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12-01-2019 Equation for fixed # orbits for A-M debt planets

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PostPost subject: 12-01-2019 Equation for fixed # orbits for A-M debt planets
Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:57 am

Posted 1-31-18, latest revision 10-22-2018
Latest addition on 12-01-2019

12-01-2019 An additional deduction: When I did the first thought experiment in february 1991 I posited we put our A-M debt as far as possible from us as we could on a Moebius = Exactly opposite Eath's orbit on the other side of the Sun It is not on the tangent to this side of surface to other side of surface because it would have to move FTL to stay exactly opposite Earth.

Ergo Fixed Ray of Planetary Spirit line jumps in equal units until in last year it jumps to be exactly opposite A-M debt on other side of surface which then falls through and appears coming at us a half the speed of light hitting the Sun on the way back home. It is our Doppelganger, about 3/4 light year away, so when iG and the Repulsive Force become equal it falls through.

Now we have another constant = distance between two sides of M surface. The Pythagorean Theorem comes into play now.

10-22-2019 Deduced equation on how many orbits a living planet has until conservation debt arrives.
Since it is a fixed number of orbits, then how long only varies with orbital radius. the longer the radius,
the more time you have, and the bigger the A-M conservation debt.

Hence this fixed number must be based on an intrinsic geometric property of a Moebius, i.e. its diameter
and a fundamental mathematical constant = Phi = 1.618.

Right now our astro physicists can only see less than 4% of the matter in the universe with light and none
of the Anti-matter. Clearly because 3/4 of the matter is on the other side of our universes surface.

Our physicists say it is 13.8 billion light years to the big bang. Clearly dividing 1.618 into 13.8 billion gives an
answer greater than Earth has existed.

But those galaxies we see long ago are not there now, they are actually much closer.

Given that we measure Dark Matter and Energy by their Gravitational effects and there is a portion of G
that moves instantly at all distances (Gi), then the galaxies we see and the ones we don't are closer than we think.

The Equation Deduction: The outer circumference of a Moebius(M) Strip is twice the center line
down the center of its surface, i.e. Pi times Diameter = Circumference of a circle.

So Outer Circumference of Moebius/ divided by 2Pi = Diameter of M.

Diameter of M/Phi = number of orbits a living planet has once it starts its conservation debt.

How close are the galaxies and stars we see, once we realize that given any mass we can determine the
distance it actually is from us once we can calculate when the speed of light G force goes down to "Gravity Instant"(Gi).
For example, the Andromeda Galaxy is 2.48 million light years from us. Again, where we see it using light
from 2.48 million light years ago is not where it is actually at right now, because it has moved since then., hasen't it?

So FTL communication and travel require we figure how to determine where actual matter is
at "right now" = instantly from where we sit.

Since causation propagates at light speed on the surface of an M, then remember we can go anywhere FTL
as long as light has not reached us from our FTL destination yet. Why is simple, it is still in the future
with respect to us. The past is gone.

"I swear to speak honestly and seek the truth when I use the No 1st Cost List public record."

Last edited by Dan on Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:56 am; edited 4 times in total

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