work for them as long as those people become full N1CL members and sign the NDA. Employees of the rich and governments will also each receive a WOU and agree explicitly to blow the whistle on their employer should their employer be caught violating the NDA.

Governments will pay a 25 million dollar membership fee. The price of being "not to be trusted". Maybe we should pro rate their price by GDP, I am open to increasing governments price of membership should enough of you think the price is too low.

All research and development procedures and results must be shared between members of this private N1CL association.

On patenting your research and discoveries: We all agree that the first to publish a workable idea within the group has patent rights and can file within one year with the patent office.

However, you also agree that you will not restrict the use of your invention or charge royalties in any form until after July 16, 2024. Maybe we can lobby our governments to
give us another seven years for forgoing the royalties on these patents. We are trying to save Earth.

Upon proof of Not Sharing your research you will get kicked out immediately, especially a government.

10% of this groups gross revenues will be shared by whistle blowers. We pay 10% of the private groups WB fund upon the decision to kick out a transgressor of the NDA.

Any member of the group may use the research results to do or build anything they want. The N1CL is going to build two star ships to be used in disconnecting our conservation debt. Hopefully the rest of you will be interested in us doing so successfully.

We will post progress reports frequently.

Why a private association

First, answering questions from everybody would take up to much time. We will post results frequently.

Second, if I give this invention away you would not do anything. Free lets you dither.

Third, Making you qualify by paying 'royalty’s' in this fashion forces those of you who want to go to the stars to compete or be left behind, also the patents resulting from this research will be very valuable indeed, should Earth still be here.

-> Stopping Our Anti-Matter conservation debt from striking the Sun July 16, 2024

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