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Fine Constant Observatiom Confirms Our Universe Is A Moebius

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PostPost subject: Fine Constant Observatiom Confirms Our Universe Is A Moebius
Posted: Sun May 03, 2020 4:36 am

2020-05-02, 2020-05-30 latest edit

In the article New-data-suggest-a-fundamental-constant-of-physics-isnt-the-same-across-the-universe..
It says "Not only does a universal constant seem annoyingly inconstant at the outer fringes of the cosmos, it occurs in only
one direction, which is downright weird."
Prof. John Webb at UNSW was forced to admit that the Fine Constant(FC) was weaker in only one direction, directly towards the
Big Bang(BB) and within one billion light years of the Bang. This one direction was confirmed by independent scientists,
while in all other directions it measured at its predicted value.

(Fine Constant: a constant that represents the strength of electromagnetic forces controlling the behavior of charged particles. It is made up of the following components: Elementary charge, Free space, Planck's constant = h, Speed of light = c
The fine-structure constant is also known as Sommerfeld's constant.)

Webb postulated that this might mean our univese was bipolar. But his observation of a slight weakness in only one direction,
by inspection, shows it is uni-polar, as the reduction in the Fine Force is in only one narrow direction.

The question this raises is "What basic geometry could our universe have that is unipolar?". There is only one such geometry,
a Moebius strip. A single surface with two separated sides that can male all possible 3-D shapes as long as there is a hole all the
way through it omewhere.

By inspection, a Moebius geometry universe has only one central axis, its Bowtie point/line which goes down vertically through
its center hole and hits the exact center of its bottom side. (Cut a 2" strip off the long edge of an 8"x11" letter sheet. Put the
two ends together creating a 2 sided, 2 edge wheel. Rotate one end 180 degrees and put together. Voila, a single surface
with 2 sides and one continuous edge. Rotate looking down along the edge until you see the Bowtie point which looks like this X.)

Conclusion 1: An M is a self-referential, built in, uni-polar coordinate system seen from only one and only one
point on a Moebius edge, thus we can geometrically construct a central Zero Origin with 4 plus/minus axii = X.

2. Webb's observation is a basic confirmation we live in a Moebius iniverse.

3. This means all interactions of Matter/Anti-Matter, there movements, and the forces between them
can be deduced and measured with respect to a M's Bowtie Axis between the two edges of the upper width of Moebius,
making possible an X coordinate system, each axii crossing from one edge to the opposite edge between the two sides.

4. This X coordinate system's: / axis and \ axis can only intersect at one exact central point
as they cross between two surface sides creating a single zero point required for a coordinate system.

5. Thus all possible locations and force relationships on and between the two sides of a Moebius surface
can be deduced and measured with respect to this zeroed x/y coordinate system.

Why The Slight Reduction At Big Bang's Start?
Since the Fine Constant rests on the assumption validated repeatedly here on Earth down to Planck's Constant = h,
then I and Webb have premised all these assertions on the. so far so good, fact that the measurements
of c with respect to h are constant from the start of the BB out to now.

A hypothesis: The premise for this "explanation" is that times arrow runs in one direction from the beginning of our universes expansion from the BB. Ergo, at BB's start the two edges of our Moebius are almost touching at h apart; but they "want to be" (discussion below), as far apart from each other as possible causing BB. Ergo an ionized soup of protons and electrons under enormous pressure separating them from each other, then re-attaching back with one another at an increasing rate as this white hot plasma soup cools.

An e.g and test. The center of a Sun where fusion reactions occur. Clearly there are ionized hydrogen atoms there and free
electrons, thus we should see a reduction in the Fine Constant at Sun's center. Has anyone done that measurement?

Where the initial matter comes from I/you/we don't know yet, but we do see it and how much. Ergo, there is a cause.
Oh what a lovely mysterious universe we get to explore.

2020-04-05 A question: At what distance from Big Bang(BB) does the Fine Constant(FC) go to normal?
By observation, our astronomers have deduced the mass involved in the BB, thus given an initial known mass
we can deduce the distance in light years from the BB that the FC goes to normal given a known rate of expansion.
(We are assuming a single point for BB; but a M is a strip so all along between its two edges should repel when our M is born.
What would that look like at c?)

Test: We can deduce the initial BB mass by the distance in time from BB that FC goes to normal.
Do opposite Edges separate at c or at x% of c?
As separation causes an increase in initial surface area this causes an exponential drop in pressure as the
surface area increases by 2(Diameter squared)Phi of our M, where Phi = 1.618. i.e. 1.618/.618 = 1, the Golden Ratio.
Questions: 1. How long does lowest orbit electron take to orbit its proton? It must orbit at what % of c?
Answer Quantum avg = 1000 kms.

2. Do these electrons only orbit in one direction with respect to a common point = the zero of the upper Bowtie axis.
Remember direction of a clock depends on viewpoint.
i.e. Front or Back, etc. For Bowtie line is it one end or the other, the center?? i.e. Hydrogen atoms supposedly
have a random range of angle orientations. How in fact can we determine that orientation is random?

3. But when ionized do they reattach with respect to the zero point Bowtie orientation? Implying an affinity to that BT orientation
that can be measured. In short, God does not play dice, but God does give freedom of choice.

When the FC goes to normal must be a narrow angle from where we sit at 13.8 billion light years from the BB.
So given that the reduced FC ts at a maximum difference from normal at BB, the question is:

4. What density of the BB plasma thins enough to measure normal FC?.
Given we know Mass of BB, then at what Distance Width between M opposite outer edges does the BB plasma
cool down to normal FC?

The equation for determining when FC becomes normal is deduced from the known rate of universes expansion,
as our astronomers have determined by observation = some variable/constant function(I posit c.). e,g. one unit of surface area
increase per unit time. Given each opposite edge or any point on surfabe of M moves at .5c or other value, then edges separate
at up to c from each other, so given a known Diameter of our Moebius, we can deduce when the universe Maximum surface area
stops expanding and M curls in on itself.
Test: By the Pythgorean Theorem as surface area expands, the separation speed seems to exceed c as distance across
surface increases faster than c. Remember the point of the M surface we are on moves at .5 c or other vaue, we just can't see it
because it is a constant part of all our observations.

The Maximum Surface Area of a Moebius = 2Diameter^PHI + 1/10,000 of 2DDPHI
for the Circumference Edge Width Surface Area.
The surface area equation for a Moebius was confirmed by Prof Emeritus King, Dept Mathematics U of Washington, Seattle Wa.

More Implications

A Moebius Strip Geometry is a conserved geometry by inspection. It has boundaries. Conservation implies instantaneous exchange of where everything is in the universe with respect to all other parts of our Moebius. In short other forces i,e Instant Gravity (iG), a Repusive force to keep the two sides of the surface separated, because the Dark Matter = Anti-Matter has to be kept separated from Plus-Matter by a two sided surface with a predictable distance.between the two sides. See equation above.

A Theory of Everything, above all, rests on discovering and proving by observations what our universes basic geometry is.

A Question
Right now, our planet has a date with our conservation debt. No 1st Cost List will explain.

Our astronomers can verify or disprove my prediction that starlight from ther past starting from the Big Bang is being blocked.
By this coming July 16,2020 we will be down to 14% of the time from the Big Bang given I am right.
Go to www.no1stcostlist.com/ for details where I will cite the numerous ways our astronomers can prove me wrong.

In reading Webb's article cited above, I concluded that Prof. Webb is an honest scientist, Many PHDs are not unfortunately;
especially any astronomers who should already know that the past starlight is being blocked at my predicted rate and not spoken.

Several examples of explicit public lying are given relating to our conservation debt when our insider astro-physicists and
astronomers started covering up what Long Term Gamma Blasters(LTGBs) were after I told them what caused them in February 1993.
The term LTGB was not used again in public and NASA & their astrophysicists explicitly denied that afterglows existed.

Hubble saw the "Afterglow" of a vaporized planet In 1997 three hours after this LTGB occurred.
It was was reported in 'Nature' May 29, 1997 page 476, "Optical Counterpart
To The Gamma Ray burst GR970228 Observed Using The Hubble Telescope"

The incandescent debris cloud from the vaporized planet fades away after six weeks. Liars.

A final note, in every report I cite there is one glaring omission in all of them, Most curious for any astronomical report.
None of them say WHEN their observations were made. Science, by premise, tries to explain things in terms of cause and effect.
That is a time sequence, when an observation is done is fundamental to making a scientific report, especially for astronomers.
i.e. Who measured What, WHEN, Where, Why and How.. Very strange, no Whens? Please explain this essential omission to us.
Prof. Webb, you know who the astronomers are that are using the deep past telescopes as you got your data from them.
I expect you to help verify or falsify my prediction that the past starlight is disappearing and report your results on the
No 1st Cost List for everyone to see.

Respectfully Yours

Dan Alter

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Sat May 30, 2020 11:00 am; edited 60 times in total

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